The Turning Point

Welcome! We are Old Tombstone Studio, in Tombstone, AZ. Frank and Barbara are publishing literature: a novel, Life at the Center of the Universe, and a field guide for mineral collectors and gem prospectors: A Gem Miner’s Guide, along with landscpe photos and other art posters, as well as producing High Definition Video products like documentaries, commercials, and our INDIE FILM "Highgraders". In our related blog,  we address our concerns for peaceful cultural revolution [in the proper historic sense, as in Paul Revere and the Portsmouth Correspondence Committee] while relating the unique perspectives of our "Old Wild West" hometown [adopted, we are transplanted snowbirds] Tombstone, the Living Legend National Historic Landmark…and working our way up to doing "radio" web-casts and eventually, local web based live-streaming ‘television’ [whenever we finally get something better that 42kbps [at best of 56k] dial-up!] Thanks for your attention and visits! We go on the motto:  TRUTH and DIGNITY shall prevail! Our cause: Ending Prohibition and the corrupt "Drug War" which equals, in many opinions, a form of terrorism, if not justification of others fears of Bush’s New World Order…and other perversions of the Noble American’s reputation and INTENTIONS in the world of late.
Regards, Frank and Barbara, Tombstone, AZ

2 thoughts on “The Turning Point

  1. We are enjoying a resurgence of interest in rare minerals, so we are continuing to develop AZ’s best TITANIUM deposit, & opening several digs for Amethyst Scepters- anticipating a network of trails on Mt. Washington in the Patagonia Mountains near Nogales, AZ to be ready by October for our big SEGWAY XT surprise! We are providing another surprise for the 125th Anniversary of Tombstone’s Famous Gunfight, at the OK Corral. The NOVEL, Life at the Center of the Universe, is now out on an illustrated CD/PDF! Also now available, A GEM MINER’s GUIDE also on pdf/cd. Our little studio is producing slideshow dvd’s too; we have a "Segway XT meets Tombstone" and a souvenier "Taste of Tombstone" DVD Slideshow.
    We have a good supply of mineral specimens, & more being dug now, with Colorado Classic Amazonite & Smoky Quartz from Crystal Creek soon clean and available— by September.

  2. Timetraveling, a year and some 10,000 miles later…Our Indie film, "Highgraders" is in its final stages, and we now have HIGH SPEED INTERNET! We now live less than 20 miles from Amethyst Ranch, the season is upon us, and all is well, except of course, for SEGWAY, which sadly seems to be in the same condition as the "war pony" in Pow Wow Highway.
    Some undercurrents are rumbling about my novel. Some are saying, now that Jericho is a hit, that it may be time to conventionally distribute "Life at the Center of the Universe" and accept bids for film rights, particularly for the "Rescue of Prometheus". Our new place is very nice, and the studio is up and running. We can do it all now, so expect podcasts, web radio and video from "The Gunbelt" along the S. AZ border.

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