Mine Orecart Overfloweth

Crystal Creek Colorado.  Rarely available, and not often seen, are the personal mineral specimen collections of mine owners. The former owner & operator of the famous ROCKET & BLUE FROG MINES, which have produced a stunning total of over four TONS of specimens since 1988, has assembled beautiful and rare examples in this collection. Now available, valued at over $50K, we are open for bids! Watch the show!

An Old Prospector

As the daylight becomes the shortest of our season, and we find in certain dreams our own Hopes Fruitful Spring,
we are prudent to revisit our knowledge that often we overlook the answers and treasures at our feet, readily at hand-
the prudent application of our wills, our time, our energy, to help ourselves and each other in realizing first, and realization second, that no one need be "poor" or without work, or homeless… for there are resources
… and industries and endeavors worthy of our dedication, and I say, "Let it start with Mining- let that be the ‘honest work’ upon which all, including the Congress, agree to favor the domestic small industry, the small miner, and the veterans denied the usual compensation our government has traditionally granted in gratitude-they must be afforded the opportunity to mine, to homestead, to farm, to log, upon the Public Lands, as a fair and reasonable accommodation."

Song of Freedom

Not only rockhounds are gearing up to take advantage of favorable values for gold, minerals, and gems, but many people of all ages and economic status who NEED to find a way to be self-sufficient, to earn a living from their own enterprise, to start a business or adapt a hobby, without doing the same thing the neighbors, also out of work, are doing- millions of worried citizens are turning to natural resources, to wood, metal, and stone, and the crafts that have traditionally served us well for hundreds of years. High-tech has revealed huge, unexpected deposits, and equalized the chances for everyone. There is a "gem rush" ongoing. In China, 400,000 people have swarmed into a valley seeking $120. per gram white jade, a modern day gem rush even larger that the ongoing gold and emerald rushes of south America. But emeralds are being found in the US too!

EXPEDITION AMERICA DIGS Channel is inviting submissions of 1. Amateur Prospecting & treasure hunting Expedition videos 2. Miners’ Bench Commercial or semi-pro videos by mine owners, operators, fee-dig sites, etc. 3. Diggers Notes How-to videos made In The Field directly relating to prospecting and mining on a small scale. 4. Mine Ore Cart Overfloweth¬† a show & tell series, not only of the discoveries and finds, but of the smiles, sunsets, and happy camps. Each VIDEO SHOULD BE 100 megs or less in length, {no limit on the number of videos or episodes} and be sure to include labels, title, and information on Where, When, What you seek or dig, and How. Give yourself credit, too. Pro videos mayinclude self-promotion, but please promote: our hosting and the showing of your vids on Expedition America Digs Channel! We dedicate the project to Homeless Disabled Veterans, in an effort to inspire new businesses, new discoveries, and newly independent veterans with a future made possible by Your Support of prudent use of our domestic mineral deposits to rebuild America and our veterans, for we would not be able to share those gem and mineral treasures without them!
Please contact us NOW with your ideas for submissions. Make an expedition related video today, submit it and let us see it, and you may quickly see it on one of the fastest growing showcases for the
 Post to YouTube, Google, or Veoh, use one of the above tags in your title, and send me an email. We will host the best videos submitted on the Expedition America Digs Channel on VEOH!
We will expand and organize soon; please submit your special interest videos. Why leave your expedition video lost in the 70,000 videos submitted each day to YouTube, when you and millions of rockhounds, students, collectors, and prospectors can have Your Own Dedicated Channel, EXPEDITION AMERICA DIGS!


Meanwhile, until you buy your copy of "A Gem Miner’s Guide", enjoy these "Songs of Freedom" as we celebrate having these public lands and deposits to support and supply our disabled veterans, the homeless ones specially.