Tombstone UFO- what else is crossing the border?

Three + years ago, Homeland Security responded to Tombstone citizens reports of two F-4E’s in 1971 ‘as sold to Iran’ paint schemes [as per Boeing website] flyng at 400 ft or less, and very fast- DHS response was essentially, we can do nothing as we cannot distinguish these aircraft nor smugglers’ from the air traffic at Ft Huachuca because they are also conducting secret & sometimes not legal operations as part of training foreign pilots, for example, which does not follow normal air flight rules, requirements for notification of local civil aircraft, etc. In other words, DHS doesn’t know what is going on and has no control over the airspace along the border zone, and cannot, or will not, attempt to intercept unknown aircraft since they are incapable of distinguishing "friend" from "foe".
So, here we go again: What was this aircraft doing zipping north from the general direction of Mexico?

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