Impeachment TODAY or Revolution tomorrow?
Listen/watch NOW.
Constitution limits to executive power…

The internet’s best information sources, bloggers, the radio talk-shows, even street conversations today were absolutely blunt, direct, and uncomfortably honest about the back-breaking "last straw" rage spreading across the country faster than the msm can seizure upon- [pun intended] The Revolution has shuddered into higher gear. A wave of retribution is avalanching down with the acceleration of the GRAVITY of our situation…military action en-mass is ongoing off the East Coast, while Russia acts similarly near the Pole, and reliable reports conform to intel Putin has placed nuclear weapons onboard bombers in Cuba. The preponderance of facts and the reports of military style terrorist acts in Phoenix and all along the border zone, known to locals but invisible, mostly, in mainstream news. Eventually the puzzle pieces assembled make the whole picture abundantly clear. Enough people now know the TRUTH that the reaction is now IRREVERSIBLE. This journalist feels, from the sum of what I hear, read, and research- that the removal of the US government is imminent, justified, reasonable, rational, prudent, and honestly… the best path to world PEACE and the saving of all the futures of all mankind forever. Let there be blood, it is preferable to nuclear war worldwide.

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