Gunbelt Report & rumor of a Tombstone Gunfight

See the Friday morning Gunbelt Report :
WAR 360
The morning Gunbelt Report only hints at the level of tension in the small communities of southern Arizona near the border, as gangs have become highly visible and completely UNOPPOSED, like in Tombstone.
Its VIGILANTE Weekend, and that theatrical charity group was playing to
a small audience today on Allen Street. What turned more heads was two
deputy marshals, locally known to be drug dealers who intimidate
witnesses, JD & JJ, being "Tailed" by a couple of well-heeled
cowboys, who might well have been Federal Agents- {they should wear
their own hair instead of wigs}-(none of the actors here use wigs, they
grow their own hair for the Victorian era look. )The comments this video journalist heard
indicate that too many people are livid and disgusted and have reached
the level of gunplay- people are openly speaking of "calling out" the
whole department, just like what has been happening just across the Mexican Border, where daily,
corrupted cops are shot by their own criminal buddies or by the Mexican
Military or Federal Police, even as some of them run into Arizona and
beg for asylum. Corruption knows no boundaries, so its my opinion that
its just a matter of time- a short time -if people are as sincere as
they seem to be about taking on or ambushing these criminals behind the
badges. If the PUBLIC attitude is so blatant, there is MUCH more to
this "iceberg" than is visible and spoken, so I think fair betting
money can ride safely on the highly likely possibility that HEADS WILL
ROLL here, soon, that is, if the likes of Smith and his gang survive
the other real vigilantes, which I dare speculate, is a Rather Large Group of heavily armed veterans and former cops & agents who
have dissociated themselves from Dever, Cloud, and most all of the
local communities law enforcement people, knowing full well what is
about to happen
. The FBI & DEA are Cowards, unwilling to take on these cartel hired cops, so…


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