Burning Water

Impeachments for murders, high crimes, and Treason are now inevitable but moot. It appears there is a "Mexican Standoff" between members of Congress, between them and the Executive Branch, between all of them and the Judicial, and all the people against all of the traitors in the dictatorship. Oh, did I mention the Military chaos and infighting? Some want a military coup, some want martial law, some want war with Iran, some want war on America, like the Attorney General wants war on the Constitution, some want civil war, some want revolution, some want race war, some want invasion, and I guess everyone will get what they want. The clip is from Charles Chaplin’s The Great Dictator, wherein his character, a mere barber who is a stand-in look-alike for the real dictator, delivers a great speech, whichnot incidently, represented the actor’s own views, thusly the film became a vehicle for his world-wide editorial, a fine thing so long before the internet made the conveyance of Truth a daily bread. Bravo, Mr. Chaplin, for the Timeless truth AND BRAVE CALL FOR THE MILITARY to serve PEACE, and rescue the peoples.

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