Burning Water

Impeachments for murders, high crimes, and Treason are now inevitable but moot. It appears there is a "Mexican Standoff" between members of Congress, between them and the Executive Branch, between all of them and the Judicial, and all the people against all of the traitors in the dictatorship. Oh, did I mention the Military chaos and infighting? Some want a military coup, some want martial law, some want war with Iran, some want war on America, like the Attorney General wants war on the Constitution, some want civil war, some want revolution, some want race war, some want invasion, and I guess everyone will get what they want. The clip is from Charles Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, wherein his character, a mere barber who is a stand-in look-alike for the real dictator, delivers a great speech, whichnot incidently, represented the actor’s own views, thusly the film became a vehicle for his world-wide editorial, a fine thing so long before the internet made the conveyance of Truth a daily bread. Bravo, Mr. Chaplin, for the Timeless truth AND BRAVE CALL FOR THE MILITARY to serve PEACE, and rescue the peoples.

Impeachment TODAY or Revolution tomorrow?

Listen/watch NOW.
Constitution limits to executive power…

The internet’s best information sources, bloggers, the radio talk-shows, even street conversations today were absolutely blunt, direct, and uncomfortably honest about the back-breaking "last straw" rage spreading across the country faster than the msm can seizure upon- [pun intended] The Revolution has shuddered into higher gear. A wave of retribution is avalanching down with the acceleration of the GRAVITY of our situation…military action en-mass is ongoing off the East Coast, while Russia acts similarly near the Pole, and reliable reports conform to intel Putin has placed nuclear weapons onboard bombers in Cuba. The preponderance of facts and the reports of military style terrorist acts in Phoenix and all along the border zone, known to locals but invisible, mostly, in mainstream news. Eventually the puzzle pieces assembled make the whole picture abundantly clear. Enough people now know the TRUTH that the reaction is now IRREVERSIBLE. This journalist feels, from the sum of what I hear, read, and research- that the removal of the US government is imminent, justified, reasonable, rational, prudent, and honestly… the best path to world PEACE and the saving of all the futures of all mankind forever. Let there be blood, it is preferable to nuclear war worldwide.

World-class Hard-rock Mineral Mine acquisition! Invest!

Our Amethyst Ranch mining camp and prospecting recreational activities are set to begin. While planning the camp, I found an important mining property abutting our lease is now available. It has one of the Best specialty mineral sources in the US on the property, a famous mine, and a huge deposit of metals and other mineral specimens far in excess of the price being asked. We  have decided, due to familiarity with this locality and its mineral deposit, that we should acquire this private property adjacent to our leased land and the mining claims, making a completely wonderful destination for expeditions as well as being a commercially viable producer with abundant and prolific crystals and ore. Our acquisition of this 4o acres alone would justify a fund-raising, but with the Amethyst Ranch Mining Campground, the Santo Nino Mine, the Ultraviolent Mine, The Tesla Mine, the Tesla Camp, the miles of roads & trails, the plentiful minerals, the beautiful landscapes with great views, the abundant ores, crystals, and springs, wood, and a cool shady forest at altitudes up to 7200 ft, it is a distinct privilege to be in this position to offer a Joint Venture Partnership in Amethyst Ranch Recreational & Commercial Mining Enterprises.
Interested participating investors should contact me IMMEDIATELY as our goal is to negotiate the purchase of this new 40 acre mine property and INITIATE TURNKEY OPERATIONS IMMEDIATELY, putting all the mines INTO PRODUCTION and to broker production within 90 days for an initial share payout target of 120 days.
We plan to use a total of $125,000. for complete operational costs, including establishing a permanent presence & occupation of both properties, promotion and conduct of guide services, campground, recreational uses, mine production, and other income generating activities as currently permitted. Email me : FIRST Earnest tendered offers get disclosures and prospectus, First Earnest Monies deposited in escrow get personal guided tour {my expenses deducted from the escrow account}, Grants accepted, investment collateral is Amethyst Ranch stock in trade, (mineral collection, lapidary stock, gems, mineral rights, operating permits, production share, sublease of prospects, contract mining leases, Expedition & video documentary service fees, publication sales, rock-hound & camper fees etc.).
Sincerely, with great enthusiasm & excitement,
Frank Lavoie
Barbara Turner
Amethyst Ranch
Old Tombstone Studio

Puzzle Peace

Hunger for Truth, patiently hunted facts, realistic,objective, intellectual honesty..VS…. bad news, threats of war, lying ‘leaders’, deceptive misrepresentations, fear & greed…treason…We live in the conflicting turbulence of the heights of ignorance & arrogance stubbornly & desperately warring to keep their corrupted, inept, but established powers & positions, even as  ‘necessary’ evils. We can neither avoid nor postpone the WORLDWIDE CULTURAL REVOLUTION…the imperative and simple truth is that this decision we each take upon ourselves is a duty to save the FREE futures of all mankind forever. YES the Mission from GOD…the challenge of Eternity, the moment upon which Earth pivots, and which becomes, for each FREE HUMAN thus in Liberty,   
enjoying & preserving Life at the Center of the Universe.

Life at the Center of the Universe….starts with knowing there is a reason we are Here, Now, and that God never left us, is always present, and has more for us to do…and that it is Noble, Dignified, and Truthful, and that we are indeed, Worthy.

Tombstone UFO- what else is crossing the border?

Three + years ago, Homeland Security responded to Tombstone citizens reports of two F-4E’s in 1971 ‘as sold to Iran’ paint schemes [as per Boeing website] flyng at 400 ft or less, and very fast- DHS response was essentially, we can do nothing as we cannot distinguish these aircraft nor smugglers’ from the air traffic at Ft Huachuca because they are also conducting secret & sometimes not legal operations as part of training foreign pilots, for example, which does not follow normal air flight rules, requirements for notification of local civil aircraft, etc. In other words, DHS doesn’t know what is going on and has no control over the airspace along the border zone, and cannot, or will not, attempt to intercept unknown aircraft since they are incapable of distinguishing "friend" from "foe".
So, here we go again: What was this aircraft doing zipping north from the general direction of Mexico?

Old Tombstone Studio Award Winner- Anti-war 5 star

Readers of our WAR 360 Blog on Yahoo know the range of efforts to express & convey the truth of war, corruption & treason, beyond mere politics has been the Imperative challenge to writers, musicians, & film-makers alike. Our first Honoree, John Pascuzzi of "A Single Thread" was awarded this Old Tombstone Studio Award in cooperation with Amethyst Ranch, for his creative music contribution to the Indie Film "Highgraders" [which just today cast the part of Johhny Ringo.]
Today we Honor PUPPETGOV.COM for their Inspired Anti-War Film "How You Ended the War"= a  tasteful, appealing but powerful with simmering undercurrents statement of TRUTH. Opening the film, John Wayne, a regular at the Crystal Palace in Tombstone!