“Stoning the Devil- Myth or Metaphor? Part 2

PART 2 Truth Writ Large upon our sky

They may be associated with the planes seen in the Tombstone, Arizona area.
a plane there, one could easily see one of the land-swap properties
McCain’s friend Renzi was tied to, just off Moson Road near Ft
Huachuca. That farm is tied to the Carr Canyon Spring which feeds the
Fort, the farm, and Tombstone, 22 miles away, with water, incidently,
through an 1882 era nickle-lined pipe which is giving residents health
problems. When illegals trashed the spring not long ago, it was shut
down for a while but allowed to resume water delivery with a waiver
from the environmental and health protection standards that would have
otherwise shut down the Tombstone pipeline permanently as a hazardous
metal contamination source. How was that done, but for the congressman?
Back to the ‘security’ issue:
Follow the politics:
Tucson: The Corbett BP/ Illegal Immigrant murder trial:
  "The jury has asked the court some questions during the deliberation
process. For example, on Wednesday morning the jurors asked if they
could have access to the transcript of the trial. Judge David Bury
contacted Grant Woods, the lead prosecutor, and Sean Chapman, the lead
defense attorney. They said they did not want the transcript released
because they preferred that the jurors rely upon their memory. The
judge agreed."  Fully informed jury law violation?
easily see this as the home team for justice ‘throwing’ the game, er,
the case, for the BP/ICE, by assuring a deadlock, playing Mexican
Standoff with the Zetas. It would seem only an "upstairs" order could
accomplish this blatant miscarriage. Perhaps there was a phone call
from someone in a position of influence?
lets see here, the CIA provides the planes and black budget, the Drug
War operatives provide services like delivering prohibitions profits,
like those flown daily to Miami,
the Casinos launder the money with Chinese counterfeit computer chipped
slot machines provided by IGT & allowed in by corrupt customs
agents, the Indians get paid off with casino licenses, Renzi and other
mob related land developers pull strings with religious and industry
lobbyists, McCain gets campaign help, runs interference for buddies in
Border patrol, British royalty and mining companies…the CIA provides
military muscle against the opposition. Just like they have in Pakistan, Manila, and now, Columbia. We have reports of Mexican Army incursions at Laredo
and at places on the western Arizona-California border zone. They are
escorting smugglers, and we can readily assume their loads are high
value white rather than weed. Their impunity, their lack of opposition,
is credited to GUESS WHO! So Columbian "goods’ are ‘helped’ through the
border, apparently, by the same people who are supposedly approving
legislation to provide billions to hit opposition cartels, opposition
politicians, and any natives who may have other designs for their
lives, lands, liberties, and freedom, regardless of boundaries,
borders, or sovereignty? Do we see the pattern here yet? Its General
Carleton’s 1868 policy, alive and well and directing American Foreign
    Someone like me can bring a little attention on
something, but more to the point, we must pay attention to what may
seem small, and recognize its importance. Please be patient with the
rest of our story, for it may reflect on the potential that the
Columbian conflict may manifest itself on our own doorstep soon. Seth
Shostok of the SETI project wrote recently in Space.com
"Finding them finding us" about his new radio telescope, and the
awareness that what we now are capable of is what alien intelligence
has been able to do for a long time- listen and know what we know about
UFO’s, "them". So they know that we know. That brings up the great
rhetorical question, " Why would a spacecraft need lights, except to
mimic aircraft, understanding well our mis-perceptions and assumptions?
Clearly they are logically communicating, even if to serve deception."
Bear in mind that we have official and non-official, well-funded high
tech weapons systems and craft, even remote-controlled, right in our
airspace, over our backyards. We also have stealth technology of which
a variation is the projected ‘transparency’ illusion. However,
authentic, high definition videos of the Stephenville lights shows a
remarkable lightshow, a huge projection of intentional signaling, of
what appears to be resembling petroglyphs, or Mayan glyphs, or even of
Arabic script being presented, flash-card style, in a sequence which
strongly suggests a lot of meaning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPY50FrWGhs
it is alien UFO communication, it may well be a "humanitarian warning"
that the Cowboy [image at the six second point of the earlier video-
"cowboy hat icon"] must be stopped. Or it could be a warning, like that
of "Day the Earth Stood Still". Perhaps they have asked for our
surrender, or warned us to get clear before something happens. Either
way, it is a complete failure of our "National Security" to have
unchallenged or un-greeted visitors making a show over Texas.
If, on the other hand, this light show is an attempt by our own
domestic forces to demonstrate or test what may be made to appear as
the "Hand of God" or the "Hand of Allah" writing commands upon the sky,
does it mean that a ‘humanitarian warning’ is being prepared for a
target? http://youtube.com/watch?v=XLikgptMD98
 Is the Pentagon arranging for ‘God himself’ to endorse Bush as world leader? Or are they going to flash over America or Iran
that the end has come? Is it yet another tool of political theater,
meant to gain justification for more war? I prefer to believe I
understand, that the complexity and delivery may be that of Angelic
intent, but I also understand that it could be a contrived method of
propaganda leaflet, blazed large in skywriting, at the hands of some
warmongering evil. Either way, we must stop the terrorism that issues
from the area of Crawford and Washington,
for if the lights are ours, it bodes of another weapon of fear and
warfare, or if not we best listen and understand what someone has come
so far and risked so much to tell us: We must stop THIS:
This is terrorism, state sponsored, and a crime against the UNIVERSE!

Frank Lavoie, author of
Life at the Center of the Universe

Read my columns on   http://republicbroadasting.org

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