Where the Old Prospector’s long trail & tale started

While we all await the Spring start of our sunny outdoor life in southern Arizona [there was quite a snowfall last week on Mt. Washington] we are showing this special documentary film on a gem discovery, a real big strike made in the early 1980’s in New Hampshire which made quite a news stir at the time. The court issue involved then is very much to our point in opening a forum, in Yahoo Groups, AmethystRanch .  The lessons learned since 1984 are discussed in the narrative portion of the Moat Mountain documentary {2006}. We are presenting this now because before the public is one of Bush’s Interior Department heads** facing court himself over Forest Service Policy. THIS SITUATION has been ongoing since at least 1981, & as many people are revisiting the issue of Forest Service management, or mismanagement, as the opinions may be, and the residents of several western states are seeing a huge die-off of Lodgepole Pines-  there is a LUMBER CRISIS* and a growing wildfire danger simultaneous. BUT there is also a real need for jobs, lumber, housing, veterans to be taken care of, much of which relies upon the WISER USE of natural resources. We will see a quick change soon, from a war-based corporate monopoly unreality to a peace-based practicality, and that means we must have the answers IN PRACTICE NOW, and the RESOURCES WITHIN OUR HANDS or as soon as we can make IT HAPPEN!


<embed src="http://www.veoh.com/videodetails2.swf?&player=videodetailsembedded&id=4023386&permalinkId=v6235504Fr64ABYM&videoAutoPlay=0&quot; width="425" height="340" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ></embed></p>

*    http://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/2008/feb/24/timber_companies_harvesting_beetlekilled_trees/

 **      http://www.missoulian.com/articles/2008/02/24/bnews/br61.txt

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