Arizona’s Border War Zone Heats UP

Militia or nightmare waiting to happen?

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 17:09:30 -0700
Subject: RE: Some of the MCDC relaxing! – (about par)!

Hi Frank –
Thanks for writing – since they took all sharp instruments away from you you now have to type –
1 – I don’t take risks – if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck!
2 – I carry my own Tazer!
3 – I have heard about you when confronted by the illegals you
write about, laying down on your back and pissing on your belly like a
4 – As far as ambushing my ass, it’s been tried before – I’m still here!
5 – You must be an original MM as you took too much offense to the picture, figures!
6 – I have NEVER carried a gun in all my escapades in the bush
since I found out I could kill a man with my bare hands! (notice I
didn’t say Mexican?)
7 – I have no immediate family – they can’t stomach me either!
8 – "Sucking Rocks" as you want me to do is far better than what you out in your pie hole!
9 – Oh, but I am better than "Blackwater" – seen my website?
10 – I’ve already passed this on to my 5,118+ people on my list so
have a ball – let them see the guy with the IQ of a potted plant,
mine’s 168!
11 – My Mother’s dead! You’ll soon know the feeling too!
12 – I’m doing this since 2001, longer than 4/05 when the MM started!
13 – I’ll also pass this on to La Migra (USBP) for you – the DEA –
he FBI – the CCSO and others whose names you’ve dropped accusing them
In summation, if it were possible to be perfect……….you’d be the perfect ASSHOLE!
R/ Bill
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Date: 1/19/2008 4:16:13 PM
Subject: RE: Some of the MCDC relaxing! – (about par)!

Bill, this raises some questions: 1. Whats your point?
it That some foolhardy "christians’ like to drink and take ridiculous
risks with their own safety, Like you, with their lives, but would be
the first to yell, "Don’t Taze me, bro!"? or 3.
Are these your targets of choice for personal insults or attacks,
instead of corrupt murderous treasonous feds, Zetas, or other such
"threats" like terrorists?
and finally, #4 If you have nothing
better to do with your time than this, I can’t wait to ambush your ass.
#5, oh, I don’t want to do that, and spoil the marvelous job you have
already done by shooting yourself in the foot. Lucky for all, you have
your foot in your mouth from now on trying to explain and rationalize
this sophomoric and likely slanderous act indicates strongly that you
are a Danger to yourself and others, and we don’t need to wait for your
next poor judgement to decide you are NO FRIEND TO ANYONE. Is this how
you treat your family, with this kind of truth and dignity? Suck rocks,
Bill. You appear no better than Blackwater. I cant wait to pass this
along the network!
Does your mommy know you are playing with the
computer? You started what will finish you, without lasting anywhere
near as long as the MM. PS, dumbass, I was the Paul Revere that started
it all; ever heard of NNSA Blue Team?  You just got in wayyy over your
head. Go bust Mark Strickland, Merlin Smith, J. Poser, and it might
save you. They know about you now, what makes you think the feds won’t
take you out as a threat to their smuggling operations? You are too
ignorant for words. The terrorists are in US gov uniforms.

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 15:23:20 -0700
Subject: Some of the MCDC relaxing! – (about par)!

WAR immanent

I was busy tracing cyber attackers tonight. My internet security alerts gave me just the info I needed to find various sources of the port scans, the web page tag readers, the password screens, the usual cyber spy sources of attacks. There were sources which were companies, huge and small, from NY to Canada to NSW/Australia, elsewhere. Most were very much places where there are qualified computer geeks [no offense, intellectuals] capable of getting info off my computer had my security not blocked them. They would normally be easy to counter-attack- I even sent an email to one company’s public relations chief complaining.As I went down thru the list of IP’s, and did a whois trace for the real people behind each attack, I found this: I’m not surprised, since I was in the nether world of spies and agents, but this is the JACKPOT: Its also very very seriously frightening. Its from a while ago, but the info is IMPERATIVE now. It PROVES TREASON beyond a reasonable doubt, but it also is an ill-timed, almost TOO LATE WARNING:
WAR WITH CHINA is about to break loose, which is WHY BUSH is leaving the country- so he can conduct the war on Iran and everyone else, without being targeted. But meanwhile WE WILL BE FRIED! NUCLEAR WAR is just days away. I believe it, and you will too after you read this! Remember, I was one of the first four men to be deployed with the neutron bomb, back in 68 when I was a young Airman. I know bull and fearmongering for what it is, but this is the inside scoop from MINOT, where recently some brave rebels, true revolutionary heroes, blew the whistle on the Barksdale warheads.
Here, EXCLUSIVE, is the "rest of the story". Let us pray.
Our only hope is to remove Bush and the NWO/NAU globalists off the planet, know what I mean, Earl?