Good Taste is Timeless

We are all tickled by the response to our first DVD release! We’re on eBay as TimelessGemMiner, offering the Tombstone HMS Pinafore, and a few choice reproduction prints of classic Antique Dime Novels, from 1881 thru 1896, recently found in Tombstone, AZ. I’m also happy to say our basic website is up:  Its gift shopping time, and I’d like to see more people enjoying the curious underground following for Life at the Center Of the Universe that seems to be growing even before the release of APOCALYPTO. One of my stories is titled, Meeting Quetzalcoatl! We are inviting reviews of both the Pinafore DVD, as well as the novel. Pinafore is also available on VHS. Don’t forget, the teaser photo gallery means we have a lot more high-definition in our significant library of beautiful pictures for sale, too! Contact us now as well for wholesale & distribution opportunities! Thanks. Frank

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