Just when adversity looms, advantage & opportunity also knock!

The "News" as such swings wildly from Comic Tragedy, Absurdist Satire, Film Noir, and Sarcastic Relief of late. So wild, "We couldn’t make this stuff up"  "In your dreams" Gracie adds. But the ore price of molybdenum holds at $35, and even silver is worth mining again. Those miners in Tombstone sure are busy. {Make hay while the sun shines.} The summer adventure season is underway, despite the political terror theater. What is remarkable is the level of inquiry into prospecting expeditions. I can thank The TRAVEL Channel’s series, Best Places for Cash & Treasures for a resurgence of interest in AMETHYST and other mineral collectables, as well as a more focused planning for prospecting adventure by cash-constrained travelers. YES, we are Ready, Willing, and Very Able to lead expeditions in S. AZ [near the border safely] and tour some of the wests best gem + mineral collecting sites. Most importantly, we have a wonderful set of prospects on our own  Amethyst Ranch, (outfitters and catering available,) and best of all, the capacity to record your expedition on High Definition Video.     Reasonable rates, references.
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Our mineral sales have continued since the Tombstone Gem Show. Thank you Smoky the Miner for hosting us on Saturday, we’ve been enjoying minerals again with our friends and customers since then.
**PLEASE SEE a selection of specimens *PHOTOS POSTED here*  Prices are from $10 to $100 generally, with special rarely available Museum Grade specimens ranging up to $25,000. Most are in the $75 to $750 range, from micro, one inch or less, up to 4" to 5" cabinet size. Best known for amazonite/smoky quartz combination specimens, the Crystal Creek, Colorado mines, now closed, have also been a world-class source of fluorite, fine microcline/smoky combos, and superb GOETHITE. We have the UNCHALLENGED BEST Goethite specimens available, from the Famous BLUE FROG MINE.