The Benefit Auctions begin FRIDAY

Amethyst Ranch, Arizona

The Amethyst Ranch Project…
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Our proposal to restore an Historic 1890’s George Westinghouse Mining
Camp in southern Arizona along with a far-sighted operating plan
has begun to benefit others. By listening to this disabled veteran, more have seen the "Voluntourism" potential of what may be, arguably, one of the most
old-fashioned new ideas to be set in a prime film locality. Marfa* TX has been described lately [*film location for "There Will Be Blood"] in a way much resembling the Amethyst Ranch location. Some film production studio people have acknowledged the San Rafael Valley & south Patagonia mountains area as ‘ideal film localities’ since "Oklahoma" scenes were produced there, complete with corn fields and wax-fruited trees. The prospect of an old mining camp which remained un-restored for so long on the highest peak of the range now doing "double duty" has several levels of discussion going.
    The near future may bring possibilities of some of these interests to be realized with a meeting, guided tour, and a week-long CONFERENCE to do justice to our subjects, like the resource management plan, and things like the Weeks Law of 1911 as a model for community restorations across the continents, not just upon our modest mountain. Please sign into the Yahoo Group and join the forum where arrangements may be posted.
Please visit the gemstone auction to benefit Amethyst Ranch, as shown in the slideshow on the upper right of this page.
… We welcome donations of :
"outfitter" style wall tents, and such gear as would be appropriate to
such a wild-west, back to the land rustic camp. We have great
campsites, capped water wells, springs, cabin sites, and plenty of
dimension granite on site. See the Groups site for details, or the   blog site for more. Thanks, sincerely,

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Amethyst Ranch Project Fund 2008

1 thought on “The Benefit Auctions begin FRIDAY

  1. The gemstone lot bids start at $3500. The stones are from a few tenths to over a carat each. Pink, green, and blue-green Maine Tourmaline are the majority of the gems, the lot also contains peridot, aquamarine, topaz, and a few other domestic gems. All stones are American dug, American hand cut. They are commercial to very good. Some of the tourmaline goes for $300/ct, much of it is $100/ct value.  [the square cuts are 1/4 carat] The sale will benefit Frank & his wife Barbara and their project to set up the Amethyst Ranch Mining Camp as a Voluntour vacation camp destination for rockhounds, expeditions, nature photographers, [therapy] and many interested in mining history or location filming. We disabled veterans are to host and guide our guests on the trails, to the rustic camps, to the prospects and mines, and so on. Some of our participants will be part of the restoration projects, barbecue concerts, and historic re-enactments for film.Please DONATE, bid, or pass the word- the mineral specimen collection is still available. We are prepared to give a lot of our time, money, and efforts to see this community find a focus and to develop the place where we can demonstrate our solutions and our tangible resource management for the whole camp’s benefit.  From what I have already found, there appears to have been several hundred miners living in tents and cabins on Amethyst Ranch between 1850 and 1916. There’s foundations scattered over a large area, and many prospects and deposits yet to be mined. Its a "ghost town" begging to come back to life, and this resource is in a miraculously available and accessible place that just happens to be almost on the Mexican Border, so no one else effected a lease or made an effort to secure it- until we did. So lets make this an exemplary project! CAMPSITE SEASONAL RESERVATIONS are just $250! Just paypal your donation with a note about reserving a campsite on our private inholding, surrounded by National Forest. Thanks!

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