TLCU Web TV Sunday, Aug. 24th

TLCU Web TV Sunday Aug. 24th   Life at the Center of the Universe

more weekend to go, our 2008 – 2009 festival & theatrical season in
Tombstone is rumbling with undercurrents. This is NOT going to be the
usual fare. We can expect some real excitement, unexpected drama, and
some new ideas being experimentally produced. There is a strong
underground likely to surface soon, as creative forces insulated
themselves from the current controversies, and it seems some music
& film festival interests have returned to Tombstone "with a
vengence." So, for our guests and in a way, for ourselves and our actor
friends, here’s a review & study of Tombstone’s historic district
and its previous efforts from the past few years. We dare say, Allen
Street has never looked so good, now that the TREES are getting large
enough to cast shade.

Student special: Your future is going to include Arizona’s growth industry, wind & solar power systems. If you incorporate knowledge of Nicola Tesla, you will advance rapidly in the new fields of ‘hybrid’ cross-over synergy, the cutting edge of inventiveness, and the future independence of all.

Now, just for FUN:

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