The Rescue of Prometheus

The Most Honest Counsel to the King, Immunity The JESTER’S thing;
Serious by name, Illuminating TRUTH his game;
by which a Kingdom Comes
"Once again, Gentlemen, I ask, Why have you failed to get this done yet? It begs the question, "If you CANNOT get this ONE Veteran his benefits restored after MALPRACTICE victimized him, WHAT CAN YOU DO about anything, what are you WILLING to do, and why has this small task stymied you and made you all look TOTALLY INCOMPETENT in the face of CRIMINALS ROBBING VETERANS?"
Sen. John McCain;
Staff: Bob Currieo
Bob, John, I had an unfortunate incident with your LYING receptionist today. She attempted to put me off with a blatant lie that the Veterans Administration was beyond your control! She is an insensitive and unacceptable first impression for the Senator’s image. She is NOT authorized to speak on your behalf is she? She must be remanded to stick to her receptionist duties and job description, and not be rendering "opinions" to us. Since when does the VA ignore the ARMED SERVICES COMMITTEE? I have had enough abuse from this administration. Your effectiveness so far is not impressive, when I know it would only take a phonecall. I not only DEMAND my full benefits be IMMEDIATELY restored, I demand FULL 100% paid retroactively to my date of discharge, 18 Feb 1969. One phone call to the VA, one to the TREASURY. Make those calls NOW.
How long do you think millions of disabled veterans are going to tolerate this INACTION, this criminal malpractice by the VA? I for one have long ago lost my patience, respect, and trust of this government. I hope you notice that I am NOT calling it MY government. With this LONG unresolved situation, I believe I can restore my financial freedom by PUBLISHING my experiences with the VA & McCain’s Office [this has been more than a year this time!], as it appears the media is offering big money for even small stories of INJUSTICE. I am considering this seriously now, as well as contacting your office {for a "last chance"} because I experienced several hours of phone conversations with a S. Ca. program producer, who wants to do a documentary about MY LIFE! (and distribute it on DVD) I thought that would be exciting news to a friend of mine, but he has eclipsed me. He is going to appear on Jay Leno soon. Our Veterans treatment by this VA has been, and continues to be a National Shame, and I am sorely tempted to put my words into the pot of political ruin for John by agreeing to some of these interview offers. I think it may be because I am an "Atomic" veteran, and many are now seriously concerned for our returning uranium contaminated Iraq veterans. Whatever, I none the less exercise my right to demand REDRESS of GRIEVANCE. Draft a personal legislative solution if need be!
I DEMAND, I COMMAND my representative to correct this injustice, & to cease and desist from actions or inactions which delay or prevent the full and immediate restoration of 100% disability benefits UNJUSTLY and improperly denied me, Frank Richard Lavoie, and I also deserve a WRITTEN APOLOGY from the VA Director for the DENIAL of DUE Process, DENIAL of IMMEDIATE CORRECTION of THEIR ERROR, their malpractice. Further, I am entitled to DAMAGES, and impact mitigation award.
Make it happen. No deadlines, no ‘triggers’ no earmarks, no bull.
The only response I will tolerate from McCain’s Office is "DONE. Your benefits are in the bank."
If you cant tell me that, don’t bother to reply, I will be on talk radio.
Very Sincerely and Seriously, the impatient veteran…
Frank Lavoie"
"My Dear King," said the
JESTER, "this is indeed a sad thing. Won’t you hear the petitioner’s prayer for relief?"
‘Give me one good reason.’ Sneered the King.
"Because there are millions more just like him in line already, and the war keeps the line growing well beyond the castle walls, sir."
"Tell them a Story, JESTER, and let them EAT CAKE. A long story, Jester. I am tired. GO!

A Brilliant Light in an Open Mind; Quetzalcoatl Smiles

 In Our Parallel Universe, the Wandering Philosopher has taken a place near the Council Fire.
The Voice of Reason echoes again, as it has for many Tribes whose Future has been made uncertain.
Some Earthlings have taken it upon themselves to STEAL the Futures of ALL MANKIND FOREVER.
Highgraders, taking the best of fruit, the best of life, away from all.
Stealing TIME.
Slaying Peace, Love, and Everything The Great Spirit Created here, out of the Great Universe.
The HEART of Darkness has been painted lucid for you by Rocketmine, since September 4th, 2005 on
The measure of the Darkest of Hearts.
The HEART of LIGHT is EVERPRESENT. Inspiration, Enlightenment, Illumination, WISDOM and every detail of human knowledge is available.
The Secrets of Our Universe, Experienceable at the Center. 
Hints, explorations, and discoveries of Truth, Real Justice, Meaningfulness,
VISIONS of Our Noble Godscale Missions.
HEAVEN in our hearts, knowing.
W. A. R. 360   Wisdom Angelic Released  360 Degrees Against WAR.
The ULTIMATE ANTIWAR FORCE IS PRESENT, available, in deployment, irrefutably, irrevocably, irresistably, ACTIVE!!!
We shall be publishing, podcasting, and more- every day during the American Revolution, during the WORLDWIDE CULTURAL REVOLUTION.
{subscribe NOW!  "Both Sides, Now!" Channeling Truth, Justice, and the New Age to Earthlings for the simple purpose of LIBERATING them from their obsolete governments so they can get beyond "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and join the Universe. I HAVE SEEN the Future.
Join us in Manifesting!}

Even amidst war, great art rises above the battlefields

Good days are ahead. Though our "other" blog has been reporting some circumstances and incidents of some gravity and concern for residents of the AZ Border war zone in SE AZ, it seems the corruption and incidental attention is so intense now that the Crisis is collapsing DHS overnight, with Border Patrol Uniforms being dropped off by Mexican Nationals at local Salvation Army Donation Stores. We seem to have finally gotten decent focus upon the betrayals in the narrow border zone between Nogales and Naco, and the absolute parallel reality on this side of the border to the scenario on the other side. Details:
Oh, Summer! Great news for many Indie Film project participants and fans of "Highgraders", the FIRST DVD of part one, from story to storyboard to screenplay, the Making of Highgraders, is done! SEE the Premier of part one on LiveDigital!
We are also in the midst of another new phase in our Mineral MINING EXPLORATION at Amethyst Ranch. We are almost ready to start production, and are negotiating with other local miners to do some Ore Brokering and Specimen Sales, starting at the TOMBSTONE GEM & MINERAL SHOW, June 15th.
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