An end to the nation; lets change horses!

Friends, Romans, & Countrymen, Fend off your fears, for I have come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

Between the Bad Apples in Washington, and the ones just up the street,
the news from the boardwalk, and the news from the internet, it seems
very clear that the scheming and backdoor dealing have made it
improbable that so many well laid plans of mice and men shall but aft
gang aglay. Basically, ill prepared businesses, and those who are on
the cultural cusp of closing down, like saloons, are TOO LITTLE TOO LATE recognizing our contributions & services to the community & its businesses. "If the world isn’t coming to Tombstone, we can bring Tombstone to the World."

For PRUDENT business reasons, and recognition that there is NO MONEY to
be made here, as well as to take advantage of better opportunities in
one of my other businesses, we have decided to NO LONGER PROMOTE or
feature Tombstone or any of its entities in our [Old Tombstone Studio]
projects. Only the HIGHGRADERS Independent Film Project will remain in
production. We may feature one more short film about some of our
performing friends who recently opened a new show at a local venue, but
because our company policy forbids promoting the consumption of alcohol, we will not be mentioning that business by name. Its been fun, its been real, but it has NOT been real fun. The audience was drunk & rude & noisy. We were reminded why we never go to bars. Drinkers are corrupt & evil, I think.
There will NOT be a TLCU Community web-tv station serving the
southeastern part of Arizona or Tombstone. We suggest potential
visitors & guests reconsider their plans to travel to the Gunbelt
area, as it is very unstable, highly volatile, and trending toward
unacceptable behavior, GRIFTERS & violence. We  recommend the
hiring of armed guide services if you wish to hike, camp, or travel the
backroads within twenty miles of the border.

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