An essay on real wealth by a successful ‘treasure hunter’.

A LUCKY Friday the thirteenth for many,
 a Silver lining to the dark clouds,
 if you Look Toward The Light..

Good afternoon, Frank here, starting off a new volume of information, research, and KEYS
to survival in the known universe…

A special message for all our friends and fellow adventurous explorers:

An amazed "Rip van Winkle" style Old Yankee farmer I knew had a way of asking rhetorical questions
 that made it well worth walking behind him as he ‘yarned around the barn’ continuing his chores.
If what you had to say was important, you didn’t have to hazard the cowshit, and if you worked
 for the gentleman, you might even sit with him in the kitchen, having coffee. He had a way
 of looking at a situation or challenge and seeing right to the center, and then graciously,
 pose the right question so you could find the answer on your own wherewithal & wit.
In the tradition of Daniel Webster, we respond with incredulity to the idea that so many
trillions in currency or ‘value’ has somehow been "Lost"…
[first, we must admit so much of that is just abstract numbers, not real property, real estate,
real tangible goods, gold, silver, gems, or anything of ‘value’.]

What actual currency, wealth, or valuables have disappeared? Where did it go, to the moon?
Its out there somewhere, someone is holding onto something other than computer entries
or worthless paper. IT WAS NOT LOST it was STOLEN, continues to be stolen,
and what we are watching is the scramble in Congress, like a shark feeding frenzy for the
"Currency of corruption". Meanwhile, back at the ranch, much of what THIS RESEARCHER
started posting Sept. 4th, 2005 in a public blog, now reads like a time-traveler’s prophesy.
Maybe mere clairvoyance, maybe just astute YANKEE FARMER WISDOM, the WAR 360
publications are now being condensed and edited for publication here, at Life at the Center of the Universe,
in a special editorial essay on THE NEW TREASURE of our own making, the New Wealth
revealed to have been beneath our feet while we fretted, fussed, made war and killed and ravaged as a nation of thieves.

FORECLOSURE SALE: A piece of Paradise, An entire nation, for dishonesty, repossessed by GOD.
Current tennants in the process of being evicted. Price: FREE, but Truth & Dignity must prevail.

Revolution underway, civil war underway, ongoing coups, schisms in all organizations, it stands to reason WHY WE
have FOCUSED on practical, prudent management of our land, our resources, our water & timber and
MINERALS and soil… we have started our GARDENS..our community is growing.

LATEST NEW Analysis:  Watch this perspective on what is at hand, as part of a much larger
researched view of the way large social structures are not working for the benefit of the individual.
If nothing else, it brings us back around to the front of the barn, wiser, and more certain of our path.

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