“Stoning the Devil” – Myth or Metaphore? part 3 continued

Thanks to HAUNTED SALOON for the above YouTube video.
We are in this walkdown, around 4:12 to 4:20 or so.

As Jim Clark and many others noted… something intense was achieved. Even the crowd- some 10,000 or more, was bowing in respect, taking off their hats- the vortex of time- the door had opened and many felt and knew it. The symbolism was not lost- the meaning was relevant, present, timelessly applicable, first and second amendment rights in everyone’s roles. These people had stepped through that door to time- for all to see, as vividly and dramaticly as any Stephenville Lights could be- though it may be a larger performance of the same play- this walkdown was an amazing cast in one of the largest open-air theaters in America, Allen Street, Tombstone. Why would so many commemorate the few, but in that these few represented faithfully the many?

Beneath, behind & between the lines of such questions is something quite obvious, hiding in plain sight, like the "fight or flight" instinct, just beneath the veneer of civility & custom. There is a point in which the famous gunfight at the OK Corral is reiterated in our films as surely as skywriting. There’s the potential interpretation of such a simple reality as WAR, continuing for years, has sounded an alarm across the cosmic sphere radiating for light years outward from Earth, just as the tension around the silver boom town of Tombstone did during that domestic war. Perhaps this has brought GORT [from the Michael Renee starring film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" as a UFO Wyatt Earp to bring the ‘fight’ of modern nuclear self-destruction to an end.
Within 50 miles of Crawford, these UFO lights, these glyphs, have seen only one challenge by the Air Farce, and that failed miserably to have any effect except to show some apparent incapacity by our "Homeland Security". Though it- the craft as well as the lightshow- whether a deluded Rovian warmongers attempt to build a one-of-a -kind, large-scale PSEUDO-UFO for terroristic/propaganda purposes or not, is subject to the debunking attempt that plausibly suggests a JVC camera phenomena comes close to a deflationary effect, but that debunkment pre-supposes camera movement on a fixed object simulates a steady camera on a moving object. That also does not defeat the multiple cameras, angles, and witnesses of both the same real-time object simultaneously, nor the separate observations and videos.A steady camera recording a moving sequence, with color transitional effects, or camera translation effects, still records a real action. There really are glyphs in the sky on a large scale. If these are "Hollywood" or "Dreamworks" performance art on behalf of the CIA, it gives credence that there would be motives to be served in a war-selling scenario, such as glowing Arabic scripts appearing huge over an intended target. All manner of purposes could be effected by "god" writing this or that command, or warning, to the ‘faithful’, or to give ‘fair’ warning before frying their part of Earth into glass? With such an open-air theater as like the Texas skies, could it be done? Yes, easily*, and even with small zippy drones. But not the many spherical, independent but coordinated missions like those videotaped in Mexico not far from Stephenville. {*See "Tagged in Motion" on YouTube}If we see the signals and the craft as genuine, which seems certain, then the ICONOGRAPHY inherently displayed shows, on the original video report, at five seconds: an outlined aircraft, at six, the cowboy hat, at seven, the serpent stealth fighter similar to shuttle shape; at 8, an E, an S at late eight or early nine: the ‘branding iron’ at nine, a mechanism: at ten, a thrown loop of rope falling over an edge to 12 seconds, at 13, a slip knot shape. Our alternative interpretive method may be to use a musical analog, like a conductor’s staff directing an orchestra, to instead direct a VOCAL range of spoken word, or the movements on a THERAMIN, operated or ‘played’ by hand position and motion.
"Your little planes, Cowboy, are no match for our Serpent Cruisers, the Ships of Quetzalcoatl, you may not put your ‘brand’ upon the world,  a rope is thrown in a manner you understand."


2 thoughts on ““Stoning the Devil” – Myth or Metaphore? part 3 continued

    Asteroid 2008
    ED8 (50m wide) is flying past Earth today, March 10th, only
    ~300,000 miles away. Its orbit is curiously similar to that of another
    asteroid, 2008
    EZ7 (18m wide), which flew past Earth on Sunday, March 9th.
    [<100,000 miles from the surface] Are the two newly-discovered space rocks related? No one knows.
    Tonight, amateur astronomers may be able to photograph 2008 ED8
    gliding through Virgo glowing about as brightly as a 12th magnitude
    star: ephemeris.   [ SpaceWeather.com ]

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