Essay on Real Wealth by ‘an old prospector’.

Good evening, neighbors at the Center of the Universe.
We continue the REPUBLICATION of the widely read WAR 360 Blog from 2005 onward as part of the

While it may seem a stretch, there are some worthy observations to be made comparing FARGO with
New Orleans in terms of the FEMA and MILITARY responses. Commentary about the coup conspirators
is well represented in the posted videos. Most on-point is Molineaux’s MUST SEE Video** at the top of the page.
WAR 360
Sept 21, 2005 Life at the Center…seeing the light
§ Sept 21, 2005 Life at the Center…seeing the light
Good ‘day friends and neighbors! The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the desert, and our morning
bird-songs remind us at WAR 360 to keep shining light and hope, offering insights and solutions. This
morning’s "Grin and bear it" department suggests that perhaps the only logical response to the absurdity
about us is humor, **philosophic perspective, and maybe a clear clue from one of the late Bob Denver’s most
Shakespearean, and I think, BEST play and performance of his life: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,
episode 106 {CBS3 March 1962} "THE TRUTH SESSION"
Photo Credit: 2005 Frank Lavoie Old Tombstone Studio "Highgraders" poster series / #1 "Gruess
Gott" {God Greets You}Available in high definition 13 x 19 posters!
SEPT 23rd:

Sept 23, 2005 Life at the Center of the storm
Even George is heading for the biggest BUNKER he can find…at CoIorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain,
North American Space Command…(Nuke-proof, deep in the granite) but at his news conference…
something BIG may be at hand…the question was very pointed, Dubya doubled back to respond…
 "I WILL BE our OF THE WAY" ‘Observing the military interplay with state and Iocal governments…’
Nervous as a cat… will this be THE DAY the Dicktator declares Martial Law? [while Cheney is under the
knife…] ? Is this the scheduled political street theater appearance of the next "terrorist"
attack being telegraphed? {aka the "reading to the kids" scenario. during the 911 attack, conveniently,
as Michael Moore so tactfully documented}.
… or do they know something we [yet] don’t?*** {a quick look around shows: "Oil Platforms Being
Stormed" and they are not talking weather, men! and: The developing oil and fuel supply collapse; The
Collapsing Economy(added up any numbers lately?) or: The Nuclear Power Plants "Disasters In Progress";
NOT TO MENTION DEPARTMENT:What seems to be going On around the planet as EARTH ITSELF
REVOLTS, as KARMA is visited upon the Nation that Fails to stop its crimes against humanity committed
by its leaders’, whether that be their support for tobacco which KILLS more than ALL THE WARS, or
for the alcohol lobby, or for the pharmaceutical’s "drug war" which incarcerates more people than any
other country on Earth, or oil industries or for the league of special interests which prevent THE WI8£
AND NOBLE PEOPLE from leaving their dependencies on obsolete and wasteful technoIogies and
methodologies…on built-in obsolescence…they are, in essence, THIEVES*, stealing ALL OUR Futures, our
quality of life, our prudent and efficient use of resources and minds to put their mercenary neocon anti-intellectual,
anti-freedom, ruthless greed and madness to an end. Could it be Bush sees the writing on the
walls…that the MOB is likely to take him out of office as the truth leaks out…or back, like the waters into
New Orleans, into the cover-up of what really is happening, which only began to be illuminated by the
lightning strokes**that George seems to draw…to himself and all around him.
FOUDROYANT** DEPARTMENT~ As-contractors refuse to work with FEMA "and the Citizens realize
NOTHING the government SAYS or DOES is competent, adequate, or IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE
NATION…the GROWING RESPONSE…and the only logical and prudent thing any righteous and truthful
people MUST DO…is ACT upon our Constitutional Right to REMOVE THE THREAT…and it is hoped that
OUR NUCLEAR NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY Take Command and "secure" Mr. Bush where he CAN
DO NO FURTHER HARM, and begin to. effect world peace. Until that happens, we shall DEMONSTRATE
WITH DEEDS that we have NO NEED for that government-we have our own truth and abilities, thank
YoU-carry on IGNORING the FEDS- we are under no obligation, morally or otherwise, to. cooperate, and
perhaps the best way to bring their FOOLhARDYNESS to a halt is to participate and promote what "The
Strike Committee" proved in 1972, that this nation, united, CAN bring EVERYTHING to a halt when we
NEED to do so, to exercise our right as a free people, to Act Independently of "Qur"government, to DO
THE RIGHT THING. ** ‘Foudroyant: striking as by lightning, a brilliant, quick, flash of awareness Or
realization" ***The REST of the STORY: [this is HOT! must see…]
find an increasing fearful number of Nations, even on our borders, realize America’s megalomaniac is out
of controI [paranoia strikes deep…] and the "First Strike" Policy IS NOW in his lying hands…]
as he hunkers down in "THE" BUNKER…like Hitler
Photo Credit: Frank Lavoie -Fla Keys ’68- "Ghost of the Widow’s Walk"

Sept 25, 2005 Life at the Center of the Revolution

GOOD Morning Patriots!
Sunday morning- "Meet the Press": BROUSSARD IS RIGHT! WE have CHAOS and ANARCHY…the
"What, Me Worry?" Idiot is so clueless the military has to point out to Bushwhack that WE HAVE NO
"POLITICS IS DEAD, the politicians should follow." {Mark Twain or Shakespeare?} Could Will Rogers
say, with a straight face- "Congress has NOT failed us, their lies continue…"? It would be even funnier
if it wasn’t so true. T’is a challenge to resort to neither comedy nor tears’ in seeking to artistically express
this millieu, for neither photos nor poems or painting can wield the sword of light as great theater CAN unburdened,
unconstrained by seating or stage, but danced upon the promenade.
As-so many good Americans are- in increasing numbers and intensity (big protests!) -expressing, in their
own way, we here in ‘The Town Too Tough To Die’, Tombstone, AZ among many- are imagining
scenarios of conflict resolution- Qeorge, you *I#!%!KSUKER!, WE ARE "CALLING YOU OUT!"…
any of us might righteously and without hesitation, ‘meet you at high noon on Allen Street in Front of
the OK Corral’, lets say October 26, on the anniversary of that famous (and daily reenacted) gunfight
between The Earps, with John ‘Doc’ Holliday, ag’inst the Clantons and McLaurys, said to be the first battle
against organized crime in America, 1881. IT IS EASY TO FANTASIZE AN END TO OUR NATIONAL
TRAGEDY AND DILEMNA <but it sure begs something more dramatic than a George Bums and Gracie
Allen routine. That Oct. 1881 gunfight was a battle for 1st amendment rights [against fear and terrorism]
with second amendment rights in hand.
No-matter: We may treasure the perception of relevance this National Historic Landmark’s
remarkable and reliable tradition of ongoing living theater and historic reenactments has on our
current theater of the absurd—at least, on 3 Sundays a month in Tombstone {and during its many
festivals} the Wild Old West, its "Victorian" mores and culture, fashions, and ‘living history’ are kept
alive by charity theatrical troupes like The Tombstone Vigilantes, and a local talent pool of over 200 actors!
The CIVILITY, culture, and cohesive community spirit of those days is alive and well today, here,
but its not so much the ‘guns and whiskey’ of the 1994 movie TOMBSTONE that prevails
–it is the recognition that life was—
and IS hard—NOT UNLIKE 1882—and that like then, we CAN BE that compassionate (ready to lay down
ones life-like the Earp Brothers- for the community’s freedom from crime and terrorism, like Tombstone’s
well known Minutemen…) and exemplary in performing so much "politically incorrect theatre"
so very well that famous actors are sometimes spotted in town studying the locals! {after
all, "We" perform ‘live’ daily, year-in and year-out, not just closed-set rehearsal episodes before filming}
Tombstone-This place is deceptively laid-back. The undercurrents of an ‘acting’ community that has
nearly mastered its crafts, and eagerly devours every script it can find, desperately craved a film company
coming in, like their proverbial ‘ship’ discovered a strong tide drifting toward our "community" Indie
Film project, "Highgraders" …when it was realized: 1. that it had a great story, 2. was open to almost
everyone, 3. was withing reach, technically and financially, 4. could utilize and showcase so many people
and skills it amounted to showing Hollywood and the world-exceedingly well- what we could do-together,
5. was being done in high-definition, state-of-the-art equipment owned by Old Tombstone Studio.{AND it
is the ONLY film yet- to be made here?!}
So we tend to work certain "current events" and humor into some of the "period" performance pieces
performed on the streets and stages of Tombstone for the benefit of our MANY[300,000+ per season]
guests, so don’t be surprised if one of the characters in a comedy sketch resembles ‘W’ It…it could be an
intense 30 seconds! Join the snowbirds, come and see us during HELLDORADO DAYS in OctOBER! Put
on your "costume" for the 1880’S, strap on your antique, period-correct sidearms, and join us! ALLEN
STREET IS A 3 block long OPEN AIR THEATER, we have a 2 hour parade during Helldorado!, and
upwards of 15Kto 25K people line the boardwalk and enjoy 1881 Tombstone alive and booming again, the
Last Great Silver Queen, like a door through TIME had opened…the Largest Old West Gathering and
Rendezvous possible….
POSTED Sunday, Sept 25, 2005 – 08:47am (POT)

Sept 27, 2005 Life at the Center of the Maelstrom
G’day, Campers! Are you watching the Congressional questioning of Michael Brown? That complete
weasel! He doesn’t think he’s clueless! He is still on the payroll… He doesn’t have enough conscience to
develop the guilt that would drive a sane, moral person to suicide. Red Flag him and the other buffoons
‘retiring’ as Bush Damage Control and image manipulation…BUT no AMOUNT OF IMAGE REMOVES the
fact that WE borrow a billion $from China every day!!! So who has succeeded recently in the
espionage department, via an agent named KATRINA, in duping the FBI and other elements of the BUSH
corruption -even the RED CROSS has been caught diverting funds and denying aid! WHAT IS IT ABOUT NO_BID
CONTRACTS TO HALIBURTON and others while essential aid is being delayed or denied by…red tape?
red tape? Bush is willing to "cut" some red tape so the SAUDI’s can build "us" a refinery? RED
TAPE=extortion…some bureaucrat has to be paid off to service some unnecessary paperwork so someone
else will do the job they are supposed to do anyway as WAR 360 has stated, we DO NOT NEED THESE
MIDDLEMEN imposing themselves between the NOBLE AMERICAN and his attempts to solve problems"
rescue neighbors, or even to shrug off the horrors of false and failed diplomacy, conflicts of interests, and
disloyalties in political and corporate endeavors. Polities- defined as the Art of Influence.~ is
very obsolete in light of the truth being instantly available to all, is it not? How can these LIARS be
tolerated when their arrogance, ignorance, incompetence, and evil intentions not only costs lives, but gives
aid and comfort to our enemies- think about it—why would CIA-Queda want to remove George Bush?
{aside from our suspicions that W is behind terrorism} He is doing SUCH a GOOD JOB of DESTROYING
OUR IMAGE< OUR RESPECT< OUR ECONOMY>our internal cooperation and trust…sowing the seeds
of our righteous indignation and discontent> dividing the will, spirit, focus, and loyalty of the people.
With a President like this, we may as well have painted a sign on our collective forehead,
saying "Dangerous, Irrational, Stupid, Greedy, Dishonest, Self-destructive and
deceptive, Decadent, Corrupt, and Evilly Intent, Conscienceless Nuclear Armed Bully with
Religious Fanatic Hypocrisy sabre-rattling around the planet in self-fulfilling delusion…CRAZY BROKEN MONKEY!"
…and WE SHOULD NOT BE SURPRISED, especially after the "First Strike Policy" was announced…that
not only Iran and North Korea, but MOST OF THE REST OF THE RATIONAL WORLD WANTS
THE CRAZY AMERICANS DEAD. And YET, no attempts on the Crusader in any form? Could it be because
GEORGE is our "enemy’s" GREATEST ASSET? and we are NOT talking terrorists…WE DISSED the
Iraqis for allowing their dictator madman to imprison and abuse so many Iraqi citizens, but we allow
Bush, and the DRUG WAR to do the same thing! ABUGIRAB CLOSES, but NOT ONE marijuana
prisoner is freed from America’s concentration camp prison system! UNTIL we clean our own
house, bum the deadwood, and SHOW the world that we remain The NOBLE AMERiCANS…we shall
remain in grave, DAILY jeopardy under THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES. …made in China.
POSTED Tuesday, Sept 27, 2005 – 01:05pm (PDT)

September 27, 2005 part 2 "Bush Forbid!"
On, Cindy Sheehan’s Blog:
"Karl Rove (besides just being a very creepy man) outed a CIA agent and was responsible for endangering
many of our covert agents worldwide. Dick Cheney’s old company is reaping profits beyond anyone’s
wildest imaginations in their no-bid contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and New Orleans. John Negroponte’s
activities in South America are very shady and murderous. Rumsfeld and Gonzales are responsible for
illegal and immoral authorization, encouragement and approval of torture. Not to mention, violating
Geneva Conventions, torture endangers the lives of our service men and women in Iraq. Along with the
above mentioned traitors, Condi lied through her teeth in the insane run-up to the invasion. The list of
crimes this administration has committed is extensive, abhorrent, and unbelievable. What is so
unbelievable is that WE were arrested for exercising our first amendment rights and these people are
running free to enjoy their lives of crime and to wreak havoc on the world. " Cindy Sheehan

Bush and his Toadies are HOURLY working against us…lip service in the face of screams for help… IT
GOES ON AT THIS HOUR…finger pointing and politics being broadly condemned, yet it continues… we
had better "get it" immediately if not sooner. this IS BETRAYAL AND TREASON IN SLOW
MOTION…Bush appoints a woman {The General’s Niece! No wonder he stepped aside today} as Border
Patrol head mistress of distress…another Mike Brown style scapegoat?< Meanwhile, BACK AT THE
RANCH>legal immigration is down, illegal invasion up to its highest levels ever, 240 agents pulled off the
border to go to New Orleans, and only 4000 VOLUNTEER MINUTEMEN to secure the ARIZONA
border…starting immediately…we NEED more HELP now, for it has been of HIGH NATIONAL CONCERN
that our defense, preparedness, and vulnerability have NOT been improved, that we are daily reminded by
the news and even Congress’s reactions to this crisis, that we cannot afford to hesitate to SECURE OUR
BORDER. Please come to Tombstone,join the Noble American Patriots helping the Minutemen
Project. WAR 360 is sponsoring several observation posts on our ranch, 1/4 mile from the border near
Regards, Frank and Barbara WAR 360

September 27, 2005 part 3 "God’s Oil"
WAR 360 told you so: [ref out of date]
Well, America, can you feel the knife in your back yet?
Organized religion is a tool of these devils.
We are NOT SAFE, we are AT WAR. A new administration may not solve the problem- Bush
represents the HAMARCHIA, HUBRIS, and HYPOCRISYof organized religion in general…and the
Incredibly ignorant, prejudicial, and arrogant BAPTISTIFICATION of already corrupt politics… add to the
mix-up the superbly subversive corporate image-makers, the psychological morass of the soap operas, the
media’s priorities or lack of them in continuing info-tainment and sports coverage [bread and circuses]
while the traitors in the White House coordinate the CHINESE takeover…our economy now under their
heavy influence and manipulation…
The preservers of this ‘religious’ perversion of American Culture are SO UNDESERVING of "salvation",
they should, to SAVE EARTH &Humanity…be LEFT BEHIND as sick and infectious…the Best must
abandon the rest…if we do not IMMEDIATELY CLEAN HOUSE, burn the deadwood, those IDIOTS and
OBLIVIOUS ONES will bring WAR onto our soil again…{Where in Heel are those MEXICAN  ARMY AND
MARINE UNITS?} …ALL AROUND US, 360 degrees… as the only logical way EARTH can keep the
GEORGE=Crimes Against Humanity Some cowboys are suggesting it may be time to Storm the White
House…{or, tongue -in-cheek-}launch a load from a potato cannon into Air Force One’s engines, or even to
lace every water supply within their reach with LSD- but as long as Wand his conspirators are SO crazy,
maybe nothing will happen, or no one will notice, or their bebavior won’t change significantly…either way,
removing them is only the start of Healing America, for those underlying national character flaws must be
addressed, the laziness, the greed, the dishonesty…
Whats this I hear about Halliburton outsourcing of subcontracting the rebuilding of New Orleans to
Rampant theft, right under our noses…blatant treason…in our face…daily revelations that it is true and
pervasive…and clear signals from W –he don’t care enough to do anything himself [sound familiar]
delegating and appointing like MIDAS…the dictator is effecting the military COUP-the takeover, of
AMERIKA!It will apparently take another attack, with Bush’s signature and M.O. all over the political
theater to wake Noble America up from its alcoholic and prescription stupor-we hope it is not already too
late- to realize that our DUTY before GOD and EARTH is to do what is needed NOW. SHOW THESE
BASTARDS NO MERCY, for they are holding our childrens’ futures for today’s oil ransom and obscene,
criminal profits, and are not concerned in the least should the US be attacked by nuclear or biological
means, for they will bunker it out and inherit all the resources of the now Dead America in the not-so-secret
sell-out deal George has made with China and the Saudis. Wanna buy an oil company?
POSTED Tuesday, Sept 27, 2005 – 05:08pm (PDT)

BACK at the Ranch…30th March 2009
Spain may prosecute BUSH et al… for War Crimes. I should hope so!
The INSIDE job is now a set of positions within the Obama Admin, making a new definition of Conflict of Interest
much needed. The sheer weight of the real numbers means not only had W’s massive spending and socialized waste
equalled all the budgets of all the presidents and wars before him, BUT WAIT!…
The big O has now tripled the debt, making it a MATHEMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY
that our great-grandchildren will escape the inherent wage slavery, recover their Freedoms, Liberties, or Opportunities.
That, to me, does NOT spell r-e-l-i-e-f!
That, in any rational mind, is the EPITOME of INTOLERABLE.
That BEGS the Question…WHY MORE WAR now?  While distracted by the monopoly game, and some KITED CURRENCY,
escalation of war is underway,
making all your petty political theatrics on economics completely MOOT and ACADEMIC,
"puerile and sophomoric" is to say it too diplomatically and kindly.

 WAR approaches the US from all directions, 360 degrees- from Mexico, from Asia, from Africa,
from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan…because we are there making war.
Life at the Center of the Universe is about Time-travel, about Truth, about Timelessness,
for in the midst of the fogs of war, "Frogs" have the advantage, and even their tiny peeping & chirpings drifting early
from beneath the thining ice of our neighbor’s pond prophesies loudly that Spring, and Summer to follow,
like PEACE itself, will never be swayed by the words or swords of war.

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