Cinematic Heaven

We are very much enjoying the popularity of our video clips on YouTube, [under the name Tombstoner, and the Tombstoner Channel] where hundred of viewers are enjoying the many clips from our DVD of the HMS Pinafore musical comedy performed Tombstone, 1881 style. Its quite a hit! Also reaching over two thousand "hits", our   blog, WAR 360  is also getting more playtime each day. Our increasing numbers are going geometric, so I have managed to learn how to make many more dvd burnings per day to keep up. I’m sending a disc to the UK right after typing. HMS Pinafore DVD by Old Tombstone Studio is available.
WATCH a set of OLD TOMBSTONE STUDIO clips on YouTube  "Tombstone’s HMS Pinafore ala 1881" {The Tombstoner Channel} and a longer clip on Google Video "Tombstone Pinafore" as well as "Tombstone Special", an homage to the Actors and volunteers of Tombstone.
Our prospecting and mining activities have been redirected toward the Tucson Gem Show. We will be selling off a large part of my personal collection [that is news in the trade!] and all of the Rocky Enterprises stock-in-trade. Expect to see some great mineral specimen photos showing up in the media and on the net. Our "A Gem Miners’ Guide" is also getting attention again, and accordingly, I have posted a 13 part series on Crystal Creek, Colorado mining on YouTube. { "Mineral Specimen Extraction"}
The opportunity to make yet another great Gem Show video in high definition will bring us to Tucson, but we are also offering video services, for documentaries, commercials, etc. at $200 per hour, by appointment. We are heavily booked for Feb. 1st, but can still work more in, and can be available during the show.

Once again, we have made giant steps toward the completion of our Indie Movie project, "Highgraders", and have received hints from the trade that a remake of a 4 part BBC series from the 1960’s set in Tombstone is in the planning stages, and another project involving a remake of a movie by BBC America may give us a consulting opportunity. It may be a fun spring after all!

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