TLCU Archimedian Leverage?

Thursday morning on TLCU Web TV: an OP-ED by FRANK…
"Why we make more sense than Washington." Re-Enacted Daily.

 John McCain continues to FAIL to help veterans
including THIS veteran who only needed John
to make a phone call to the VA to correct an error
 they themselves admitted to…sending a notice
 to an incorrect address…"Can I use ONE of Your adressess, John?" {He has at least seven BIG houses…I’m STILL Homeless!}

John McCain still cannot do the Right Thing!
[The VA owes me over $100,000,
John…you never gave me 2 cents!]
The FBI & DHS still owes $1.5M+ rewards for 
terror reports & witness protection…
to VETERANS who acted as True Patriots.
So is it any surprise that Viet-Nam veterans are against John McCain, since he continues to betray & abuse us?
Is it a surprise that a homeless [but obviously capable]
veteran would cop an attitude about the rich beer bitch
and her trophy boy toy full of arrogance and greed and selfishness
coupled with over-reaching ambition to acquire yet another house?
While being SO STINGY it would piss off the pope?
While homeless veterans sit behind FRY’s supermarket
in Sierra Vista asking for help, after the city Burned Out their camp?
John McCain is a CRIMINAL subject to arrest, so long as
this persists, a very solvable non-problem. Its not the
‘Homelessness’, John, its the ABUSE- by the likes of YOU!

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