Private Property Rights, Discovery & Rights in the Mineral Estate


{February 5th UPDATE: Confirmed and supported by this STATES RIGHTS development… }

and by a very recent Federal Court Decision, and open window of opportunity…
for at least a short time.

So we have upgraded our level of Title to Amethyst Ranch.

Our Contract Miners are gathering in a few days for orientation and safety meetings.
We will be operating one of our mines to produce some material to present at the
Tucson Gem & Mineral Trade Shows & Convention between February 1st & 14th.

A high definition video of our expedition will also be produced. 


When the smoke clears

Grace be with you, and blessings abundantly within reach in the New Year!

Dear Friends and Neighbors, Its hard to believe that seventy days has passed between blogs. Our community made yet another attempt to produce a locally centered Independent film, but the money was not there for over a month, despite some sincere efforts and dedication, so much of the Tombstone acting and film-making enthusiasts were disappointed, and are now somewhat focused on getting more tangible results elsewhere, and something to pay the bills with. BUT…Some luck has been found by some of these true Old West characters, in that while seeking a location to film some actual gold panning, where there was, at least, a little color to be found in the pan, so they would not have to use props or fake gold or ‘salt’ the pan, WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT…they actually found some measureable gold in the placer, but wait!… Yes, they also located the LODE VEINS where the gold was weathering out from! Next step, Filing a Mining Claim?
If there was enough gold, and it were practical to mine enough ore veins to justify a prudent man his expedenditures of time and efforts and expenses with a reasonable expectation of profit…MAYBE…

At least it makes a good recreational gold prospecting destination nice and close to Tombstone, so our visitors and guests can get a personal experience of just what the historic prospectors had accomplished, what they had discovered, whe ‘rest of Arizona’ that you cant see in movies or onthe streets of Tombstone or other southern Arizona Mining Camps, where year-around, the mild climate allows for comfortable exploration and prospecting adventures.

Speaking of close to Tombstone, did you read the article in the local news about the discovery of an ancient HOHOKAM VILLAGE East of the San Pedro River? Well, I have EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of another very recent discovery of a HOHOKAM VILLAGE complete with more than five pottery types, irrigation ditches, agriculture (fruit orchards, walnuts, and gardens) and long occupancy! At least right up until the Tombstone City Charter, based on a fictional "mining Claim" snookered by legalese and obfuscation [see the City Charter, page three] from the local Apache residents of the Walnut Gulch Native American Community of "Goose Flats", a short hike from prospector Ed Scheiffelin’s camp. See the special telephoto portrait of Tombstone in True West Magazine’s Forum- and if you want, order the special edition touch-ed up version of the village photo, made to appear as it did in its’ best days of 1880 to 1882, direct from us. Just email me! We hope to have this on display with several Tombstone Merchants this week.

A short walk from Ed’s camp, on some vacant private land and on the BLM land accessed from the public roads and trails, much remains from those days, even some very fine mineral specimens of the silver ore veins and some of the fossil-bearing limestones which have been etched by eons of rain, exposing and displaying their fossil creatures quite well, ready to display as is. Pottery pieces and paleotools are scattered across the landscape in small spot camps which may have been hunters’ stations, away from the village with its firepits, mounds, and water diversions. As always, we take only pictures and leave only footsteps, but this site, and several wonderful and beautiful mineral collecting destinations are easy day trips from Tombstone. Snowbirds, and vistors to the Tucson Gem Shows, are encouraged  to book a space at the Tombstone RV Park, to avoid the booked-up and high-priced accomodations in Tucson for the remainder of January and the first few weeks of February- [we know its a jam!] but most of all, so you can Go On Expedition with us!
 We guide diggers to the best rare specie locations, to the best agate and gem fields in Southern Arizona, and to our own exclusive gem mining camp and mines! PLUS, we can produce a high-definition video documentary of the adventures! Your business can sponsor an expedition program or DVD!

Our recent visits to Amethyst Ranch have achieved one of our top goals, a mineralogical discovery of scientific significance. We will be writing a short field report for Mineralogical Record Magazine, in the "What’s New In Minerals" feature, and presenting a scientific paper at the Pegmatite Symposium in 2010. Our plan is to proceed with development and production, in part due to very favorable market conditions and our own prudent planning and positioning. We have permanent staff coming into the operations next month, with some temporary and resident Ranch help and a few contract miners camping for extended periods. Interested? Contact us immediately: