TLCU Web TV Guest editoroal from RBN


Writ large in our sky: TRUTH
exclusive to
Frank Lavoie

 It’s not a new tactic, dropping propaganda leaflets into a target zone. A thousand years ago plague victims
were catapulted over besieged castle walls into the king’s courtyards
as the attackers withdrew. It was propaganda, terrorism, a warning
message and a successful war tactic all in one. Warnings, threats,
& surprise deliveries
feature prominently in the Historic and Hollywood ‘record’, as well as
in the Pentagon & CIA’s bags of tricks. "Humanitarian" warnings
first, then Hiroshima. Even today, crude paper drops of propaganda
continue contemporaneous with cybertech operations ranging from
personal micro-spycraft, behavior modification programs, remote
controlled armed drones and ‘spyflies’, beam propagation devices and
upward to mega laser weaponry. The black ops projects are used to
inspire & create insurgencies & other ‘useful’ instabilities.
They also provide excuses for state sponsored ‘responses’ and/or
"plausible denial". Grandiose Political Theatricals are not limited to
media-worthy dramatics. The operations can be as blatantly public as
the Bhutto assassination, and recent missile strikes inside Pakistan,
the missile strikes in Algeria,(1) Nigeria and Somalia, (2)
or like the warmongering Israeli taking out a Palestinian government
official and the missiles flying there, in and out in the typical
revenge-cycle. [see a pattern yet?] Name your "aftermaths of a stolen,
corrupted election" incident, and someone else may hasten to add yet
another less well known example. What needs to be noticed  by all can be as faint as the sound of a single small missile falling in the jungle
One way to think about this is the old Dean Martin comedy act, wherein
he was clearly drunk before the cameras, distinguished from the Foster
Brooks routine of comedic drunkenness, performed completely sober.
Small incidents, little crafty acts, rumors, revelations of corruption,
plain and simple stunts can and MUST be recognized for what they really
are, or may be. The medium to large scale false flag operations are too
plentiful & frequent to escape scrutiny by an increasingly
sophisticated, critically discerning humanity at large transcendentally
interested and more credible than ‘governments’. BUT it is the
detail-oriented individual, the poet of objective correlative, the ‘kid
paying attention’ who may be among those supposedly faint voices
‘crying in the wilderness’ who points out the actuality with his
semi-comedic question, "So what’s that got to do with the ‘price of
One need only read some of the well written news articles and columns
on the RBN home page to feel a joy in knowing there is here much more
to feed our curiosity and craving. When a ‘cluster’ of attentive minds
focuses upon an issue or incident, or news, the amount of information
rises to meet the demand. Writers unafraid of sinking their ‘teeth’
into an imperative subject become "required reading". I know I’m in
good company here. Knowing what is wrong, and who is doing wrong, is
very important, though for many, advancement and peace can be reached
by enlightenment and encouragement to simply stop hurting ourselves and
each other, then we can avail all to the wisdom & solutions of
peaceful humanity. Our next logical step is to continue educating,
enlightening, awakening, while we begin to discover, rediscover,
manifest and demonstrate solutions in practice. Meanwhile, "back at the
ranch", our grandkids want explanations, so we continue the attempt to
see, show, and tell how the big picture is reflected in the details.
The face of domestic terror:
"Berserkers" is what John Brunner called them in his social science
fiction novel, "Stand on Zanzibar", sword-wielding terrorists, we would
call his characters now. What made his novel remarkable is that he
accurately predicted an attack on Madam Sukarno, of course giving rise
to an examination of prophetic literature in general, beyond any
question of the authors potential prior knowledge or possible influence
. His cautious observations of Philippine society merely gave him an
insight on the inevitable before others. Keep this in mind as we
briefly examine the recent Manila ’embassy bomb plot’ story.
As a footnote, I also refer readers to the Sept. 20th, 1998 Arlington,
TX "Embassy Plot" story, related to: Sept. 10th 1998 "Ali Mohammed,
former Bin Laden ‘security director’ and former member of US Special
Forces." story. Google same.]

Manila: Foiled by the ‘playbook’. Three
people alleged to have plotted to attack 4 embassies constituted a
‘terrorist threat’ according to police & government security
officials, but two government officials advised US reporters privately
that opposition groups were dismissing the threat by virtue of the
select targets, lack of weapons and explosives, and knowledge of it as
a ‘false flag’ operation by Gloria Arroyo’s government to justify heavy
military & police presence in Manila while Gloria struggles in a
corruption crisis beyond scandal. Without elaborating, officials have
asserted assassination plots against Gloria by ‘terrorists’, while
there is no connection to the ’embassy plot’.
US Counter-Terrorism Troops arm & train Filipino soldiers to fight
separatist opposition parties, labeling them Al Qaida or other
Washington blacklisted group tags.
{*Arroyo, it should be noted, just asked Vietnam for *RICE}
Paraguay: Feb. 29th, NEIL BUSH visits 
President Duarte at the ASUNCION HOTEL as a guest of a big federation
allied with Rev. Sun Myung Moon & the Unification Church, with the
Universal Peace Foundation, promoting peace in the middle east, [S.
Asia & other places] and- promoting a 50 mile $200 Billion USD tunnel from Siberia to Alaska. {Will Putin fill it with gas?} What else was going down? ** Is it like Neil’s other "Building security" job?

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