Shutting Down the Evil Empire

April 26, 2008 Only days left for Fascist Amerikkka

April 26, 2008 Only days left for Fascist Amerikkka
360… Not unexpected is it? NEW YORK will be SHUT DOWN, and many more
cities will follow suit. One by one, every city will have to deal with
prudent & honest Blue Flu, mass resignations, police on police
violence, attacks everywhere as disgusted honest folks apply Real
Justice, not CRIMINAL JUSTICE to the streets, to the City officials, to
those corrupted and compromised. No cop, no lawyers, no prosecutors, no
judges have immunity- everyone who has ever been or is an "official" of
this criminal regime, this warmongering culture, this criminal
political system…will be spared the wrath of The People. The military
better decide right here and NOW whose side they are on, for no amount
of military might, no police state, not even the declaration of martial
law will forestall, prevent, or stop the avalanche already rolling down
the mountain of public sentiment.

The HAND OF GOD will smite the
"Establishment" and the revolution will begin. The cries of "Kill the
cops" as heard in Harlem, will be heard again and again across the
continent. No one in uniform can escape the branding of TRAITOR.

INSURGENCY? You ain’t begun to see war until you see WAR IN AMERICA, ON AMERICA, BY AMERICANS. AS IT SHOULD BE.


be ready, the BUSHEVIKS will be STOPPED before they can launch their
planned nuclear war attacks. There are no other options.

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