Even amidst war, great art rises above the battlefields

Good days are ahead. Though our "other" blog has been reporting some circumstances and incidents of some gravity and concern for residents of the AZ Border war zone in SE AZ, it seems the corruption and incidental attention is so intense now that the Crisis is collapsing DHS overnight, with Border Patrol Uniforms being dropped off by Mexican Nationals at local Salvation Army Donation Stores. We seem to have finally gotten decent focus upon the betrayals in the narrow border zone between Nogales and Naco, and the absolute parallel reality on this side of the border to the scenario on the other side. Details:
Oh, Summer! Great news for many Indie Film project participants and fans of "Highgraders", the FIRST DVD of part one, from story to storyboard to screenplay, the Making of Highgraders, is done! SEE the Premier of part one on LiveDigital!
We are also in the midst of another new phase in our Mineral MINING EXPLORATION at Amethyst Ranch. We are almost ready to start production, and are negotiating with other local miners to do some Ore Brokering and Specimen Sales, starting at the TOMBSTONE GEM & MINERAL SHOW, June 15th.
MINERAL SPECIMEN "Direct from the Miner" SALE!   We have a Fabulous selection of Smoky Quartz, Feldspars [incl. Amazonite], Fluorite, and THE WORLDS BEST Goethites, from the famous Blue Frog Mine, Crystal Creek, Colorado. On eBay, our Goethite specimens have been recently sold at $200 for a ONE INCH specimen- but you can get these Museum Grade, rarely available prizes for MUCH LESS, directly from the hand of the Original Miner and Mine Owner. TOTALLY LEGITIMATE Specimens with Documented PROVENANCE, from $10 to $10,000. See a few sample pictures below. I can email photos on request.
Now is the time, between productions, while I’m editing Highgraders, to RESERVE YOUR High Definition, "Ready for Broadcast" Commercial production with Old Tombstone Studio. Call BEFORE TUESDAY June 12th for a HALF PRICE , or $200 flat fee for from ten one minute spots to one 1/2 hour of commercial or documentary product. Reserve your contract by calling today, only TWO customers can be accommodated.

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