Essay on Real Wealth, A prospector’s assay of our situation.

Its an ill wind a-blowing today along the border zone. Good afternoon.
Hillary said this morning, repeating a KNOWN LIE, that 95% of the Mexican cartel guns [sic]
had come across the US border. FACT is, the Mexican Government will not (& refuses to) reveal the serial numbers
or origins of seized weapons. There are no facts to support any assertion that the US is anything but one
among many sources. What then of the machetes used to behead? It is ludicrous to think hard steel banned anywhere
would mean anything but a blooming black market arising. Most likely, much of the weaponry was provided by the US,
via the Mexican military, and the drug war counter-operations gone south, like the Iran-Contra affair. In fact, CLINTON’s
statements couldn’t be MORE revealing, whether one considers HER CONNECTIONS to Harris & Clebold’s PARENTS
prior to Columbine, as well as how directly involved she was, along with Janet Reno, during the tragedy/political theater
as it played out…for HOURS. Then there is the relavent matter of the MENA FIASCO.
Clintons, Drugs, and Gun-running go hand in hand.

"Clinton, Bush, and the CIA"   Just Google it. Its a book title. Written by an FBI Agent, retired.
Oh, what the heck, just watch and learn, watch & learn, why we dare be so opinionated,
why we dare to challenge "what we think we know" from the media. We get to see many aspects
of life in the"Gunbelt" along the Arizona border war zone -its one hell of a theater some nights!
{I also had a first-hand experience with the Mena/CIA group, including meeting Roger Clinton,
which remains another story for another day.}


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