Mining Boom begins, collectors & dealers profit in minerals

The TALE BE TOLD, the wise collector or mineral dealer/investor who realizes before others that a certain mining district or mineral has become obsolete, non-productive, or supplanted by a foreign source- "get it while you can, there won’t be any more" comes into factor, and soon, supply rarity and provenance brings increasing value to the specie, like "Motherlode" Gold. So goes the Crystal Creek District of Colorado, after a long run of almost continuous production since 1863, and a recent resurgence based on high values- which ironically also spelled the end of the district after the historic 2002 Hayman Wildfire destroyed mining camps. Recent severe erosion  in the burn zone took out what was left of the remaining miners’ roads & quarries, forcing the last of the survivors to abandon their mining claims to the impossible surface conditions cause by Forest Service mismanagement after the fire. [which also generated the current Mountain Pine Beetle tree-kill-off crisis across the West.]
Acquire this rare collection, support the disabled veteran who mined & assembled it, and help therefor sponsor our efforts to get the Amethyst Ranch Mining Camp established, the prospects opened, and the opportunity to collect mineral specimens active. The collection purchaser will also receive an EXCLUSIVE season dig and campsite on our ARIZONA mountain!
SPEAKING OF Amethyst Ranch- the Ranch, Business, Mines, permits, the mining camp, guide service, digging expedition biz-..includes 100 acres of inholding, 480 acres of leased National Forest, all on a Coronado Twelve Mountain. Value- hundreds of millions in ore, dimension granite, recreation & tourism potential-  Be part of the development of a PREVIOUSLY UN-MINED AMETHYST DEPOSIT & reopening of historic mines & Mining Camp! Call: 405-872-0642

PS: Also wanted: will trade gemstones or mineral specimens for two containers of diamond lapidary polish- at least 5 grams each of 14,000 grade and the same of 50,000 grade polish. Frank

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