Essay on Real Wealth by ‘an old prospector’.

Good evening, neighbors at the Center of the Universe.
We continue the REPUBLICATION of the widely read WAR 360 Blog from 2005 onward as part of the

While it may seem a stretch, there are some worthy observations to be made comparing FARGO with
New Orleans in terms of the FEMA and MILITARY responses. Commentary about the coup conspirators
is well represented in the posted videos. Most on-point is Molineaux’s MUST SEE Video** at the top of the page.
WAR 360
Sept 21, 2005 Life at the Center…seeing the light
§ Sept 21, 2005 Life at the Center…seeing the light
Good ‘day friends and neighbors! The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the desert, and our morning
bird-songs remind us at WAR 360 to keep shining light and hope, offering insights and solutions. This
morning’s "Grin and bear it" department suggests that perhaps the only logical response to the absurdity
about us is humor, **philosophic perspective, and maybe a clear clue from one of the late Bob Denver’s most
Shakespearean, and I think, BEST play and performance of his life: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,
episode 106 {CBS3 March 1962} "THE TRUTH SESSION"
Photo Credit: 2005 Frank Lavoie Old Tombstone Studio "Highgraders" poster series / #1 "Gruess
Gott" {God Greets You}Available in high definition 13 x 19 posters!
SEPT 23rd:

Sept 23, 2005 Life at the Center of the storm
Even George is heading for the biggest BUNKER he can find…at CoIorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain,
North American Space Command…(Nuke-proof, deep in the granite) but at his news conference…
something BIG may be at hand…the question was very pointed, Dubya doubled back to respond…
 "I WILL BE our OF THE WAY" ‘Observing the military interplay with state and Iocal governments…’
Nervous as a cat… will this be THE DAY the Dicktator declares Martial Law? [while Cheney is under the
knife…] ? Is this the scheduled political street theater appearance of the next "terrorist"
attack being telegraphed? {aka the "reading to the kids" scenario. during the 911 attack, conveniently,
as Michael Moore so tactfully documented}.
… or do they know something we [yet] don’t?*** {a quick look around shows: "Oil Platforms Being
Stormed" and they are not talking weather, men! and: The developing oil and fuel supply collapse; The
Collapsing Economy(added up any numbers lately?) or: The Nuclear Power Plants "Disasters In Progress";
NOT TO MENTION DEPARTMENT:What seems to be going On around the planet as EARTH ITSELF
REVOLTS, as KARMA is visited upon the Nation that Fails to stop its crimes against humanity committed
by its leaders’, whether that be their support for tobacco which KILLS more than ALL THE WARS, or
for the alcohol lobby, or for the pharmaceutical’s "drug war" which incarcerates more people than any
other country on Earth, or oil industries or for the league of special interests which prevent THE WI8£
AND NOBLE PEOPLE from leaving their dependencies on obsolete and wasteful technoIogies and
methodologies…on built-in obsolescence…they are, in essence, THIEVES*, stealing ALL OUR Futures, our
quality of life, our prudent and efficient use of resources and minds to put their mercenary neocon anti-intellectual,
anti-freedom, ruthless greed and madness to an end. Could it be Bush sees the writing on the
walls…that the MOB is likely to take him out of office as the truth leaks out…or back, like the waters into
New Orleans, into the cover-up of what really is happening, which only began to be illuminated by the
lightning strokes**that George seems to draw…to himself and all around him.
FOUDROYANT** DEPARTMENT~ As-contractors refuse to work with FEMA "and the Citizens realize
NOTHING the government SAYS or DOES is competent, adequate, or IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE
NATION…the GROWING RESPONSE…and the only logical and prudent thing any righteous and truthful
people MUST DO…is ACT upon our Constitutional Right to REMOVE THE THREAT…and it is hoped that
OUR NUCLEAR NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY Take Command and "secure" Mr. Bush where he CAN
DO NO FURTHER HARM, and begin to. effect world peace. Until that happens, we shall DEMONSTRATE
WITH DEEDS that we have NO NEED for that government-we have our own truth and abilities, thank
YoU-carry on IGNORING the FEDS- we are under no obligation, morally or otherwise, to. cooperate, and
perhaps the best way to bring their FOOLhARDYNESS to a halt is to participate and promote what "The
Strike Committee" proved in 1972, that this nation, united, CAN bring EVERYTHING to a halt when we
NEED to do so, to exercise our right as a free people, to Act Independently of "Qur"government, to DO
THE RIGHT THING. ** ‘Foudroyant: striking as by lightning, a brilliant, quick, flash of awareness Or
realization" ***The REST of the STORY: [this is HOT! must see…]
find an increasing fearful number of Nations, even on our borders, realize America’s megalomaniac is out
of controI [paranoia strikes deep…] and the "First Strike" Policy IS NOW in his lying hands…]
as he hunkers down in "THE" BUNKER…like Hitler
Photo Credit: Frank Lavoie -Fla Keys ’68- "Ghost of the Widow’s Walk"

Sept 25, 2005 Life at the Center of the Revolution

GOOD Morning Patriots!
Sunday morning- "Meet the Press": BROUSSARD IS RIGHT! WE have CHAOS and ANARCHY…the
"What, Me Worry?" Idiot is so clueless the military has to point out to Bushwhack that WE HAVE NO
"POLITICS IS DEAD, the politicians should follow." {Mark Twain or Shakespeare?} Could Will Rogers
say, with a straight face- "Congress has NOT failed us, their lies continue…"? It would be even funnier
if it wasn’t so true. T’is a challenge to resort to neither comedy nor tears’ in seeking to artistically express
this millieu, for neither photos nor poems or painting can wield the sword of light as great theater CAN unburdened,
unconstrained by seating or stage, but danced upon the promenade.
As-so many good Americans are- in increasing numbers and intensity (big protests!) -expressing, in their
own way, we here in ‘The Town Too Tough To Die’, Tombstone, AZ among many- are imagining
scenarios of conflict resolution- Qeorge, you *I#!%!KSUKER!, WE ARE "CALLING YOU OUT!"…
any of us might righteously and without hesitation, ‘meet you at high noon on Allen Street in Front of
the OK Corral’, lets say October 26, on the anniversary of that famous (and daily reenacted) gunfight
between The Earps, with John ‘Doc’ Holliday, ag’inst the Clantons and McLaurys, said to be the first battle
against organized crime in America, 1881. IT IS EASY TO FANTASIZE AN END TO OUR NATIONAL
TRAGEDY AND DILEMNA <but it sure begs something more dramatic than a George Bums and Gracie
Allen routine. That Oct. 1881 gunfight was a battle for 1st amendment rights [against fear and terrorism]
with second amendment rights in hand.
No-matter: We may treasure the perception of relevance this National Historic Landmark’s
remarkable and reliable tradition of ongoing living theater and historic reenactments has on our
current theater of the absurd—at least, on 3 Sundays a month in Tombstone {and during its many
festivals} the Wild Old West, its "Victorian" mores and culture, fashions, and ‘living history’ are kept
alive by charity theatrical troupes like The Tombstone Vigilantes, and a local talent pool of over 200 actors!
The CIVILITY, culture, and cohesive community spirit of those days is alive and well today, here,
but its not so much the ‘guns and whiskey’ of the 1994 movie TOMBSTONE that prevails
–it is the recognition that life was—
and IS hard—NOT UNLIKE 1882—and that like then, we CAN BE that compassionate (ready to lay down
ones life-like the Earp Brothers- for the community’s freedom from crime and terrorism, like Tombstone’s
well known Minutemen…) and exemplary in performing so much "politically incorrect theatre"
so very well that famous actors are sometimes spotted in town studying the locals! {after
all, "We" perform ‘live’ daily, year-in and year-out, not just closed-set rehearsal episodes before filming}
Tombstone-This place is deceptively laid-back. The undercurrents of an ‘acting’ community that has
nearly mastered its crafts, and eagerly devours every script it can find, desperately craved a film company
coming in, like their proverbial ‘ship’ discovered a strong tide drifting toward our "community" Indie
Film project, "Highgraders" …when it was realized: 1. that it had a great story, 2. was open to almost
everyone, 3. was withing reach, technically and financially, 4. could utilize and showcase so many people
and skills it amounted to showing Hollywood and the world-exceedingly well- what we could do-together,
5. was being done in high-definition, state-of-the-art equipment owned by Old Tombstone Studio.{AND it
is the ONLY film yet- to be made here?!}
So we tend to work certain "current events" and humor into some of the "period" performance pieces
performed on the streets and stages of Tombstone for the benefit of our MANY[300,000+ per season]
guests, so don’t be surprised if one of the characters in a comedy sketch resembles ‘W’ It…it could be an
intense 30 seconds! Join the snowbirds, come and see us during HELLDORADO DAYS in OctOBER! Put
on your "costume" for the 1880’S, strap on your antique, period-correct sidearms, and join us! ALLEN
STREET IS A 3 block long OPEN AIR THEATER, we have a 2 hour parade during Helldorado!, and
upwards of 15Kto 25K people line the boardwalk and enjoy 1881 Tombstone alive and booming again, the
Last Great Silver Queen, like a door through TIME had opened…the Largest Old West Gathering and
Rendezvous possible….
POSTED Sunday, Sept 25, 2005 – 08:47am (POT)

Sept 27, 2005 Life at the Center of the Maelstrom
G’day, Campers! Are you watching the Congressional questioning of Michael Brown? That complete
weasel! He doesn’t think he’s clueless! He is still on the payroll… He doesn’t have enough conscience to
develop the guilt that would drive a sane, moral person to suicide. Red Flag him and the other buffoons
‘retiring’ as Bush Damage Control and image manipulation…BUT no AMOUNT OF IMAGE REMOVES the
fact that WE borrow a billion $from China every day!!! So who has succeeded recently in the
espionage department, via an agent named KATRINA, in duping the FBI and other elements of the BUSH
corruption -even the RED CROSS has been caught diverting funds and denying aid! WHAT IS IT ABOUT NO_BID
CONTRACTS TO HALIBURTON and others while essential aid is being delayed or denied by…red tape?
red tape? Bush is willing to "cut" some red tape so the SAUDI’s can build "us" a refinery? RED
TAPE=extortion…some bureaucrat has to be paid off to service some unnecessary paperwork so someone
else will do the job they are supposed to do anyway as WAR 360 has stated, we DO NOT NEED THESE
MIDDLEMEN imposing themselves between the NOBLE AMERICAN and his attempts to solve problems"
rescue neighbors, or even to shrug off the horrors of false and failed diplomacy, conflicts of interests, and
disloyalties in political and corporate endeavors. Polities- defined as the Art of Influence.~ is
very obsolete in light of the truth being instantly available to all, is it not? How can these LIARS be
tolerated when their arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, and evil intentions not only costs lives, but gives
aid and comfort to our enemies- think about it—why would CIA-Queda want to remove George Bush?
{aside from our suspicions that W is behind terrorism} He is doing SUCH a GOOD JOB of DESTROYING
OUR IMAGE< OUR RESPECT< OUR ECONOMY>our internal cooperation and trust…sowing the seeds
of our righteous indignation and discontent> dividing the will, spirit, focus, and loyalty of the people.
With a President like this, we may as well have painted a sign on our collective forehead,
saying "Dangerous, Irrational, Stupid, Greedy, Dishonest, Self-destructive and
deceptive, Decadent, Corrupt, and Evilly Intent, Conscienceless Nuclear Armed Bully with
Religious Fanatic Hypocrisy sabre-rattling around the planet in self-fulfilling delusion…CRAZY BROKEN MONKEY!"
…and WE SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISED, especially after the "First Strike Policy" was announced…that
not only Iran and North Korea, but MOST OF THE REST OF THE RATIONAL WORLD WANTS
THE CRAZY AMERICANS DEAD. And YET, no attempts on the Crusader in any form? Could it be because
GEORGE is our "enemy’s" GREATEST ASSET? and we are NOT talking terrorists…WE DISSED the
Iraqis for allowing their dictator madman to imprison and abuse so many Iraqi citizens, but we allow
Bush, and the DRUG WAR to do the same thing! ABUGIRAB CLOSES, but NOT ONE marijuana
prisoner is freed from America’s concentration camp prison system! UNTIL we clean our own
house, bum the deadwood, and SHOW the world that we remain The NOBLE AMERiCANS…we shall
remain in grave, DAILY jeopardy under THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES. …made in China.
POSTED Tuesday, Sept 27, 2005 – 01:05pm (PDT)

September 27, 2005 part 2 "Bush Forbid!"
On, Cindy Sheehan’s Blog:
"Karl Rove (besides just being a very creepy man) outed a CIA agent and was responsible for endangering
many of our covert agents worldwide. Dick Cheney’s old company is reaping profits beyond anyone’s
wildest imaginations in their no-bid contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and New Orleans. John Negroponte’s
activities in South America are very shady and murderous. Rumsfeld and Gonzales are responsible for
illegal and immoral authorization, encouragement and approval of torture. Not to mention, violating
Geneva Conventions, torture endangers the lives of our service men and women in Iraq. Along with the
above mentioned traitors, Condi lied through her teeth in the insane run-up to the invasion. The list of
crimes this administration has committed is extensive, abhorrent, and unbelievable. What is so
unbelievable is that WE were arrested for exercising our first amendment rights and these people are
running free to enjoy their lives of crime and to wreak havoc on the world. " Cindy Sheehan

Bush and his Toadies are HOURLY working against us…lip service in the face of screams for help… IT
GOES ON AT THIS HOUR…finger pointing and politics being broadly condemned, yet it continues… we
had better "get it" immediately if not sooner. this IS BETRAYAL AND TREASON IN SLOW
MOTION…Bush appoints a woman {The General’s Niece! No wonder he stepped aside today} as Border
Patrol head mistress of distress…another Mike Brown style scapegoat?< Meanwhile, BACK AT THE
RANCH>legal immigration is down, illegal invasion up to its highest levels ever, 240 agents pulled off the
border to go to New Orleans, and only 4000 VOLUNTEER MINUTEMEN to secure the ARIZONA
border…starting immediately…we NEED more HELP now, for it has been of HIGH NATIONAL CONCERN
that our defense, preparedness, and vulnerability have NOT been improved, that we are daily reminded by
the news and even Congress’s reactions to this crisis, that we cannot afford to hesitate to SECURE OUR
BORDER. Please come to Tombstone,join the Noble American Patriots helping the Minutemen
Project. WAR 360 is sponsoring several observation posts on our ranch, 1/4 mile from the border near
Regards, Frank and Barbara WAR 360

September 27, 2005 part 3 "God’s Oil"
WAR 360 told you so: [ref out of date]
Well, America, can you feel the knife in your back yet?
Organized religion is a tool of these devils.
We are NOT SAFE, we are AT WAR. A new administration may not solve the problem- Bush
represents the HAMARCHIA, HUBRIS, and HYPOCRISYof organized religion in general…and the
Incredibly ignorant, prejudicial, and arrogant BAPTISTIFICATION of already corrupt politics… add to the
mix-up the superbly subversive corporate image-makers, the psychological morass of the soap operas, the
media’s priorities or lack of them in continuing info-tainment and sports coverage [bread and circuses]
while the traitors in the White House coordinate the CHINESE takeover…our economy now under their
heavy influence and manipulation…
The preservers of this ‘religious’ perversion of American Culture are SO UNDESERVING of "salvation",
they should, to SAVE EARTH &Humanity…be LEFT BEHIND as sick and infectious…the Best must
abandon the rest…if we do not IMMEDIATELY CLEAN HOUSE, burn the deadwood, those IDIOTS and
OBLIVIOUS ONES will bring WAR onto our soil again…{Where in Heel are those MEXICAN  ARMY AND
MARINE UNITS?} …ALL AROUND US, 360 degrees… as the only logical way EARTH can keep the
GEORGE=Crimes Against Humanity Some cowboys are suggesting it may be time to Storm the White
House…{or, tongue -in-cheek-}launch a load from a potato cannon into Air Force One’s engines, or even to
lace every water supply within their reach with LSD- but as long as Wand his conspirators are SO crazy,
maybe nothing will happen, or no one will notice, or their bebavior won’t change significantly…either way,
removing them is only the start of Healing America, for those underlying national character flaws must be
addressed, the laziness, the greed, the dishonesty…
Whats this I hear about Halliburton outsourcing of subcontracting the rebuilding of New Orleans to
Rampant theft, right under our noses…blatant treason…in our face…daily revelations that it is true and
pervasive…and clear signals from W –he don’t care enough to do anything himself [sound familiar]
delegating and appointing like MIDAS…the dictator is effecting the military COUP-the takeover, of
AMERIKA!It will apparently take another attack, with Bush’s signature and M.O. all over the political
theater to wake Noble America up from its alcoholic and prescription stupor-we hope it is not already too
late- to realize that our DUTY before GOD and EARTH is to do what is needed NOW. SHOW THESE
BASTARDS NO MERCY, for they are holding our childrens’ futures for today’s oil ransom and obscene,
criminal profits, and are not concerned in the least should the US be attacked by nuclear or biological
means, for they will bunker it out and inherit all the resources of the now Dead America in the not-so-secret
sell-out deal George has made with China and the Saudis. Wanna buy an oil company?
POSTED Tuesday, Sept 27, 2005 – 05:08pm (PDT)

BACK at the Ranch…30th March 2009
Spain may prosecute BUSH et al… for War Crimes. I should hope so!
The INSIDE job is now a set of positions within the Obama Admin, making a new definition of Conflict of Interest
much needed. The sheer weight of the real numbers means not only had W’s massive spending and socialized waste
equalled all the budgets of all the presidents and wars before him, BUT WAIT!…
The big O has now tripled the debt, making it a MATHEMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY
that our great-grandchildren will escape the inherent wage slavery, recover their Freedoms, Liberties, or Opportunities.
That, to me, does NOT spell r-e-l-i-e-f!
That, in any rational mind, is the EPITOME of INTOLERABLE.
That BEGS the Question…WHY MORE WAR now?  While distracted by the monopoly game, and some KITED CURRENCY,
escalation of war is underway,
making all your petty political theatrics on economics completely MOOT and ACADEMIC,
"puerile and sophomoric" is to say it too diplomatically and kindly.

 WAR approaches the US from all directions, 360 degrees- from Mexico, from Asia, from Africa,
from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan…because we are there making war.
Life at the Center of the Universe is about Time-travel, about Truth, about Timelessness,
for in the midst of the fogs of war, "Frogs" have the advantage, and even their tiny peeping & chirpings drifting early
from beneath the thining ice of our neighbor’s pond prophesies loudly that Spring, and Summer to follow,
like PEACE itself, will never be swayed by the words or swords of war.

Essay on Real Wealth {continuing}

Good afternoon. Between wind gusts that have me checking periodically ‘what the hell?’ the noise was that time…
 I continue to do research.While the turmoil and disintegration of the American Society has many in a panic, it just raises
 a murmur of snickering and subdued laughter around some campfires. Each QUESTION put before the public in that
largely theatrical political discussion taking up so much TV time is in part a Distraction, and in part, only a hint of the REAL
soul-searching being done. Should we even consider helping or protecting an auto industry so vanity-driven that a huge part
of it consumes resources just to redesign and re-tool and promote yet again, a new model each year? Should we even consider
helping banks or other such businesses whose entire product or service is intangible? Everyone in the land could own their own safe
for what banks cost us, if that were the actual rationale for a bank’s existence, the physical safety of our cash.
The GREEDY LEECH factor is what keeps us from having a vehicle that  is rational and lasts for a life-time.
The Greedy Leech Factor is what keeps us all from owning our own homes.
The PARASITES are what are keeping us all from living safely, sanely, healthy, fed well,
and being productive & happy in an unencumbered, unregulated, untaxed, FREE way!

Think about it this way…We should NOT consider perpetuating things they way they are,
presuming without critical reconsideration, what it is we are actually proposing to ‘save’.
The American Way, as is, cannot be sustained, should not be retained, and is overdue for an overhaul,
that’s generally agreed. What is not apparent, is the nature of the impact the most common American Delusion*
{*pretending today’s situation exists only as a future possibility} -is having, masking the critical emergency
nature of the actual crisis- a COUP in progress, by traitors, who have manoevered for this betrayal
and takeover for over 40 years.
It is OUR LIBERTY, our FREEDOM which they are taking away, spending, …even that of the yet UNBORN,
our children’s futures…
which are being borrowed against…it is our Liberty which we freely decide to spend working, or not,
earning, or not, being productive, or not, and our freedom is to decide what endeavor, what job,
what avocation we pursue, as well as what happiness, as is our right. It is NOT right, nor Contitutional,
 for this Congress, this administration to do what they are doing, passing these intolerable and tyrranical
dictates against the people’s wills, the people’s rights and the people’s liberties.

One of the most visible impacts already manifesting is the phenomena of TENT CITIES.
Involuntary, yes, but the available truthful answers are as near as the ephemeral "Rainbow"
of Brothers and Sisters may have been seen as defiantly un-conventional before now,
but their keenly developed independent "Gathering" structure serves as an exemplary model.
Familiar to many, the annual Rainbow Gatherings logistical mastery is just what the doctor ordered.

Where such communities raise the sails and banners of Independence, of intent shared,
we turn the present hands & minds finding common ground beyond the immediate needs of food,
clothing, & shelter. Where the land & people are in harmony the needs of a gathering community are met
in balance with gardens, woodlots, water sources, quarries, and worthy endeavors of benefit to the group.
     Certainly, migrations, gold rushes, even the 4th of July Rainbow Gatherings bring tens of thousands
of freedom lovers to remote sites on public lands.

MEANWHILE, Back at the Ranch…
We continue with the republication of our WAR 360 Blog from 2005:

Dear Friends,
I am reminded this morning, as I see the White House crumbling under the typical "Blame game"
mentality, that it is so stupid and typical of Americans to "fix blame" upon someone when we have a
problem, whereas the Japanese, by contrast, seek to fix the problem. Regardless of the honest errors, the
dishonest prejudice, the gross incompetence and/or lack of adequate presence of mind, the politics and the
posturing, the distance is staggering between image and substance…Is this the same government that put Martha
Stewart in prison for LYING? Mike Brown of FEMA, and SO MANY other FEDS have been, and
CONTINUE to LIE! I find this not only intolerable, it is betrayal akin to treason.
As usual, NOT ONE FED gives an answer to a question…just pat responses and excuses.

We are in a state of anarchy, our Representatives are fools, and we lack leadership on every
level…as if that were not bad enough, our government shows NO LOYALTY to US…sees fit
to fail in its most basic responsibilities…and then LIES about it.
Did I hear Jesse Jackson say, yesterday, that Halliburton had the N.O. reconstruction contract?
Bush and his gang have their own agenda, and it NO LONGER INCLUDES THE WILL OF THE
Liars and thieves! CNN asks FEMA a question, they prattle on with a long winded non-answer so blatantly
bullshit that CNN cuts him off…twice…we cannot get the TRUTH from "our" government. {on any level}
The simplest solution to this situation is to decide, as we have, that THIS IS NOT "OUR" GOVERNMENT.
{posted Sept 5th, 2005, 8am}

What can I say after the Military refuses to support the forced evacuation ordered by the Mayor and
Governor? The Posse Committatus Law is suspended upon the order of the Governor to the NG andjor
military, but someone sees fit to refuse to ‘forcibly" save the fools who want to stay and die? They are
supposed to help enforce the law, but will not obey it themselves? The SOURCE of this anarchy is the black
hole in George’s "mind", and the lack of civility, not to mention cooperation, evident when multiple levels
oflocal, state, and federal agents and military are on the same scene in New Orleans…the media records
them physically shunning and bad-mouthing each other! INSANITYis doing the same thing over and
over and believing that somehow the results will be different today. So they WILL continue to screw up day
after day, and will continue, until we are all dead. {Didn’t Bush declare Martial Law?}[In N.O. and no
where else?]
"Let George Do It." now has a whole new dimension! If the American People want this done right, they
must do it themselves, and get this political "deadwood" out of the way, FOR THEY ARE THREATENED
MORE BY THIS BETRAYAL than by those who, as avowed enemies, have openly admitted they are willing
to take advantage of our vulnerability–and MISTAKES to try to damage, injure, and destroy us. {Or that
part of the US they feel threatens world peace.} But then it appears the profiteers, price gougers, scammers
and thieves have followed on the trail of the FEMA deceptions and diversions of funds and materials, fuel,
all the usual federal goldbricking, voucher abuse, bill padding, and expense account "perks" and "French
Benefits" while lying and failing to make any use of funding or mission authority to acctually effect any
National Security or Homeland Defense. It seems the only SINCERE force for good is the mass movement,
the grassroots civilian efforts that like the MINUTEMAN PROJECT, eclipsed the Federal "efforts" and
revealed its failures and hypocrisy. Carry on, Noble Patriots, we will have the Broken Bush Monkey off your backs soon.
I used to joke, upon returning from a dangerous adventure in Mexico some 20 years ago, that you could
TRUST the banditos [to BE banditos] but you could not trust the Federales, as they were both law and
bandito, depending. It would be even funnier now if it were not so true in New Orleans that you can trUst
the "insurgents"j gangers [to be gangsters] but you CANNOT RELY on, nor TRUST the FEDS, as it seems
LYING IS POLitiCALLY CORRECT.Ask George. Oh, he doesn’t want to talk about it? No inquiry or
congressional investigation? Of course, whatever you say, if the answer is not NO, then give a "response"
and be as long winded, changing the subject, as you can, George. Apparently that’s all the LAZY,STUPID,
Sleeping Americans want. Thats OK, I guess we don’t have to forcibly disillusion them or remove them
from their complacent ignorance and blind faith in a socio-pathic ‘government’, nor move them to a
position of awareness or defense, for we have already been surrendered unto Al Quaeda’s next move by
our GREAT OBLIVIOUS LEADER and his gang of corporate treasury looters. Am I suggesting N.O. is a
revelation of Bush’s grand plan for America? That bulldozing Gaza and that little Mexican town was just
practice? That the Supreme Court refused to reconsider the Emminent Domain issue… Roberts doesn’t
give a damn for privacy rights, states rights, women’s rights…none of it matters in a dictatorship,
does it?
So Nancy Pelosi asks George, are you going to fire Mike Brown?
Why? Asks George.
Because of all that went wrong last week. She politely reminds.
What went wrong? Asks George, OBLIVIOUS.
We wake up each morning asking if Bush is still alive.
Another disappointing day. NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON.
Cartoon credit: Barbara Turner [OTS}; drawing- Frank Lavoie PUBLIC DOMAIN (free use)
WednesdaY  Sep 7, 2005 – 11:39am (PDT)

Political theater? Did anyone have a say over letting them in or not? What do they have that we need so
bad a convoy has to cross the border? Are they genuine, or ZETAS?
4.Abandonment of the "Status-Quo", the Old-Boy’snetwork, the patronage and cronyism,the
conventional and corrupt as well as inadequate and obsolete "Red Tape" and beaureaucratic intransigence
which unaware and ignorant people seem to be so addicted to…like those ignoramuses who either seem
intent on staying in N.0., or insist that there is some logic in the delusion of "rebuilding".
5. BACKGROUND RADIATION MEASUREMENTS of the contaminated "killer" flood-waters and
‘hot spots’ in the mud. The word RADIATION being used at all. IS ANYONE doing a survey, or it it
surpressed information? Someone telling us that the levels are such and such, and at least
inasmuch as radiation exposure, ‘we are safe'[?]
6. Scenes like these: {We’d LOVE to see!}
A Secret Service Agent says, "Mr. Bush, the Nuclear Suitcase has been reassigned. The
Speaker of the House is now President. You are to IMMEDIATELY accompany these
Doctors for treatment. That’s ALL you need to know."
WAR 360 will have more "Words we want to hear" soon….
If you have any doubts about WAR 360 being READ MDELY, check each morning [posted
by noon MST] and then watch CNN, Bill Maher {"Kevin Forbid"}, certain Congressmen
and women, and you may notice things like today’s focus on "Conspicuously Absent"
words and deeds. Watch for "radiation" to appear tomorrow. See if there isn’t a (small)
correlation between WAR 360 and Anderson Cooper 360 [etc], and the growing list of
BLOGS that a growing number of people are reading daily.Jor they represent the freshest
thinking from our best and brightest!
Thanks Paul C. [N.M.] for your email, we ARE watching Cheney, too!
Photo Credit: Columbine; Frank Lavoie, Frenchy’s Gallery at ‘geocities’ / available from
Old Tombstone Studio via this blog. {No coincidence: Cowardice Costs Lives.]
Thursday, Sep 8, 2005 – 12:43pm (PDT)

WAR 360: The Conspicuously Absent DEPARTMENT:
1. Plain Talk and Honest Truth from our Oblivious Leaders.
2. Eloquent, Stateman-like, Philosophically and Intellectually Honest expressions of reality
and of our NOBLE character and abilities, as a way to begin to end ALL the WARS, {Terror, Drug, Iraq,
Afghanistan, elsewhere}.
3. Someone turning back that "Mexican Army" unit that is on their way to San Antonio before we
lose the Alamo, again. Did no one check them at the border? What is their real mission, when we know
darn well they could/should have sent $ like everyone else? What is it, a personal thing with Fox and Bush?
The actual" Unspoken Words* " of a dead president:
"We in this generation are, by Destiny rather than Choice,
the Watchman on the Walls of World Freedom.
We ask, therefor, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility- that we may
exercise our strength with Wisdom and Restraints- and that we may achieve in our time and
for all time the ancient vision of "Peace on Earth" and "Good Will toward men." That must
always be our goal; and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength,
or as was written long ago: "Except the Lord keep the city, the WATCHMAN WAKETH BUT
* ‘The Fatefully Undelivered Speech of J. F. K. for Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963’ as published in the Nov. 28 ’63
TIME and as featured in the short story ‘Watchman on the Wall" in "Life at the Center of the
Universe" [novel tales of our times] by Frank Lavoie {available on CD}
Photo Credit: The Tombstone Vigilantes (a Charity Theatrical Historic Reenactment on Allen Street) Frank
Lavoie, Old Tombstone Studio
CouId there be a brigh1; and shining answer on the horizon? Check out the LATE EDITION of
WAR 360 for today, part 2
Thursday, Sep 8, 2005 – 09:54pm (PDT)

Special late edition / part 1
The first $10 Billion is already GONE! The FEMA Cardfiasco may have been assisted by the
convenient [to identity theft and hacking] FULL VIEW CLOSE-UP of a new card, with all
the numbers, on TV, along with indiscriminate distribution, lack of accountability, and
I Read Mr. I CRAY’s Blog for the Cheney/Halliburton role in this looting of the treasury…
0 Image I 2005090<)/cm huffpost/ 007046; ylt=AoVgHkUlxx2hlaKfGKXXNtQd
if that fails try:
URL= 200S0909/ cm_huffpost/ 007046;-ylt=AoVgHkUlxx2hlaKfGIOO
1° Image I FOLLOW THE MONEY! " ""
Any doubts we may have about the ‘competence’ or INTENTIONS of the TRAITORS in the
White House will evaporate when you read the item in today’s DRUDGE REPORT
House mulled seizing relief mission INVOKE the INSURRECTION ACT"
WAR 360… Conspicuously Absent Department:
ACTIONS TO STOP the MANY middlemen channeling and siphoning our money and our efforts to DO anything.
These leeches have also done an incredible amount of damage to PEACE around the World which is going to take us a while to
UNDO, but we can at least stop the CIA WAR Snow! It is a shame that the Noble American hesitates
to remove the OBSTACLES to success and peace for all mankind—-
So we suggest we all pretend to be surprised when Bush’s Fox-provided ‘diplomatic’ escorts- those
pistoleros [hired guns] in Mexican Army and Marine uniforms –escort GEORGE to his pre-arranged
assylum in Crawford, Mexico. Or was that Coward, Texas? Either way, the Bush Regime is toast. We may
as well IGNORE them…and as the FLOOD OF TRUTH and DIGNITY PREVAILS,WE CAN We Must-
— SPEAK FREELY and announce..independently…an END to the "Drug War", the "Terror War", and the
ILLEGAL WARS conducted by a dictator whose betrayal of his own people is no more tolerable than
The Declaration of Independence of the Patriots of America
In CONGRESSand Unity, July 4,1776 and SEPTEMBER 9,2005
As in The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,
When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands
which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and
equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the
opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We
hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to
secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of
the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it
is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its
foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should
not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are
more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to
which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same
Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to
throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. -Such has been the
patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their
former Systems of Government. The history of the present President Bush, [George II] is a history of
repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over
these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.
He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.
He still cannot pronounce the word NUCLEAR.
He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in
their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to
attend to them.
He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people
would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable
to tyrants only.
He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the people for
the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his
measures. He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his
invasions on the rights of the people. He has defied the compassion of the people and their will to
allow, without penalty or prejudice or abuse, the medical use of marijuana.
He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected; whereby the
Legislative powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the
State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and
convulsions within.
He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for
Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the
conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.
He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary
He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount
and payment of their salaries.
He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and
eat out their substance.
He has kept among the Iraqi, in our times of peace, Standing Armies without the informed
consent of our legislatures.
He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.
He has combined with others { U.N.} to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution and
unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:
For Quartering large bodies of armed MEXICAN troops among us: For protecting them, by a
mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these
For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world: NAFf A CAFfA etc
For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:
For depriving us, in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury, for establishing a truly
criminal ‘justice’ system and a prison ‘industry’ incarcerating more people than any other
country on Earth, for arbitrary and capricious and political reasons such as marijuana and
the malicious fraud of the "drug WAR".
For transporting us beyond Seas to be IED’d for pretended offenses: For abolishing the free System
of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government,
and enlarging its War Powers Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit
instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies: For taking away our
Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our
Governments with his Supreme Court appointments and dictated ‘decisions’.
For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to
legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.
He has abdicated State Government here June 6th, by declaring us out of his Protection and
waging War against us, starting in New Orleans.
He has allowed ILLEGAL IMMIGRANfS to plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burn out our towns’
budgets, and destroy the lives of our people.
He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works
of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty and
perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy of the Head
of a civilized nation.
He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country
with the DEA,to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their
Hands, after training them at College of the Americas or the Halliburton~Bin Laden Schools of, and in, our
prison system.
He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us and elsewhere, and has endeavoured to bring on the
inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless smugglers, criminals, and terrorists, whose known rule of
warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.
In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our
repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus
marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our British brethren. We have warned them from time to time
of attempts by legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the
circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and
magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow the BUSH
Sovereignty Usurpations, which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence.
acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of
mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.
We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, and as
individual citizens appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in
the Name, and by the Authority of the Good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and d~clare,
That these United Colonies and citizens are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent Citizen-
States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the Bush/OBAMA Clown, and that all political connection
between them and the so-called "Federal Government", is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as
Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances,
establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And
for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine

The signers of the Declaration in 1776 represented the FREE states as follows, AS DO WE:
I New Hampshire, et al :
Josiah Bartlett, Frank Lavoie, WilliamWhipple, MatthewThornton
Massachusetts… [everyone IS included!]
John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Robert
Treat Paine, Eldridge Gerry, Benjamin Rush,
Benjamin Franklin, John Morton, George Clymer,
James Smith, George Taylor, James Wilson, George
. Ross ,Caesar Rodney, George Read, Thomas McKean
Samuel Chase, William Paca, Thomas Stone, Charles
Carron of Carrollton George Wythe, Richard Henry
Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas
Nelson, Jr., Francis Lightfoot Lee, Carter
Braxton William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John
Penn Edward Rutledge, Thomas Heyward, Jr.,
Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur Middleton Button
Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton
YOU MAY ADD YOUR SUPPORT and pass it on… all WAR360 content is public domain.
For additional information about the Declaration of Independence, see these sites:

. National Archives and Records Administration: Declaration of IndeI>endence
. Library of Congress: About the Declaration of Independence
Friday, Sep 9, 2005 – 10:52pm (PDT)

{Announced today} [and bear in mind this author was a Nuclear Weapons Specialist in the Air Force, one
of the first technicians trained on the NEUTRON BOMB 20 years before "our" government revealed to the
American People that we had such a system.] /policy / dod/jp~ 12fc2.pdf
"The capability to DISUADEfrom undertaking courses of action that would threaten (us)…"
NOTICE it DOES NOT say to DESTROY a threat but to TERRORIZE them into NOT attacking us! Isn’t
that just backward? WHO WOULDN’T COUNTER-ATIACK? Having been Nuked, what "NUKEE" on
Earth would NOT want to destroy the "NUKER"? Who would NOT, NOW, start working on countering that
"…attack from adversary biological weapons that only the effects from nuclear weapons can safely
destroy…" THAT’S A CURE?
So riddle me this: How do you remove that kind of authority from a dictator? Whats to prevent George
from deciding there are WMD’s somewhere he and Halliburton want to invade? Can we believe them, on
WMD’s? What’s to prevent them from acting without notice, accountability or control? Once George
launches, we will be UNABLE to stop the HELLFURY.
Could this be the plan? To Declare that the BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS LEVEL
without damage to property or the valuable oil infrastructure which has been seized
BUSH IS INSANE and must be immediately removed, for the news of this policy alone assures our
destruction, and our hesitancy to remove this threat to Earth will surely reap the grapes of wrath
Sunday, Sep 11, 2005 – 08:45am (PDT)

Monday, Sep 12, 2005 -09:12am (PDT)
YOU MUST see the Drudge Report entry "CHINA…" NOW!
No Doubt, the Alert Level should be ORANGE-RED!
The treason is deeply entrenched throughout the Bush Administration…no one, not the FBI nor the CIA

can be trusted…we have been sold out. Read for yourself and wonder, as I did, how it is we are being
told the truth…at this LATE STAGE! Too little too late to save us.
Many of the OTM’s [Other Than Mexican] coming across the border were THESE CHINESE SPIES!
The other day, the news reports revealed 7oK+ PER DAY hacking attacks on the Pentagon Computers BY
THE CHINESE ARMY>before Katrina
…what was the name of that Chinese spy who *#(ii>/!’edthe FBI Agents…KATRINA?
"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition" WWII ‘morale song’
Photo Credit: Ralph Morong, Seacoast NH [Newmarket Militia Reenactment- Raid on Ft. William and
Good Morning, Campers! SEPT 15th 2005
It seems many now believe The Truth…that Bush, and TOO MANY FEDS, are consumate pathological
liars Mike Brown should SHUT UP- get out of public life, go home and try Hari Kiri.
Mr. Roberts is the most skilled WEASEL to sit before a committee of other LIARS… his comments on the
Commerce Clause and the Raiche Decision reveal his intentions to ABBROGATE CONGRESS’s Very
Source of Authority, and State’s Rights by supporting the Fed’s Medical Marijuana Policy as a tool of
EXECUTIVE COUP over the Legislative Branch… the BUSH DICTATORSHIP!
Not to belabor the point, but all a citizen need do is LISTEN CAREFULLY…start with the advertisements
on 1V, and PAY ATTENTION you will see, too often, that the premise ofthe ad is a deceit, a trick, a
dishonesty, by the character …like the guy inside a new car with a salesman, saying how his gesturing is
meant to DECEIVE his wife into thinking he is negotiating for a better deal…look for it, and you will find
an amazing amount of our commerce is presented along with clear signals that it is acceptable to lie, cheat,
steal, or worse.
Then ponder the IMPOSSIBILI1Y of what is being "promised" by the liars actually being accomplished-
BEFORE OUR ECONOMY goes belly up and/or we are fatally injured by the liars, traitors, and mercenary
capitalists with no morality but the salvation of their almighty dollar. {Not to mention "terrorist" attack,
Bush Forbid, should they deem to act independently of his planned political street theater scenarios, as
written by Rove and Condi and Kate.}
BUT WAIT…there’s more….
The Bush/Cheney/Bin Laden/Haliburtons of the World will continue to collect from both sides,
destroying and rebuilding countries will enrich them while they keep the populations suppressed, for they
have perfected the propaganda machine and the mechanisms of influence and corruption by effecting the
"Drug War" structure upon the "Terror War" scheme by which they prolong the "problem" while selling
you a "solution". {See Operation "Lively Green"}
{"Clinton, Bush, and the CM" …book title…research it!} "HAVING SEEN THE OMINOUS DARKNESS,
PHOTO CREDIT: Book promo illustration for Life at the Center of the Universe by Frank Lavoie,
novel tales of our times… RE/TGM -Old Tombstone Studio {available on CD}
Thursday, Sep 15, 2005 – 08:19am (PDT)

Now, we return to HERE, NOW, 2009…LIFE at the CENTER of the UNIVERSE

Essay on Real Wealth, A prospector’s assay of our situation.

Its an ill wind a-blowing today along the border zone. Good afternoon.
Hillary said this morning, repeating a KNOWN LIE, that 95% of the Mexican cartel guns [sic]
had come across the US border. FACT is, the Mexican Government will not (& refuses to) reveal the serial numbers
or origins of seized weapons. There are no facts to support any assertion that the US is anything but one
among many sources. What then of the machetes used to behead? It is ludicrous to think hard steel banned anywhere
would mean anything but a blooming black market arising. Most likely, much of the weaponry was provided by the US,
via the Mexican military, and the drug war counter-operations gone south, like the Iran-Contra affair. In fact, CLINTON’s
statements couldn’t be MORE revealing, whether one considers HER CONNECTIONS to Harris & Clebold’s PARENTS
prior to Columbine, as well as how directly involved she was, along with Janet Reno, during the tragedy/political theater
as it played out…for HOURS. Then there is the relavent matter of the MENA FIASCO.
Clintons, Drugs, and Gun-running go hand in hand.

"Clinton, Bush, and the CIA"   Just Google it. Its a book title. Written by an FBI Agent, retired.
Oh, what the heck, just watch and learn, watch & learn, why we dare be so opinionated,
why we dare to challenge "what we think we know" from the media. We get to see many aspects
of life in the"Gunbelt" along the Arizona border war zone -its one hell of a theater some nights!
{I also had a first-hand experience with the Mena/CIA group, including meeting Roger Clinton,
which remains another story for another day.}


Essay : An Assay of Real Wealth, by a successful prospector, part 3

The republication of the ‘old’ WAR 360 Blog appears here as part of the perspective
-lesson of history- now revealing so much about our current situation,
our remarkable resources we now bring to bear,
and the timeless solutions beneath our feet all along.

Entry for September 04, 2005:
 Life, at the Center of the Universe, day 1

‘This Old Yankee, like many who endure generations of long hard
winters KNOWS the critical logistical and tactical need for "Yankee
Ingenuity" —Advanced Research and Resource Management. It
seems our illustrious HD leader, Rumsfeld, Condi, and Bush are
Dangerously incompetent at best, and as a NOBLE NATION we lack "State
of the Art" Research Coordination. Our survival depends on awareness
and "our" government is severely disabled. ‘
{PHOTOCREDIT: Ralph Morong, Seacoast New Hampshire/ Newmarket
Militia reenactment of the Raid on Ft. Wm. &Mary 1776]
[Frank’s editorial note: I am"adisabled veteran, Viet-Nam Era, but through
almost 40 years of chronic’pain, I have my triumphs as a very well educated
professional researcher and resource manager- now with 30 years of
experience operating commercial mines including producing rare minerals
from mining claims on Federal Lands. I AMa serious and "highly
qualified" {Forest Service quote} land and resource steward. During and
after my personal struggles with cancer and adversity, all of life, as you well
know, becomes intensely meaningful and clear… for me, my research, and
my appreciation for all things of timeless truth and beauty are now guided
by a "vision" of "my mission". As a Nuclear Weapons Technician in the Air
‘ Force [1960’S], I KNOW of power and absolute destruction…KATRINA was
Hiroshima- in slow motion. As a GEOLOGIST and resource researcher, I
SEE the LIES from our government. WE CANNOT{and should not}
ORLEANS, remaining in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor allowing Chertoff nor
Bush to remain in "control" a DAY longer.]

Remember, my friends, that those who do not, or cannot- gain control or adequate awareness over their own lives or the "reality" around them, will resort to INVENTING UNREALITIES over which they can exercise the ILLUSION OF CONTROL. Beware of Bush, he is PRIMA FACIE INSANE! Is Bush carrying us all from a 70% chance of being attacked by NUCLEAR MEANS to a CERTAINTY that we will be attacked by all means, including via his own ‘actions’ inspiring justifiable civil war?!

IN FACT The Army Times for yesterday described the "INSURGENCY" in the city (N.O.)! (their word!) We found confirmations of terrorists
finding safe haven across the US in the NationaI Forests, aided by treasonous Forest Service people! More on our 10,000 mile, 8 week tour
SOON! TODAY HHS Sec. says the disease crisis is at hand, and the refugees are spreading across America.
We are already, according to my sources, UNDER ATTACK by AI Queda… its all around us WAR 360.

Frank asks:
"What was the name of Paul Revere’s Horse?" Answer: Paul Revere did not own a horse…he BORROWED "Brown Beauty"!

Here’s something WE CANNOT IGNORE: please read this piece on "The Rest of the Story": story / 34~324P-292991c.html

On CNN I hear the "Admiral" explaining, like other [Federal Force] commanders, that they ‘did not want to put troops or efforts {"in harm’s
way}/ underway before or during Katrina’, as they WERE TOO WUSSY to get wet or go through what the civilians were going through…and therefore, the federal response was delayed, resources were NOT(?) in place, and WAY TOO LATE in response. Were this a terror attack, would they FAIL to engage the enemy "Because its raining!"?

REPEATEDLY, the lack of awareness, the completely inadequate sense of urgency, leaves us wondering if we are [adequately]
protected…NO! A General JUST NOW on CNN admitted "WE HAVE A TERRORIST PRESENCE IN N.O.!"
I predict, before the day is half over, our lack of a SANE LEADER will be abundantly evident!
The terror alert level has NOT been raised?

 8:30 AM Tombstone, AZ, "The Town Too Tough To Die"
photo credit Frank Lavoie 1987 "Eagleshadow"
Monday, Sep 5, 2005 – 08:36am (PDT)

September 05, 2005, Life at the Center of the Universe, Day 2

Blue Monday, if you scan enough broadcast news and web data, you must conclude, from actual video, Mike Chertoff, Rummy, Rice, and Bush have blatantly lied and have been discovered in their extreme diversion of resources to Iraq, leaving US all totally vulnerable to attack, and without the wherewithal to "get it right the first time"…sometimes you don’t get a second chance!
We must be reminded, that we can, as a nation, pull down things too heavy to lift, start things rolling that cannot be stopped, or ignite a revolt that will not go away.
Bush has infected the world with deception, the CIA has disrupted and destabilized America, and the "Drug War" has totally
corrupted our government. Operation ‘Lively Green’ is an extension of Tombstone, AZ’s Operation DEADWOOD, an adjunct to the MINUTEMAN PROJECT, whereby we seek to remove corrupt officials, INCLUDING BUSH and his cabinet.
Smuggling across the border cannot happen without the express cooperation of corrupt Customs, BP, ICE, etc.
The extreme hypocrisy of the Drug War is only exceeded by Bush’s arrogance. June 6th, 2005, the Supreme Court abbrogated
ALL STATES RIGHTS in their "Medical Marijuana" decision. {Add ‘imminent domain threats to private property rights!] but the people don’t realize Bush’s conspiracy yet, though this morning the Gov. of Louisiana is resisting Bush’s attempt to federalize and take all of Louisiana by emminent domain! The struggle between them to control the N.G. goes on as I type!

SEE Sunday’s PARADE magazine item about Saudi spymaster Turki-al-Faisal, 60, The Saudi Ambassador to Washington who
DISPROPORTIONATELY influences [controls] our government- this is intolerable, and the evidence of treason is overwhelming and easily
discerned daily. Pay attention! TODAY, I expect, will be the start of the Great American Revolt, if not the day we are again attacked, with Bush’s

Photo credit: Frank Lavoie 1970 "The WMUR-TV Amoskeag Special" series;
Monday, Sept. 5, 2005 – 07:55am (PDT)

If you can expect ‘attitude’ from the town too tough to die, you got it! Heads gonna roll soon as it is not
IMPRUDENT to adjust our battle plan and remove the "DEADWOOD" before we lose the war!
– – – ~ – – – ~~ ~-
Ihad to go into Tucson today to get a new printer, and paid $3.09 per gallon for gas. I hesitate to calculate how much more our 10,000 mile expedition across America would have cost had we left about the time we had returned, instead. We got home just in time.

What did WAR 360 say about "wussy" Feds waiting until AFTER the Storm cleared before beginning TO LIE
about what they were NOT DOING, which, apparently was anything BUT their actual plan which was to Sit at Desks and help survivors find help" –they manifestly never included any evacuation or searcn & rescue plans or abilities -and these are the people in whose hands our National Security is in? NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT! It is not enough to remove scapegoat Brown -it must be Chertoff
and ALL THE TALKING HEADS up to and including George…George, it’s time you took a piss test!
Also…all that handshaking and lady kissing seems to have given you a fever…you are already hallucinating!

The memo is from FEMA. Mike Brown to Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff:

Three young heroes from Duke U., Durham, N.C. forged press passes for themselves, got past the National Guard, who were making sure NO ONE GOT IN OR OUT except the press… and having NEVER been in New Orleans, driving a Honda Elantra drove to the superbowl in ONLY 20 minutes… discovering as they returned….
discovering as they returned… that the ONLY THING TRAPPING THOSE PEOPLE THERE WAS RED TAPE!

CAN you spell CONTAMINATION? ( Days ago, WAR 360 rendered an opinion, based on my experience with radiological weapons and power systems (nuclear bombs, submarines and power plants) as well as "common sense" as a researcher: that N.O. was hopelessly, completely and
thoroughly…permanently… contaminated—do not, in spite of the lack of visibility on the news—presume there is NOT some measure of radioactive contamination, as well as biological, that has been pumped into the Gulf system, and spread all over the u.s. by "refugees" and relief workers, news crews and almost everyone in physical proximity, not to mention vehicles, equipment, birds, mosquitos, and the entire
ecosystem. The list of diseases is fearful, the delayed onset of hepatitis for example, and other similar factors, as well as the dispersals of victims without CDC coordination, makes a fine formula for further disaster via political forces of incompetence? Or purposeful malfeasance if not betrayal?

WITH "FRIENDS" LIKE THESE, (can you pronounce cholera?)
Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2005 – 09:33pm (PDT)

"What happened in New Orleans?"

Life at the Center of the Universe      returns  to 
being here now …spring, 2009.


The ‘storms’ are economic now, but the structures for our own protection & benefit seem to have been WASHED AWAY!

Essay on real wealth part 2

Wisdom, Analysis, Research, 360 for Peace
Time-Traveler’s notes…
Sept. 04th, 2005, a blog appeared on Yahoo 360 [now defunct] under the banner reproduced above.
 It was unusually predictive, down-right clairvoyant. There are so many things worth repeating,
worthy of reconsideration, deserving of our pondering, our re-assessment. We also need to reiterate
the KEYS to Surviving in the "Known Universe". Now that naming names and pointing fingers has
become well ingrained in the practice of public righteous indignation, we focus on the answers and
solutions and the NEW PRACTICE of Intellectual HONESTY in the attainment & resurgence of PEACE.

   As published elsewhere on the web, we continue to provide INSPIRATION and OPPORTUNITY…
  shared… and our mission remains:
1. … to Exercise our private property rights in a Grant of Mineral Estate from Public Lands,
to wit: Patented Mining Claims and Unpatented Mining Claims,
2.  …to preserve, protect, and promote:
A.  …the exercise of Private Property Rights by small mine operators,
B.   …appreciation for the history of specialized small mine operations,
C.    …production from domestic mineral & gem mines,
D.    …recreational and therapeutic mineral & gem collecting,
E.     …providing instruction and materials to disabled veterans.

3. …to open minded people, Our Amethyst Ranch becomes a fireside theater
for the University of Truth.

An essay on real wealth by a successful ‘treasure hunter’.

A LUCKY Friday the thirteenth for many,
 a Silver lining to the dark clouds,
 if you Look Toward The Light..

Good afternoon, Frank here, starting off a new volume of information, research, and KEYS
to survival in the known universe…

A special message for all our friends and fellow adventurous explorers:

An amazed "Rip van Winkle" style Old Yankee farmer I knew had a way of asking rhetorical questions
 that made it well worth walking behind him as he ‘yarned around the barn’ continuing his chores.
If what you had to say was important, you didn’t have to hazard the cowshit, and if you worked
 for the gentleman, you might even sit with him in the kitchen, having coffee. He had a way
 of looking at a situation or challenge and seeing right to the center, and then graciously,
 pose the right question so you could find the answer on your own wherewithal & wit.
In the tradition of Daniel Webster, we respond with incredulity to the idea that so many
trillions in currency or ‘value’ has somehow been "Lost"…
[first, we must admit so much of that is just abstract numbers, not real property, real estate,
real tangible goods, gold, silver, gems, or anything of ‘value’.]

What actual currency, wealth, or valuables have disappeared? Where did it go, to the moon?
Its out there somewhere, someone is holding onto something other than computer entries
or worthless paper. IT WAS NOT LOST it was STOLEN, continues to be stolen,
and what we are watching is the scramble in Congress, like a shark feeding frenzy for the
"Currency of corruption". Meanwhile, back at the ranch, much of what THIS RESEARCHER
started posting Sept. 4th, 2005 in a public blog, now reads like a time-traveler’s prophesy.
Maybe mere clairvoyance, maybe just astute YANKEE FARMER WISDOM, the WAR 360
publications are now being condensed and edited for publication here, at Life at the Center of the Universe,
in a special editorial essay on THE NEW TREASURE of our own making, the New Wealth
revealed to have been beneath our feet while we fretted, fussed, made war and killed and ravaged as a nation of thieves.

FORECLOSURE SALE: A piece of Paradise, An entire nation, for dishonesty, repossessed by GOD.
Current tennants in the process of being evicted. Price: FREE, but Truth & Dignity must prevail.

Revolution underway, civil war underway, ongoing coups, schisms in all organizations, it stands to reason WHY WE
have FOCUSED on practical, prudent management of our land, our resources, our water & timber and
MINERALS and soil… we have started our GARDENS..our community is growing.

LATEST NEW Analysis:  Watch this perspective on what is at hand, as part of a much larger
researched view of the way large social structures are not working for the benefit of the individual.
If nothing else, it brings us back around to the front of the barn, wiser, and more certain of our path.

The Gift of an Early Spring

But for a bit of wind out on the desert valley floors,
… the weather in S. AZ. is more like April than March.
Just like fishermen awaiting opening day of the season,
the prospectors and miners are gathering gear
so they can camp near their mountains, taking advantage.

The focus is now not on the market,
on producers…& miners…

[a natural aftermath of the serious
discussions at Earth’s greatest gathering
of mineral trades and enthusiasts
at the Tucson Gem Shows]

…It is resulting in a large adjustment of the domestic US
consumption of raw and finished minerals & gems
{previously 90% Imported} strongly toward local sources*.
Designers and buyers (domestic & foreign) are seeking stable
sources, stable prices, and high quality from not just American
[Canadian & Mexican] mines, but in some cases, regional or
preferably local gem-stock producers*.

A paradox among many mineral specimen dealers, the availability
 of very fine quality specimens at really low prices, from foreign sources,
involves a ‘get it while you can, geology knows no boundaries’
opportunity to acquire exceptional rocks, balanced against a small
 guilt of sending money out of country while a neighbor who
could be mining is out of work. The cost of recovering the price
 of the otherwise fine specimen has strings attached. One is that,
like you, many dealers spotted the ‘bargain’ and all are chasing the same
resale to buyers who also see no boundaries.
For those who may or may not care about where a specimen was mined,
the real deal, the best purchase of all,
at Unbelievably reasonable low prices…
Matching or exceeding anyone’s pricing & grading standards
below "keystone" price…at…are you ready?
25 % of retail  prices as observed on ebay and other mineral
 specimen dealers’ websites post-Tucson Show (as of March 5th)
for Comparable specimens of Amethyst Scepters, amethyst, wulfenite, etc
from the Amethyst Ranch Mines.
In other words, we will make our specimens very competitively priced!

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