The Gift of an Early Spring

But for a bit of wind out on the desert valley floors,
… the weather in S. AZ. is more like April than March.
Just like fishermen awaiting opening day of the season,
the prospectors and miners are gathering gear
so they can camp near their mountains, taking advantage.

The focus is now not on the market,
on producers…& miners…

[a natural aftermath of the serious
discussions at Earth’s greatest gathering
of mineral trades and enthusiasts
at the Tucson Gem Shows]

…It is resulting in a large adjustment of the domestic US
consumption of raw and finished minerals & gems
{previously 90% Imported} strongly toward local sources*.
Designers and buyers (domestic & foreign) are seeking stable
sources, stable prices, and high quality from not just American
[Canadian & Mexican] mines, but in some cases, regional or
preferably local gem-stock producers*.

A paradox among many mineral specimen dealers, the availability
 of very fine quality specimens at really low prices, from foreign sources,
involves a ‘get it while you can, geology knows no boundaries’
opportunity to acquire exceptional rocks, balanced against a small
 guilt of sending money out of country while a neighbor who
could be mining is out of work. The cost of recovering the price
 of the otherwise fine specimen has strings attached. One is that,
like you, many dealers spotted the ‘bargain’ and all are chasing the same
resale to buyers who also see no boundaries.
For those who may or may not care about where a specimen was mined,
the real deal, the best purchase of all,
at Unbelievably reasonable low prices…
Matching or exceeding anyone’s pricing & grading standards
below "keystone" price…at…are you ready?
25 % of retail  prices as observed on ebay and other mineral
 specimen dealers’ websites post-Tucson Show (as of March 5th)
for Comparable specimens of Amethyst Scepters, amethyst, wulfenite, etc
from the Amethyst Ranch Mines.
In other words, we will make our specimens very competitively priced!

Watch for new videos and Mine Updates! THE portal for everything mineral & rock related on the web!

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