Essay : An Assay of Real Wealth, by a successful prospector, part 3

The republication of the ‘old’ WAR 360 Blog appears here as part of the perspective
-lesson of history- now revealing so much about our current situation,
our remarkable resources we now bring to bear,
and the timeless solutions beneath our feet all along.

Entry for September 04, 2005:
 Life, at the Center of the Universe, day 1

‘This Old Yankee, like many who endure generations of long hard
winters KNOWS the critical logistical and tactical need for "Yankee
Ingenuity" —Advanced Research and Resource Management. It
seems our illustrious HD leader, Rumsfeld, Condi, and Bush are
Dangerously incompetent at best, and as a NOBLE NATION we lack "State
of the Art" Research Coordination. Our survival depends on awareness
and "our" government is severely disabled. ‘
{PHOTOCREDIT: Ralph Morong, Seacoast New Hampshire/ Newmarket
Militia reenactment of the Raid on Ft. Wm. &Mary 1776]
[Frank’s editorial note: I am"adisabled veteran, Viet-Nam Era, but through
almost 40 years of chronic’pain, I have my triumphs as a very well educated
professional researcher and resource manager- now with 30 years of
experience operating commercial mines including producing rare minerals
from mining claims on Federal Lands. I AMa serious and "highly
qualified" {Forest Service quote} land and resource steward. During and
after my personal struggles with cancer and adversity, all of life, as you well
know, becomes intensely meaningful and clear… for me, my research, and
my appreciation for all things of timeless truth and beauty are now guided
by a "vision" of "my mission". As a Nuclear Weapons Technician in the Air
‘ Force [1960’S], I KNOW of power and absolute destruction…KATRINA was
Hiroshima- in slow motion. As a GEOLOGIST and resource researcher, I
SEE the LIES from our government. WE CANNOT{and should not}
ORLEANS, remaining in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor allowing Chertoff nor
Bush to remain in "control" a DAY longer.]

Remember, my friends, that those who do not, or cannot- gain control or adequate awareness over their own lives or the "reality" around them, will resort to INVENTING UNREALITIES over which they can exercise the ILLUSION OF CONTROL. Beware of Bush, he is PRIMA FACIE INSANE! Is Bush carrying us all from a 70% chance of being attacked by NUCLEAR MEANS to a CERTAINTY that we will be attacked by all means, including via his own ‘actions’ inspiring justifiable civil war?!

IN FACT The Army Times for yesterday described the "INSURGENCY" in the city (N.O.)! (their word!) We found confirmations of terrorists
finding safe haven across the US in the NationaI Forests, aided by treasonous Forest Service people! More on our 10,000 mile, 8 week tour
SOON! TODAY HHS Sec. says the disease crisis is at hand, and the refugees are spreading across America.
We are already, according to my sources, UNDER ATTACK by AI Queda… its all around us WAR 360.

Frank asks:
"What was the name of Paul Revere’s Horse?" Answer: Paul Revere did not own a horse…he BORROWED "Brown Beauty"!

Here’s something WE CANNOT IGNORE: please read this piece on "The Rest of the Story": story / 34~324P-292991c.html

On CNN I hear the "Admiral" explaining, like other [Federal Force] commanders, that they ‘did not want to put troops or efforts {"in harm’s
way}/ underway before or during Katrina’, as they WERE TOO WUSSY to get wet or go through what the civilians were going through…and therefore, the federal response was delayed, resources were NOT(?) in place, and WAY TOO LATE in response. Were this a terror attack, would they FAIL to engage the enemy "Because its raining!"?

REPEATEDLY, the lack of awareness, the completely inadequate sense of urgency, leaves us wondering if we are [adequately]
protected…NO! A General JUST NOW on CNN admitted "WE HAVE A TERRORIST PRESENCE IN N.O.!"
I predict, before the day is half over, our lack of a SANE LEADER will be abundantly evident!
The terror alert level has NOT been raised?

 8:30 AM Tombstone, AZ, "The Town Too Tough To Die"
photo credit Frank Lavoie 1987 "Eagleshadow"
Monday, Sep 5, 2005 – 08:36am (PDT)

September 05, 2005, Life at the Center of the Universe, Day 2

Blue Monday, if you scan enough broadcast news and web data, you must conclude, from actual video, Mike Chertoff, Rummy, Rice, and Bush have blatantly lied and have been discovered in their extreme diversion of resources to Iraq, leaving US all totally vulnerable to attack, and without the wherewithal to "get it right the first time"…sometimes you don’t get a second chance!
We must be reminded, that we can, as a nation, pull down things too heavy to lift, start things rolling that cannot be stopped, or ignite a revolt that will not go away.
Bush has infected the world with deception, the CIA has disrupted and destabilized America, and the "Drug War" has totally
corrupted our government. Operation ‘Lively Green’ is an extension of Tombstone, AZ’s Operation DEADWOOD, an adjunct to the MINUTEMAN PROJECT, whereby we seek to remove corrupt officials, INCLUDING BUSH and his cabinet.
Smuggling across the border cannot happen without the express cooperation of corrupt Customs, BP, ICE, etc.
The extreme hypocrisy of the Drug War is only exceeded by Bush’s arrogance. June 6th, 2005, the Supreme Court abbrogated
ALL STATES RIGHTS in their "Medical Marijuana" decision. {Add ‘imminent domain threats to private property rights!] but the people don’t realize Bush’s conspiracy yet, though this morning the Gov. of Louisiana is resisting Bush’s attempt to federalize and take all of Louisiana by emminent domain! The struggle between them to control the N.G. goes on as I type!

SEE Sunday’s PARADE magazine item about Saudi spymaster Turki-al-Faisal, 60, The Saudi Ambassador to Washington who
DISPROPORTIONATELY influences [controls] our government- this is intolerable, and the evidence of treason is overwhelming and easily
discerned daily. Pay attention! TODAY, I expect, will be the start of the Great American Revolt, if not the day we are again attacked, with Bush’s

Photo credit: Frank Lavoie 1970 "The WMUR-TV Amoskeag Special" series;
Monday, Sept. 5, 2005 – 07:55am (PDT)

If you can expect ‘attitude’ from the town too tough to die, you got it! Heads gonna roll soon as it is not
IMPRUDENT to adjust our battle plan and remove the "DEADWOOD" before we lose the war!
– – – ~ – – – ~~ ~-
Ihad to go into Tucson today to get a new printer, and paid $3.09 per gallon for gas. I hesitate to calculate how much more our 10,000 mile expedition across America would have cost had we left about the time we had returned, instead. We got home just in time.

What did WAR 360 say about "wussy" Feds waiting until AFTER the Storm cleared before beginning TO LIE
about what they were NOT DOING, which, apparently was anything BUT their actual plan which was to Sit at Desks and help survivors find help" –they manifestly never included any evacuation or searcn & rescue plans or abilities -and these are the people in whose hands our National Security is in? NOT IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT! It is not enough to remove scapegoat Brown -it must be Chertoff
and ALL THE TALKING HEADS up to and including George…George, it’s time you took a piss test!
Also…all that handshaking and lady kissing seems to have given you a fever…you are already hallucinating!

The memo is from FEMA. Mike Brown to Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff:

Three young heroes from Duke U., Durham, N.C. forged press passes for themselves, got past the National Guard, who were making sure NO ONE GOT IN OR OUT except the press… and having NEVER been in New Orleans, driving a Honda Elantra drove to the superbowl in ONLY 20 minutes… discovering as they returned….
discovering as they returned… that the ONLY THING TRAPPING THOSE PEOPLE THERE WAS RED TAPE!

CAN you spell CONTAMINATION? ( Days ago, WAR 360 rendered an opinion, based on my experience with radiological weapons and power systems (nuclear bombs, submarines and power plants) as well as "common sense" as a researcher: that N.O. was hopelessly, completely and
thoroughly…permanently… contaminated—do not, in spite of the lack of visibility on the news—presume there is NOT some measure of radioactive contamination, as well as biological, that has been pumped into the Gulf system, and spread all over the u.s. by "refugees" and relief workers, news crews and almost everyone in physical proximity, not to mention vehicles, equipment, birds, mosquitos, and the entire
ecosystem. The list of diseases is fearful, the delayed onset of hepatitis for example, and other similar factors, as well as the dispersals of victims without CDC coordination, makes a fine formula for further disaster via political forces of incompetence? Or purposeful malfeasance if not betrayal?

WITH "FRIENDS" LIKE THESE, (can you pronounce cholera?)
Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2005 – 09:33pm (PDT)

"What happened in New Orleans?"

Life at the Center of the Universe      returns  to 
being here now …spring, 2009.


The ‘storms’ are economic now, but the structures for our own protection & benefit seem to have been WASHED AWAY!

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