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VDARE.COM – http://www.vdare.com/roberts/080815_bush.htm

August 15, 2008

"President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"

By Paul Craig Roberts 

The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied
American media are heading the innocent world toward
nuclear war.  

Back in the Reagan years the National Endowment for
Democracy was created as a cold war tool. Today the NED
is a neocon-controlled agent for US world hegemony. Its
main function is to pour US money and election-rigging
into former constituent parts of the Soviet Union in
order to ring Russia with American puppet states.  


Bush Regime used the NED to
intervene in Ukrainian and Georgian internal affairs in
keeping with the neoconservative plan to establish
US-friendly and Russia-hostile political regimes in
these two former constituent parts of Russia and the
Soviet Union. 

The NED was also used to dismember the former
Yugoslavia with its interventions in Slovakia, Serbia,
and Montenegro. 

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation
establishing NED, told the
Washington Post in
1991 that much of what the NED does "today was done
covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

The Bush Regime, having established a puppet, Mikhail
Saakashvili, as president of Georgia, tried to bring
Georgia into NATO.  

For readers too young to know, the North Atlantic
Treaty Organization was a military alliance between the
US and Western European countries to resist any Soviet
move into Western Europe.  There has been no reason for
NATO since the Soviet Union’s internal political
collapse almost two decades ago. The neocons turned NATO
into another tool, like the NED, for US world hegemony. 
Subsequent US administrations violated the
understandings that President Reagan had reached with
Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, and have
incorporated former parts of the Soviet empire into
NATO.  The neocon goal of ringing Russia with a hostile
military alliance has been proclaimed many times.
Western European members of NATO balked at the
admission of Georgia, as they understood it as a
provocative affront to Russia, on whom Western Europe is
dependent for natural gas.  Western Europeans are also
disturbed at the Bush Regime’s

intentions to install
ballistic missile defenses in Poland and the Czech
Republic as the consequence will be Russian nuclear
cruise missiles targeted on European capitals. Europeans
don’t see the advantage of helping the US block Russian
nuclear retaliation against the US at the expense of
their own existence.  Ballistic missile defenses are not
useful against cruise missiles.  

Every country is tired of war except for the US. War,
including nuclear war, is the neoconservative strategy
for world hegemony. 

The entire world, except for Americans, knows that
the outbreak of armed conflict between Russian and
Georgian forces in South Ossetia was entirely due to the
US and its Georgia puppet, Saakashvili.  Americans,
alone in the world, are unaware that the hostilities
were initiated by Saakashvili, because Bush, Cheney and
the Israeli-occupied American media have again lied to

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