TLCU Wednesday Reports

Life at the Center of the Universe,
Tombstone, AZ
"Why we make more sense than Washington"
Re-enacted daily.
Afternoon edition

First of two op-ed pieces on Important choices and how they lead to PEACEFULLNESS….

Peace & Gravity by Frank, with words by Alex Jones & Willie Nelson



TLCU Wednesday: Noon Edition
… from W. A. R. 360 New information on the events & situations in &
near the southern Arizona deserts & mountains has us, the locals,
and other people seeing the Prudent and Practical value of being aware
& alert. We are continuing to encourage & promote tourism,
travel, and adventure in the recently monsoon-restored beautiful area.
The wranglers, stagecoach drivers, and tour operators, as well as those
residents in the ‘outback’ of Arizona, back , way back, off the main
roads, up in the mountains, beyond the visible ranches…they have
learned many ways to adjust, adapt, and thrive in safety, in spite of
the news & goings on we report a small part of here, in the
"Gunbelt Report".
WAR 360 FYI:
[in case you missed yesterday’s headline:

Norte (Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua) 8/19/08
more people were killed yesterday in separate events in Cd. Juárez.
Three of the murders took place when an armed group entered a home and
carried out the executions in front of their family members.

Citizens’ U.S. Border Crossings Tracked

Data From Checkpoints To Be Kept for 15 Years

WAR 360: So
our while our " unexpected visitors" come & go, and too many of
them continue their criminal behaviors- beyond the simple crime of
illegal entry, invasion, trespass, and violation of OUR PRIVATE
PROPERTY RIGHTS…the Border Patrol simply will not stand there on the
Border controlling it, taking simple possession of the narrow strip instead of a ‘playing field’ of tens of thousands of square miles…
and that leaves us, and OUR GUESTS, our invited or welcome visitors from all over the world…[have
you seen the maps full of pins in Tombstone, where tourists mark where
they are from? Its apparent that we get hundreds of thousands of
adventure travelers from all over the planet.] To Provide our own
security, our own measures of protection, our own adjustments for
safety and self-defense.
And in that is part of the GRAVEST
THREATS to our personal & communities’ private & public safety.
We have addressed here, in the WAR 360 GUNBELT REPORT, that some
residents, in the aftermath of wild gunfire incidents involving smugglers and Border Patrol,
have publicly stated that the ONLY LOGICAL and reasonable response by
citizens was to REMOVE THE DANGER IMMEDIATELY with overwhelming
response by a unified community. It is unfortunate that the
HOSTILE relationships established by the Border Patrol* have negated
all possible cooperation or coordination with the citizens BP is
assumed to protect.
It has been clearly expressed that rash &
poor choices by BP to stage gunfights in residential & school areas
is not only intolerable, but justifiably reacted upon by citizens
within their rights to end the conflict by destroying all parties to
the clear & present endangerments or terroristic acts. *The
now famous case of POSER vs Nelson, wherein the intimidator/trespasser
BP agent shot the citizen’s dog to terrorize the neighbors into NOT
REPORTING the agent’s smuggling as Nelson bravely had.

Had Border Patrol or local marshals & sheriff’s deputies EVER DONE THEIR DUTY, {to safeguard the communities, rather than police them}- people in the ZONE would not be required to conduct their daily lives with the Ranchers’ "Constant Companion" by their side.
FOOL Judge WALLY HOGGATT, are you listening? The
BP/ICE have, in effect, established a large ‘protected border zone" of
impunity and free passage. They have an "Enterprise Zone" where
anything goes through, for a price. We have been reporting on Border
Patrol’s STAND-DOWN for months, now. Finally, others, not just Glenn
Spencer’s American Border Patrol, have noticed, if only by way of the
knowledge that the invaders violences and crimes and influences have
spread to and begun to dominate cities like Atlanta, far from the
border. Even the crime & corruption in Oklahoma has its direct connection to the TX, NM, AZ Gunbelt Towns, and the Mexican meth smuggling/vehicles runs. {ref: the "Topline" story.}
There is no "law" in the southern Arizona Counties which has
not been subject lately to simultaneous admissions of ineffectiveness
AND accusations of corruption, felonious conduct, and complicity in
cartel business.
One mayor admitted to a journalist that all
the marshals in town had been found to have their names on a cartel
beheading list, a very special hit-list indeed- and expressed his
opinion that the marshals leave town soon so the community did not have
to deal with the evil publicity that was bound to follow. The irony of
local citizens in a situation of virtual lawlessness is not lost on
those gun-toting individuals who have gathered by the thousands in
& around Tombstone, as their icon, "The Town Too Tough To Die"
continues its daily performances of WHY WE MAKE MORE SENSE THAN
WASHINGTON or the local officials:



Stay safe, enjoy the Monsoon Green, and welcome the PEACEFULNESS

More after 2pm… Frank

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