Old Tombstone Studio First DVD release a classic!

Hi! Barb and I are enjoying Amethyst Ranch tremendously. We have named the young deer which frequents our pear trees "Bartlett".
 While we enjoy pear jam on our morning toast, we also celebrate the fruits of our labors. We now have a new issue from the Studio, as well as a new grandchild! During October, we joined over 25,000 celebrants at Tombstone’s Festival Celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Many news media attended, some providing live streaming video over the web. Old Tombstone Studio documented some of the festivities and re-enactments in high definition. Our prize, and the new release, is a fine DVD of the Tombstone Repertory Company’s outstanding re-enactment of the entire 1881 production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s musical comedy, HMS Pinafore, as performed by the "Tombstone Amateurs"- just as portrayed in the 1993 movie "Tombstone". With period-costumed people in the audience, and the performance upon the same historic stage in Schieffellin Hall, this broadway quality two hour play has been captured in what the play’s director, Steve Keith, calls "hands down the best" recording of a Tombstone production. The feeling was of ‘being there’ in 1881! We are proud of this product. Not only did the presentation give us plenty to work with, but the fine equipment along with excellent acoustics, gave Frank a chance to show his camera skills. The result is available on ebay under the seller name TimelessGemMiner. We are also announcing the launch of our new website!  OLDTOMBSTONESTUDIO.COM 

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