Essay on real wealth part 2

Wisdom, Analysis, Research, 360 for Peace
Time-Traveler’s notes…
Sept. 04th, 2005, a blog appeared on Yahoo 360 [now defunct] under the banner reproduced above.
 It was unusually predictive, down-right clairvoyant. There are so many things worth repeating,
worthy of reconsideration, deserving of our pondering, our re-assessment. We also need to reiterate
the KEYS to Surviving in the "Known Universe". Now that naming names and pointing fingers has
become well ingrained in the practice of public righteous indignation, we focus on the answers and
solutions and the NEW PRACTICE of Intellectual HONESTY in the attainment & resurgence of PEACE.

   As published elsewhere on the web, we continue to provide INSPIRATION and OPPORTUNITY…
  shared… and our mission remains:
1. … to Exercise our private property rights in a Grant of Mineral Estate from Public Lands,
to wit: Patented Mining Claims and Unpatented Mining Claims,
2.  …to preserve, protect, and promote:
A.  …the exercise of Private Property Rights by small mine operators,
B.   …appreciation for the history of specialized small mine operations,
C.    …production from domestic mineral & gem mines,
D.    …recreational and therapeutic mineral & gem collecting,
E.     …providing instruction and materials to disabled veterans.

3. …to open minded people, Our Amethyst Ranch becomes a fireside theater
for the University of Truth.

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