Planning & Canning

TLCU Web TV Thursday Morning "Between the lines" report.
Mainstream media is focusing on an occasional undercurrent of "civil war" or possible Revolution, and with visitors from all over the Planet coming to Tombstone- and the ‘season’ is about to begin- people are asking, and talking about the strange world of American politics, the border war, and safety in the area. TLCU brings you some background information for educating, enlightening, and entertaining our neighbors in ‘The Gunbelt’ Border Zone of southeastern Arizona. Part of a continuing series of news & views useful to those who play, work, & live in one of the most beautiful "deserts" on the continent.

On a closer level…

{Note: previously reported, cartel hit lists have put "prices" from a low $10K for Border Patrol, to $15K for any local marshal or sheriff’s deputy,
up to $30,000 for any fed, D.A. Judge, or agent. There is a premium bonus for heads taken, too. Bribes have been reduced, however, due to the large numbers of recipients competing for opportunities to let large loads through the zone. Info from a confidential source.} We have confirmation that all border zone towns are compromised, and that the most popular conflict/contest now which has more bets riding, is the Tombstone Marshals deputies- who will they get into a gunfight with first- locals, honest agents, or the cartel? Bettors talk of a sure thing- its just a matter of who & when. Now, thats about as exciting as it can get, waiting for a repeat of history- not just an historic re-enactment! Tombstone, the Town Too Tough To Die, a real twilight zone!

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