San Francisco Olympic Torch Snuffed by Free Tibet Protest

FREE TIBET! Boycott the Olympics, Boycott China- default the debt to China…burn your Chinese imports ceremoniously, publicly, & refuse to buy China’s Slave Labor Industrial Output- and call BUSH TO TASK!

Watch the growing evidence that Chinese Military Police have assaulted & even arrested American, British, and French Citizens- on their own soil!
San Francisco, TODAY- Security forces AGGRESSIVELY ATTACKED Citizens, without cause- I watched the live feed from LaTimes and KTLA Live Feeds for several hours, also noting as they went into editing tape and patching audio that they were ‘cherry picking’ to make a pro-China editorial impact bordering on propaganda, as far as I could see during editing, but I have not seen the broadcast final cut. In the Spirit of Truth and in Support Of Free Tibet, and in respect for Rimpoche, I submit my screen captures with my musical opinion. [an Old Tombstone Studio editorial] Permission to pass it on…with music from Forrest Gump noted, please.

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