Puzzle Peace

Hunger for Truth, patiently hunted facts, realistic,objective, intellectual honesty..VS…. bad news, threats of war, lying ‘leaders’, deceptive misrepresentations, fear & greed…treason…We live in the conflicting turbulence of the heights of ignorance & arrogance stubbornly & desperately warring to keep their corrupted, inept, but established powers & positions, even as  ‘necessary’ evils. We can neither avoid nor postpone the WORLDWIDE CULTURAL REVOLUTION…the imperative and simple truth is that this decision we each take upon ourselves is a duty to save the FREE futures of all mankind forever. YES the Mission from GOD…the challenge of Eternity, the moment upon which Earth pivots, and which becomes, for each FREE HUMAN thus in Liberty,   
enjoying & preserving Life at the Center of the Universe.

Life at the Center of the Universe….starts with knowing there is a reason we are Here, Now, and that God never left us, is always present, and has more for us to do…and that it is Noble, Dignified, and Truthful, and that we are indeed, Worthy.

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