World-class Hard-rock Mineral Mine acquisition! Invest!

Our Amethyst Ranch mining camp and prospecting recreational activities are set to begin. While planning the camp, I found an important mining property abutting our lease is now available. It has one of the Best specialty mineral sources in the US on the property, a famous mine, and a huge deposit of metals and other mineral specimens far in excess of the price being asked. We  have decided, due to familiarity with this locality and its mineral deposit, that we should acquire this private property adjacent to our leased land and the mining claims, making a completely wonderful destination for expeditions as well as being a commercially viable producer with abundant and prolific crystals and ore. Our acquisition of this 4o acres alone would justify a fund-raising, but with the Amethyst Ranch Mining Campground, the Santo Nino Mine, the Ultraviolent Mine, The Tesla Mine, the Tesla Camp, the miles of roads & trails, the plentiful minerals, the beautiful landscapes with great views, the abundant ores, crystals, and springs, wood, and a cool shady forest at altitudes up to 7200 ft, it is a distinct privilege to be in this position to offer a Joint Venture Partnership in Amethyst Ranch Recreational & Commercial Mining Enterprises.
Interested participating investors should contact me IMMEDIATELY as our goal is to negotiate the purchase of this new 40 acre mine property and INITIATE TURNKEY OPERATIONS IMMEDIATELY, putting all the mines INTO PRODUCTION and to broker production within 90 days for an initial share payout target of 120 days.
We plan to use a total of $125,000. for complete operational costs, including establishing a permanent presence & occupation of both properties, promotion and conduct of guide services, campground, recreational uses, mine production, and other income generating activities as currently permitted. Email me : FIRST Earnest tendered offers get disclosures and prospectus, First Earnest Monies deposited in escrow get personal guided tour {my expenses deducted from the escrow account}, Grants accepted, investment collateral is Amethyst Ranch stock in trade, (mineral collection, lapidary stock, gems, mineral rights, operating permits, production share, sublease of prospects, contract mining leases, Expedition & video documentary service fees, publication sales, rock-hound & camper fees etc.).
Sincerely, with great enthusiasm & excitement,
Frank Lavoie
Barbara Turner
Amethyst Ranch
Old Tombstone Studio

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