1 thought on “High Treason at the FBI, so what else is new?

  1. LOOK! Very HIGH Treason by the CIA; The Bush Cocaine Smuggling Operations REVEALEDhttp://www.madcowprod.com/01162008.htmlJust like the MENA Akansas Clinton connection.The US Gov. IS the CARTEL.HANG THEM ALL if TREASON is your reasonable conclusion.Or just support the Revolution, for America as is- IS NOT WORTH SAVING.Too lazy, corrupt, weak, and decadent a bully foolish nut case allowing same to be foisted upon Earth to be allowed by the Rest of the Intelligent Universe to survive intact. America, as we knew it, is dead. Bush et al have killed it.There is no ressurrection for AMERIKA.There is NO FUTURE for the country that has brought Russia to say they are considering a NUCLEAR PRE_EMPTIVE STRIKE ON THE US. Can’t blame them or others perceiving Amerika as completely and intolerably evil and out of control.

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