An Old Prospector

As the daylight becomes the shortest of our season, and we find in certain dreams our own Hopes Fruitful Spring,
we are prudent to revisit our knowledge that often we overlook the answers and treasures at our feet, readily at hand-
the prudent application of our wills, our time, our energy, to help ourselves and each other in realizing first, and realization second, that no one need be "poor" or without work, or homeless… for there are resources
… and industries and endeavors worthy of our dedication, and I say, "Let it start with Mining- let that be the ‘honest work’ upon which all, including the Congress, agree to favor the domestic small industry, the small miner, and the veterans denied the usual compensation our government has traditionally granted in gratitude-they must be afforded the opportunity to mine, to homestead, to farm, to log, upon the Public Lands, as a fair and reasonable accommodation."

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