Rendezvous of GUNFIGHTERS, Tombstone, AZ Aug 29- Sept 1st

TLCU Web TV by WAR 360   Its FRIDAY! Special Event Alert!

First,  Stay Safe…Some Brief Gunbelt Report Updates:

A Note from Amethyst Ranch, Guide Services and Mining Camp-ground:

Keep our communities safe, make sure to travel in
groups, have communication and self-defense with you at all times, and
keep your wits about you as we all enjoy our beautiful desert &
mountains, lush with a good monsoon season rainfall. It’s gorgeous!
Support your local guide services, remind our many guests, that the
natural wonders and beauty around our Historic Mining Camps, like
Tombstone, have good, safe access, and local guides can make your
experience the peaceful retreat to sanctuary, birdwatching, camping,
& hiking that you came to Arizona to enjoy- now FREE OF WORRIES,
and very reasonably priced. Tours to mines, prospecting & mineral
collecting areas, ghost towns, horseback expeditions, just ask, we have

At the TOP of What’s Hot, the whole Nation has caught the TOMBSTONE FEVER!

…and what they have found suddenly relevant and curiously applicable
in between the political party conventions, what is capturing the
imaginations of those indulging in the debate & controversies of
official corruption, police states, and street confrontations…is
REVISITING the Tombstone Legend! MUST SEE: The Veterans at the DNC -incredible, thrilling & chilling Stand-Off drama, almost went bloody! Here’s the link:

NOW, lets get into the Old Wild West at its best! The most practiced
and professional specialty acting troupes are converging on Tombstone,
enjoying the entire area with local guides and guests. Two weeks ago
The Tombstone Vigilantes launched the theatrical season on Allen
Street, AMERICA’S Largest Open-Air Theater- Four Blocks of Real

Gunplay, drama, comedy, wild characters, Time Travelers, its all here!
AND the "costumes" regalia, dresses, horses, wagons, stagecoaches, are To Die For!

Weekend/Holiday Festival: Tombstone’s Rendezvous
of Gunfighters, America’s Heavy Metal love affair with the Brave, the
Bold, and the quick.

Several favored & guest groups will present Street Theatricals,
Stunts, and Performance Arts, along with well establish Indy Film
Producers they will be engaged in COMPETITIVE performances! Some of the
fun comes in the form of Unexpected Guests, famous actors, and film
personalities who are often part of the crowd!

GUNPLAY, shoot-outs, draw-downs, call-outs, its NOT TO BE
MISSED! COME TO TOMBSTONE! its an anything-goes weekend, as these
actors generate real goose-bumps with original scripts, pulling out all
the stops, and going for the coveted awards and special moments caught
on high definition video!
NOTHING LIKE THIS anywhere! Unique, exciting, as actors and audience
alike pack heat! Classic western antique sidearms, real articles of
clothing from the period, its a Twilight Zone of "In Period, In
Character, Interactive" street theater that more & more guests have
come to participate in, like a surreal Rocky Horror Picture Show… The
Theater That Is Tombstone…but for the Festival, The Rendezvous, the
rest of the boardwalk show is an unscripted experimental cinema-verite,
film noir, and moving group psychic phenomena.
Come PLAY with us!
VIDEO later today!!

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