Nationwide STRIKE has begun- WAR in America!

WAR 360   USA being brought to a HALT. War on the Oil Industry, on the Corrupt Fascist Government has begun.
WE SURROUND THEM, not the other way around. We have OVER 250 Million Guns, and a lot more hardware than these Gestapo traitors.
Even their most fearsome weapons RUN ON RUBBER TIRES. They, being EVIL, will always have an ACHILLES HEEL, and we, being good, will always have GOD ON OUR SIDE. The nationwide STRIKE will start in earnest on Monday. When they attack the citizens- Chicago’s Mayor Daley has distributed M4’s to the police- when they attack- even if they attack  gangsters, it will be WRONG and the righteous will respond. Expect then, that MEXICO and China & Russia & most of South America will come to our aid. I can’t be sure about the Cannucks.

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