How many crystal miners want projects? (Updated May 15th 12:00 hrs) +5/18 update! MINING BOOM GROWS!



12+ days ago I published this ‘recruitment’ & encouragement. Since then, local news in this booming mining community and within the trade network connecting to this high level of activity means even we small-scale specimen producers have influenced the huge corporate mines to consider the economic importance of specimen salvage & recovery. Of no surprise to several of us, this included high-value amethyst gem-cutting rough stock as well as expertly extracted top-end [museum & gallery grade display] specimens, some of which have appreciated in market and auction value 500% in five years. (according to a Forbes Magazine article recently.)

The parties interested in the New Hampshire amethyst expedition are advised that as I pondered how best to help that risky venture from here, proposed for June, into UNPREDICTABLE results {it has, after all, been TOO many years ago} my better judgement said, come here to ARIZONA to dig a sure thing WITH ME instead!

Fox Business “After the Bell” just featured the many incentives being offered to counter the widespread shortage of skilled, qualified workers; from house down payments, and rent assistance, to free land!

We CAN, and REPEAT our offers of generous shares of production profits, expenses taken off the top first, a choice of campsite occupation, and more. {Video streaming anyone?}

It’s time for us, as we resume mining activity, opening each mine IN TURN, to consider how many miners each project can enrich. All the TMCo digs (some are still nameless!) near Duquesne and Mt. Washington, AZ, will well support small-scale specimen & gem (rough) mining with an enjoyable and profitable production.  I’m adjusting to my own physical limitations, insofar as no longer expecting to do much more mining by my own hand or without help and machines. We operate BOTH from Patagonia as well as from the mining campsites on the claims.

Several are ready-to-open, ‘turnkey’ mining camp set-ups with immediate production, a world-wide market, and more, others require a bit more groundwork to extract commercial, reliable supplies evident at the surface IN QUALITY & QUANTITY.


So here is the “Incentive of the day”: We can agree to grant you new Timeless miners a generous BONUS of production share as mutually agreed, but EVERYONE who helps us operate commercially shall also share an equal bonus. Since TMCo’s best results are after-sale, [so we do not subject our endeavors together to separate marketing attempts] TMCo’s best business practice has been to set goals of production and marketing such that the Team shall inure to its benefit such net profit share each as to realize a revenue of not less than $36K per year.

Here’s a word apropos to this opportunity:

Reading the ground.

The deposit will have to have a name.

UPDATE: NHES Patent 041929 Expedition {June 2018} Postponed until Fall.

Amethyst Mine 2, North Moat

Amethyst gem PROSPECTING episode co-sponsored by Timeless Mining Company. When you or your mineral club donate $100 per member, we plan to reward supporters & participants with DVDs and specimens. IF this New Hamphshire adventure is not manifest, we shall offer the option of a Southern  Arizona Adventure alternative, or reservations for the Fall expedition.

LATE SEASON wet WEATHER in New England, bug season TO FOLLOW, and access questions remain obstacles TO THIS FIELD TRIP. I will leave this opportunity upon the table for consideration, but without ANY WRITTEN AGREEMENT accepting our offer tendered to us at this late date, I am recommending and preferring to  direct interested contract diggers to join us here in AZ for a SURE THING DIG now, instead.

Grub-staking NH Amethyst Mining Expedition NHES 041929 FALL, 2018

For a $100 donation each, supporters [collectors, dealers, and clubs] can co-sponsor, with disabled veteran mine owner Frank Lavoie, a contracted pro gem & specimen mining expedition to this remote New Hampshire locality for a DVD copy of the adventure as produced by us and our team, and quartz crystal specimens, including amethyst. They may also participate as part of the prospecting & mining efforts, during the beautiful turn of foliage season.


Here we GO! Access to our “RED” amethyst mine!

HERE we would greatly welcome some  timely support AS IN CO-SPONSORSHIP funding of a little trail-work to initiate substantial production. We might be able to have this contracted & done in just a week! We do have specimens & gems to sell or trade immediately! Our mining neighbor stopped in to offer on-the-ground help. We seek a way to pay him.



Co-Funding Trail work to OPEN TMCo amethyst mine, Patagonia AZ

Our goal is to help Frank, our local disabled veteran miner, to open his small-scale gem amethyst mine and pay our neighbor for his heavy equipment services fixing our road to the mine. In return for donations, we offer mineral collectors, dealers and clubs donating $1000 or more a GENEROUS field-collecting opportunity at the new mine, free camping, too


Poster specimen until we dig more

Prize specimen dug by Terry Allison

30+ yrs war on rules; Victory at hand for NH amethyst strike, at last!

We are leasing our strategic patented {NHES041929} amethyst mine* on North Moat Mtn. North Conway, NH to a well-respected amethyst miner. *[aka The “Ravine”, “Boulders” and Pete Samuelson’s “Moose Pocket” locations].

We are offering a guide service opportunity to a local (NH) member of the Saco Valley or Southeast NH Mineral clubs to help guide my commercial miners to the locality, for a fee or participation dig share.  Likely in JUNE.