WAR 360 in, and upon Damned America

March 21, Warrants issued for arrest of liars, traitors, all US Gov officials to be removed

March 21,  Warrants issued for arrest of liars, traitors, all US Gov officials to be removed

Its time for REVOLUTION and more than a few hangings. I say that- Its
not just because I am bankrupt, broke, and homeless again that I am mad
as hell, but because the majority of crazy, greedy, selfish, corrupt
and ignorant Americans have incurred the WRATH of GOD, the HATE of the
World, and have brought this horrible situation into my home, my
family, my life, all our lives. The treasonous bastards have brought
HELL into our futures, what the hell can anyone do, logically and
honestly, but accept the REALITY OF WAR within, against, and UPON the
dangerous and deadly American culture? The DAY of Confrontation, the
end of our patience and tolerance is over. I renounce my American
Citizenship- completely and totally ashamed of the terrorist and
criminal nation that once was noble and had a future…


Blatant LIES and arrogant deceptions by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condo
Rice, and many, many treasonous people in the US Government, like the
Clintons, McCain, and other NEOCON Republican Nazis, intent on ROBBING,
WARRING, and repudiating truth & dignity..they are doing so in the
face of GOD and all of God’s People on Earth, and neither Christians,
nor Muslims, nor Buddhists nor any spiritual or non-religious but
righteous humanity have to tolerate or face the TERRORISM GENERATED by
GENOCIDAL GREED of political ambition for power and domination, of
enslavement and death at the hands of these CRIMINALS any longer. No CITIZEN IN THE EMPLOY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION- OR REVENGE- or Justice. {Would you rather see it come from outside the USA?}
The preponderance of evidence demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubts
that the criminal conduct of the administration against the American
people, against citizens of the world via the "Drug War", the "Terror
War" and the "Religious War", the "Race War", and the "Resource War"
has abrogated any original source of authority, has violated
innumerable times borders, human rights, dignity, due process, decorum,
and law. Intolerably threatening and dangerous to themselves and to all
others, it is imperative to end the next 100 years of war NOW, for NO
ONE WILL SURVIVE this administration- NO ONE, for they have STOLEN and
BOMB THREAT in Demand of Control of the Planet- the ultimate criminal

Its no joke, we are broke and shortly homeless again, so there will not
likely be any more postings on this blog. We will be joining others who
are "starting over" in a new commune, dedicated to the alternative
self-governance. Bless the Hippies! JUST SMOKE IT!


WAR 360 Guest Feature:

Military veterans to deliver citizen arrest warrants for Bush and Cheney

by Kathlyn Stone

© Copyright Kathlyn Stone, OpEdNews, 2008

Global Research, March 20, 2008
OpEdNews – 2008-03-18

by family members and supporters all across the nation, U.S. military
veterans will serve citizen arrest warrants for George Bush and Dick
Cheney tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

warrants are "for multiple violations of the Constitution and
international war crimes," according to a statement issued by Veterans
for Peace, a national organization of men and women who served in wars
and military conflicts beginning with the Spanish Civil War in 1936
through the present war in Iraq.

has long been apparent that our Constitution is under attack and has
been deliberately and relentlessly undermined by domestic enemies —
indeed, by our highest government officials — who took the same oath
we did and have violated it by waging a war of aggression and
committing war crimes in Iraq," according to Veterans for Peace
president, Elliott Adams in explaining the warrants.

warrants will be delivered to the National Archives which houses the
Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

patriots will also retake their military oath, which includes the
words: "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and

military veterans will hold a rally at the National Mall and lead a
march for peace that includes stops at other sites including the Museum
of Native Americans, where they will be joined by musician Buffy St.
Marie in a ceremony honoring Native Americans, the Peace Monument on
the Capitol grounds, and they will protest inadequate health care
funding for returning soldiers and veterans at McPherson Square which
faces the Veterans’ Administration headquarters.

for Peace members follow a “responsibility to serve the cause of world
peace. To this end we will work with others to increase public
awareness of the costs of war…(and) to abolish war as an instrument
of national policy," according to the organization’s statement of

war has cost too many lives and resources that should have been spent
on health, education and other needs,” said Army Col. (ret) Ann Wright,
a member of Veterans for Peace. “The war must be stopped before more
Iraqis and Americans are killed, and the sooner the better. Our
military presence in Iraq must end so Iraqis can begin to rebuild their


note: Trade union members, environmentalists, doctors, constitutional
scholars, artists, factory and office workers, students, educators and
other patriots across the country have their backs.

VFP Chapter 27 protesting the Iraq occupation in 2005. Photo: kayakbiker

Global Research Articles by Kathlyn Stone

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Good news from the "Gunbelt" of Arizona!   TOMBSTONE, Saturday

          "More or less exciting, depending on how aware one may be- of independent writers* and video producers who are generating
serious revenues along with the various localities and creative centers involved in the new cinema– the POTENTIAL NATIONAL WESTERN THEATER news from TOMBSTONE that the old high school, including the gym, directly adjacent & abutting the HISTORIC DISTRICT has been approved For Sale by the voters, as they activate the new school facilities on the north side of the ‘city’. At least one show producer has shown an interest, according to the Sierra Vista Herald article today! In some of the videos here, can be seen some views of the buildings on the edge of the district at Allen Street. The possibility of an ACTING SCHOOL and BROADCAST Facility, as well as a "Grand Ole Oprey" style syndicated show for broadcast, and a small TV station style LIVE presence on the INTERNET bodes well for the entire area’s economy, not considering tourism in terms of ‘across the threshold’ visitor numbers.
The co-promotional netword  of southeastern Arizona, Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties, with their complementary resources, outletted and promoted through such identifiable iconographic and historic presentation as could be foundationed in Tombstone- could serve the area economy in cooperation with capable and significant participants. In other words, If this goes where it could, "Hollywood, eat your heart out!"
* Donate now to the Amethyst Ranch Project, get an instant downloadable FREE COPY of the illustrated PDF Novel "Life at the Center of the Universe"!!! See the Catalog page of http://TimelessGemMines.com  $100 donation also reserves a campsite for you this season at Amethyst Ranch! {see Yahoo Group
listed in >finance>small business>start-up  as AmethystRanch (no space).
 Frank Lavoie
Old Tombstone Studio


“Stoning the Devil” – Myth or Metaphore? part 3 continued

Thanks to HAUNTED SALOON for the above YouTube video.
We are in this walkdown, around 4:12 to 4:20 or so.

As Jim Clark and many others noted… something intense was achieved. Even the crowd- some 10,000 or more, was bowing in respect, taking off their hats- the vortex of time- the door had opened and many felt and knew it. The symbolism was not lost- the meaning was relevant, present, timelessly applicable, first and second amendment rights in everyone’s roles. These people had stepped through that door to time- for all to see, as vividly and dramaticly as any Stephenville Lights could be- though it may be a larger performance of the same play- this walkdown was an amazing cast in one of the largest open-air theaters in America, Allen Street, Tombstone. Why would so many commemorate the few, but in that these few represented faithfully the many?

Beneath, behind & between the lines of such questions is something quite obvious, hiding in plain sight, like the "fight or flight" instinct, just beneath the veneer of civility & custom. There is a point in which the famous gunfight at the OK Corral is reiterated in our films as surely as skywriting. There’s the potential interpretation of such a simple reality as WAR, continuing for years, has sounded an alarm across the cosmic sphere radiating for light years outward from Earth, just as the tension around the silver boom town of Tombstone did during that domestic war. Perhaps this has brought GORT [from the Michael Renee starring film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" as a UFO Wyatt Earp to bring the ‘fight’ of modern nuclear self-destruction to an end.
Within 50 miles of Crawford, these UFO lights, these glyphs, have seen only one challenge by the Air Farce, and that failed miserably to have any effect except to show some apparent incapacity by our "Homeland Security". Though it- the craft as well as the lightshow- whether a deluded Rovian warmongers attempt to build a one-of-a -kind, large-scale PSEUDO-UFO for terroristic/propaganda purposes or not, is subject to the debunking attempt that plausibly suggests a JVC camera phenomena comes close to a deflationary effect, but that debunkment pre-supposes camera movement on a fixed object simulates a steady camera on a moving object. That also does not defeat the multiple cameras, angles, and witnesses of both the same real-time object simultaneously, nor the separate observations and videos.A steady camera recording a moving sequence, with color transitional effects, or camera translation effects, still records a real action. There really are glyphs in the sky on a large scale. If these are "Hollywood" or "Dreamworks" performance art on behalf of the CIA, it gives credence that there would be motives to be served in a war-selling scenario, such as glowing Arabic scripts appearing huge over an intended target. All manner of purposes could be effected by "god" writing this or that command, or warning, to the ‘faithful’, or to give ‘fair’ warning before frying their part of Earth into glass? With such an open-air theater as like the Texas skies, could it be done? Yes, easily*, and even with small zippy drones. But not the many spherical, independent but coordinated missions like those videotaped in Mexico not far from Stephenville. {*See "Tagged in Motion" on YouTube}If we see the signals and the craft as genuine, which seems certain, then the ICONOGRAPHY inherently displayed shows, on the original video report, at five seconds: an outlined aircraft, at six, the cowboy hat, at seven, the serpent stealth fighter similar to shuttle shape; at 8, an E, an S at late eight or early nine: the ‘branding iron’ at nine, a mechanism: at ten, a thrown loop of rope falling over an edge to 12 seconds, at 13, a slip knot shape. Our alternative interpretive method may be to use a musical analog, like a conductor’s staff directing an orchestra, to instead direct a VOCAL range of spoken word, or the movements on a THERAMIN, operated or ‘played’ by hand position and motion.
"Your little planes, Cowboy, are no match for our Serpent Cruisers, the Ships of Quetzalcoatl, you may not put your ‘brand’ upon the world,  a rope is thrown in a manner you understand."


“Stoning the Devil” – Myth or Metaphor? part 1

"Stoning the Devil"- Myth or Metaphor Part 1
from the column for RBN by Frank Lavoie

Truth Writ Large in the Sky

Writ large in our sky: TRUTH
exclusive to RepublicBroadcasting.org
Frank Lavoie

 It’s not a new tactic, dropping propaganda leaflets into a target zone. A thousand years ago plague victims
were catapulted over besieged castle walls into the king’s courtyards
as the attackers withdrew. It was propaganda, terrorism, a warning
message and a successful war tactic all in one. Warnings, threats,
& surprise deliveries feature prominently in the Historic and Hollywood ‘record’, as well as in the Pentagon & CIA’s bags of tricks. "Humanitarian" warnings first, then Hiroshima.
Even today, crude paper drops of propaganda continue contemporaneous
with cybertech operations ranging from personal micro-spycraft,
behavior modification programs, remote controlled armed drones and
‘spyflies’, beam propagation devices and upward to mega laser weaponry.
The black ops projects are used to inspire & create insurgencies
& other ‘useful’ instabilities. They also provide excuses for state
sponsored ‘responses’ and/or "plausible denial". Grandiose Political
Theatricals are not limited to media-worthy dramatics. The operations
can be as blatantly public as the Bhutto assassination, and recent
missile strikes inside Pakistan, the missile strikes in Algeria,(1) Nigeria and Somalia, (2)
or like the warmongering Israeli taking out a Palestinian government
official and the missiles flying there, in and out in the typical
revenge-cycle. [see a pattern yet?] Name your "aftermaths of a stolen,
corrupted election" incident, and someone else may hasten to add yet
another less well known example. What needs to be noticed  by all can be as faint as the sound of a single small missile falling in the jungle.  One way to think about this is the old Dean Martin
comedy act, wherein he was clearly drunk before the cameras,
distinguished from the Foster Brooks routine of comedic drunkenness,
performed completely sober. Small incidents, little crafty acts,
rumors, revelations of corruption, plain and simple stunts can and MUST
be recognized for what they really are, or may be. The medium to large
scale false flag operations are too plentiful & frequent to escape
scrutiny by an increasingly sophisticated, critically discerning
humanity at large transcendentally interested and more credible than
‘governments’. BUT it is the detail-oriented individual, the poet of
objective correlative, the ‘kid paying attention’ who may be among
those supposedly faint voices ‘crying in the wilderness’ who points out
the actuality with his semi-comedic question, "So what’s that got to do
with the ‘price of *rice’?"
 (1)           http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23434641/
(2)       http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23445658/
One need only read some of the well written news articles and columns
on the RBN home page to feel a joy in knowing there is here much more
to feed our curiosity and craving. When a ‘cluster’ of attentive minds
focuses upon an issue or incident, or news, the amount of information
rises to meet the demand. Writers unafraid of sinking their ‘teeth’
into an imperative subject become "required reading". I know I’m in
good company here. Knowing what is wrong, and who is doing wrong, is
very important, though for many, advancement and peace can be reached
by enlightenment and encouragement to simply stop hurting ourselves and
each other, then we can avail all to the wisdom & solutions of
peaceful humanity. Our next logical step is to continue educating,
enlightening, awakening, while we begin to discover, rediscover,
manifest and demonstrate solutions in practice. Meanwhile, "back at the
ranch", our grandkids want explanations, so we continue the attempt to
see, show, and tell how the big picture is reflected in the details.
The face of domestic terror:
    "Berserkers" is what John Brunner called them in his social science fiction novel, "Stand on Zanzibar",
sword-wielding terrorists, we would call his characters now. What made
his novel remarkable is that he accurately predicted an attack on Madam
of course giving rise to an examination of prophetic literature in
general, beyond any question of the authors potential prior knowledge
or possible influence . His cautious observations of Philippine society
merely gave him an insight on the inevitable before others. Keep this
in mind as we briefly examine the recent Manila ’embassy bomb plot’ story.
As a footnote, I also refer readers to the Sept. 20th, 1998 Arlington,
TX "Embassy Plot" story, related to: Sept. 10th 1998 "Ali Mohammed,
former Bin Laden ‘security director’ and former member of US Special
Forces." story. Google same.]

Manila: Foiled by the ‘playbook’. Three
people alleged to have plotted to attack 4 embassies constituted a
‘terrorist threat’ according to police & government security
officials, but two government officials advised US reporters privately
that opposition groups were dismissing the threat by virtue of the
select targets, lack of weapons and explosives, and knowledge of it as
a ‘false flag’ operation by Gloria Arroyo’s government to justify heavy
military & police presence in Manila
while Gloria struggles in a corruption crisis beyond scandal. Without
elaborating, officials have asserted assassination plots against Gloria
by ‘terrorists’, while there is no connection to the ’embassy plot’. US Counter-Terrorism Troops arm & train Filipino soldiers to fight separatist opposition parties, labeling them Al Qaida or other Washington blacklisted group tags. {*Arroyo, it should be noted, just asked Vietnam for *RICE}
Paraguay: Feb. 29th, NEIL BUSH visits  President Duarte at the ASUNCION HOTEL as a guest of a big federation allied with Rev. Sun Myung Moon & the Unification Church, with the Universal Peace Foundation, promoting peace in the middle east, [S. Asia & other places] and- promoting a 50 mile $200 Billion USD tunnel from Siberia to Alaska. {Will Putin fill it with gas?} What else was going down? ** Is it like Neil’s other "Building security" job?
**  http://www.pr-usa.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=76135&Itemid=9
ECUADOR: Saturday, March 1st Plan Columbia missiles (3) fly into the FARC Camp, killing Reyes, who just happens to be holding captive former Columbian presidential candidate (and dual citizen of France)
Ingrid Betancourt, opposition to Columbia’s Bush puppet Aribe.[yes,
there is a pattern!] By their own admission, the CFR confirms Columbia‘s
government is not only weakened by corruption by coke cartels, but
accepts Plan Columbia’s Billions and still "has little control of any
territory outside of the country’s major cities" while facing three
major organizations, two "leftist rebel terrorist" and one "right wing
paramilitary groups supported by wealthy landowners, cartels, and part
of the Columbian Military." All three have been "able to expand their
operations & prosper by trading in cocaine, opium, OIL, gold, and
emeralds. Alvrado Aribe won a landslide victory in 2002…by promising
to crack down on the ‘rebels’."
(3)  http://www.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idUSN0227633020080302?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews&rpc=22&sp=true
raid supported by Plan Columbia emulated the Israeli raid on Gaza,
right down to the statements of justification. The Columbian police
chief who made media statements stands accused of trafficking. The
apparent violation of sovereignty, the complex mixing of terrorist and
drug war rationalizations and tags, begs us to examine this more, for
the trail now includes the tracking of cocaine planes, money, political
names, and tangible evidence with CIA written all over it.

Lets get the GUNBELT REPORT from the Arizona Border, to see if any of the Columbian War has started to manifest here yet.

CIA  PLANES: John McCain
is now well known to be tied to religious backers, is also tied to
Saudi money, the Mob, and a fleet of planes used for CIA Captive
Rendering flights, including rendering the Bin Laden family safe
passage courtesy of the "escape from new York" flight services. Does he
have a connection to Columbia,
to Drug dealing? What else? How about British Royalty, and some Brit
Mining companies who have eyes on Native American mineral rights? How
about this:

"White Mountain Apache and San Carlos Apache Tribal Council members
opposing the proposed
Resolution Copper Mine. They called it “a display
of profound disrespect for a cherished feature of the Apache’s original
homeland as well as a serious violation of our Apache traditional,
historical and religious beliefs.”
Besides destruction of sacred
sites, springs and watercourses, the mine would obliterate Apache Leap
Cliff where 77 Apache freedom fighters were forced to their death by
the U.S. Cavalry in the 19th Century.
This congressional land
swap legislation which was first introduced by U.S. Congressman, a
Republican in the Congressional District No. 1, Rick Renzi and U.S.
Presidential Candidate hopeful for the Republican Party, John McCain,
would enable the mine to bypass U.S. environmental and Native American
cultural protection laws.

Our San Carlos Apache Tribe as well as six other federally
recognized Native American Indian Tribes and six Counties, are members
of Congressional District No. 1.

By removing the land from the
U.S. Forest Service and making it to the mine’s private land, the land
swap subverts these laws. This land swap is being lobbied by the
world’s two largest mining companies, Rio Tinto (British) and BHP
(Australia). The interest is obviously still there as recently
witnessed by the most recent visit by overseas royalty made to the town
of Superior."





And on the Lakota:  http://youtube.com/watch?v=Hm0JIgVHypQ

Would there be a possibility that planes seen near Tombstone may have carried large quantities of cash?

 How about the same planes Neil Bush, George Bush, John McCain, used, flying with his blonde lobbyist lady friend who is missing?  http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ciadrugs/W_plane.html
 Its the same companies and flight services as the DAILY flights into Miami from COLUMBIA?
same connections to the fleet of 50 planes sold to the Sinaloa Cartel
which is now fighting eastward along the Arizona Border with Mexico toward Nogales where the Gulf Cartel influence begins.
 The Sinaloa Cartel {Pacific} is tied to the CIA Cocaine planes with TONNAGE recently crashed in Mexico, flying toward Arizona from COLUMBIA. http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/518/mexico_rio_bravo_drug_gang_battles_cops_soldiers

“Stoning the Devil- Myth or Metaphor? Part 2

PART 2 Truth Writ Large upon our sky

They may be associated with the planes seen in the Tombstone, Arizona area.
a plane there, one could easily see one of the land-swap properties
McCain’s friend Renzi was tied to, just off Moson Road near Ft
Huachuca. That farm is tied to the Carr Canyon Spring which feeds the
Fort, the farm, and Tombstone, 22 miles away, with water, incidently,
through an 1882 era nickle-lined pipe which is giving residents health
problems. When illegals trashed the spring not long ago, it was shut
down for a while but allowed to resume water delivery with a waiver
from the environmental and health protection standards that would have
otherwise shut down the Tombstone pipeline permanently as a hazardous
metal contamination source. How was that done, but for the congressman?
Back to the ‘security’ issue:
Follow the politics:
Tucson: The Corbett BP/ Illegal Immigrant murder trial:
  "The jury has asked the court some questions during the deliberation
process. For example, on Wednesday morning the jurors asked if they
could have access to the transcript of the trial. Judge David Bury
contacted Grant Woods, the lead prosecutor, and Sean Chapman, the lead
defense attorney. They said they did not want the transcript released
because they preferred that the jurors rely upon their memory. The
judge agreed."  Fully informed jury law violation?
easily see this as the home team for justice ‘throwing’ the game, er,
the case, for the BP/ICE, by assuring a deadlock, playing Mexican
Standoff with the Zetas. It would seem only an "upstairs" order could
accomplish this blatant miscarriage. Perhaps there was a phone call
from someone in a position of influence?
lets see here, the CIA provides the planes and black budget, the Drug
War operatives provide services like delivering prohibitions profits,
like those flown daily to Miami,
the Casinos launder the money with Chinese counterfeit computer chipped
slot machines provided by IGT & allowed in by corrupt customs
agents, the Indians get paid off with casino licenses, Renzi and other
mob related land developers pull strings with religious and industry
lobbyists, McCain gets campaign help, runs interference for buddies in
Border patrol, British royalty and mining companies…the CIA provides
military muscle against the opposition. Just like they have in Pakistan, Manila, and now, Columbia. We have reports of Mexican Army incursions at Laredo
and at places on the western Arizona-California border zone. They are
escorting smugglers, and we can readily assume their loads are high
value white rather than weed. Their impunity, their lack of opposition,
is credited to GUESS WHO! So Columbian "goods’ are ‘helped’ through the
border, apparently, by the same people who are supposedly approving
legislation to provide billions to hit opposition cartels, opposition
politicians, and any natives who may have other designs for their
lives, lands, liberties, and freedom, regardless of boundaries,
borders, or sovereignty? Do we see the pattern here yet? Its General
Carleton’s 1868 policy, alive and well and directing American Foreign
    Someone like me can bring a little attention on
something, but more to the point, we must pay attention to what may
seem small, and recognize its importance. Please be patient with the
rest of our story, for it may reflect on the potential that the
Columbian conflict may manifest itself on our own doorstep soon. Seth
Shostok of the SETI project wrote recently in Space.com
"Finding them finding us" about his new radio telescope, and the
awareness that what we now are capable of is what alien intelligence
has been able to do for a long time- listen and know what we know about
UFO’s, "them". So they know that we know. That brings up the great
rhetorical question, " Why would a spacecraft need lights, except to
mimic aircraft, understanding well our mis-perceptions and assumptions?
Clearly they are logically communicating, even if to serve deception."
Bear in mind that we have official and non-official, well-funded high
tech weapons systems and craft, even remote-controlled, right in our
airspace, over our backyards. We also have stealth technology of which
a variation is the projected ‘transparency’ illusion. However,
authentic, high definition videos of the Stephenville lights shows a
remarkable lightshow, a huge projection of intentional signaling, of
what appears to be resembling petroglyphs, or Mayan glyphs, or even of
Arabic script being presented, flash-card style, in a sequence which
strongly suggests a lot of meaning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPY50FrWGhs
it is alien UFO communication, it may well be a "humanitarian warning"
that the Cowboy [image at the six second point of the earlier video-
"cowboy hat icon"] must be stopped. Or it could be a warning, like that
of "Day the Earth Stood Still". Perhaps they have asked for our
surrender, or warned us to get clear before something happens. Either
way, it is a complete failure of our "National Security" to have
unchallenged or un-greeted visitors making a show over Texas.
If, on the other hand, this light show is an attempt by our own
domestic forces to demonstrate or test what may be made to appear as
the "Hand of God" or the "Hand of Allah" writing commands upon the sky,
does it mean that a ‘humanitarian warning’ is being prepared for a
target? http://youtube.com/watch?v=XLikgptMD98
 Is the Pentagon arranging for ‘God himself’ to endorse Bush as world leader? Or are they going to flash over America or Iran
that the end has come? Is it yet another tool of political theater,
meant to gain justification for more war? I prefer to believe I
understand, that the complexity and delivery may be that of Angelic
intent, but I also understand that it could be a contrived method of
propaganda leaflet, blazed large in skywriting, at the hands of some
warmongering evil. Either way, we must stop the terrorism that issues
from the area of Crawford and Washington,
for if the lights are ours, it bodes of another weapon of fear and
warfare, or if not we best listen and understand what someone has come
so far and risked so much to tell us: We must stop THIS:
This is terrorism, state sponsored, and a crime against the UNIVERSE!

Frank Lavoie, author of
Life at the Center of the Universe

Read my columns on   http://republicbroadasting.org