A Brilliant Light in an Open Mind; Quetzalcoatl Smiles

 In Our Parallel Universe, the Wandering Philosopher has taken a place near the Council Fire.
The Voice of Reason echoes again, as it has for many Tribes whose Future has been made uncertain.
Some Earthlings have taken it upon themselves to STEAL the Futures of ALL MANKIND FOREVER.
Highgraders, taking the best of fruit, the best of life, away from all.
Stealing TIME.
Slaying Peace, Love, and Everything The Great Spirit Created here, out of the Great Universe.
The HEART of Darkness has been painted lucid for you by Rocketmine, since September 4th, 2005 on 360.yahoo.com/rocketmine
The measure of the Darkest of Hearts.
The HEART of LIGHT is EVERPRESENT. Inspiration, Enlightenment, Illumination, WISDOM and every detail of human knowledge is available.
The Secrets of Our Universe, Experienceable at the Center. 
Hints, explorations, and discoveries of Truth, Real Justice, Meaningfulness,
VISIONS of Our Noble Godscale Missions.
HEAVEN in our hearts, knowing.
W. A. R. 360   Wisdom Angelic Released  360 Degrees Against WAR.
The ULTIMATE ANTIWAR FORCE IS PRESENT, available, in deployment, irrefutably, irrevocably, irresistably, ACTIVE!!!
We shall be publishing, podcasting, and more- every day during the American Revolution, during the WORLDWIDE CULTURAL REVOLUTION.
{subscribe NOW!  "Both Sides, Now!" Channeling Truth, Justice, and the New Age to Earthlings for the simple purpose of LIBERATING them from their obsolete governments so they can get beyond "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and join the Universe. I HAVE SEEN the Future.
Join us in Manifesting!}

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