WAR immanent

I was busy tracing cyber attackers tonight. My internet security alerts gave me just the info I needed to find various sources of the port scans, the web page tag readers, the password screens, the usual cyber spy sources of attacks. There were sources which were companies, huge and small, from NY to Canada to NSW/Australia, elsewhere. Most were very much places where there are qualified computer geeks [no offense, intellectuals] capable of getting info off my computer had my security not blocked them. They would normally be easy to counter-attack- I even sent an email to one company’s public relations chief complaining.As I went down thru the list of IP’s, and did a whois trace for the real people behind each attack, I found this: I’m not surprised, since I was in the nether world of spies and agents, but this is the JACKPOT: Its also very very seriously frightening. Its from a while ago, but the info is IMPERATIVE now. It PROVES TREASON beyond a reasonable doubt, but it also is an ill-timed, almost TOO LATE WARNING:
WAR WITH CHINA is about to break loose, which is WHY BUSH is leaving the country- so he can conduct the war on Iran and everyone else, without being targeted. But meanwhile WE WILL BE FRIED! NUCLEAR WAR is just days away. I believe it, and you will too after you read this! Remember, I was one of the first four men to be deployed with the neutron bomb, back in 68 when I was a young Airman. I know bull and fearmongering for what it is, but this is the inside scoop from MINOT, where recently some brave rebels, true revolutionary heroes, blew the whistle on the Barksdale warheads.
Here, EXCLUSIVE, is the "rest of the story". Let us pray.
Our only hope is to remove Bush and the NWO/NAU globalists off the planet, know what I mean, Earl?

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