Essay on Real Wealth by a “Struck it rich” old prospector

Life at the Center of the Universe

The pivot of human attention seems to be spinning around, its hard for the intelligent optimist to keep finding a new report or
video to illustrate the truth YET AGAIN, like a patient teacher to a class of otherwise worthy students who Still Don’t Get It! The
deeper into the politics or culture one studies, the more chaotic and ill-conceived are the ideas that tend to rise to dominate public
attention. The more "cultured" society, like that we have seen in the coverage of the G-20, the further it is from practical,
compassionate reality. The complete insanity of the Nuclear, Military, violent means of "winning wars and influencing people"
is apparent and clearly, obviously a relict of obsolete and extinct thinking meant to preserve & protect criminal greed, racism,
 and schemes of domination & slavery. Whatever part of the news, the daily madness that aggravates or scares you- and there is plenty
to be radicalized about- it makes that ESCAPE, that recreation, that sanctuary of the peaceful forests and mountains- SO MUCH MORE
for so many reasons.

There are some of you READY, WILLING, and ABLE to develop and operate (very) small communities in rural or REMOTE
landscapes. I’ve spoken with a few community leaders who have secured and established parcels of land, old farms, old mines, mills,
and former water-power sites with friends. They seem to be gaining ground and making good products available to their local populations while
so many nearby communities are scrambling to expand their food banks and other help programs to meet demand while support shrinks.
Aside from the practical survival reasons, people are also considering that since major changes are being forced upon us, why not chose what
makes you happy? Why not move back to the land, get your feet back on the ground?  If you are SERIOUS about being part of our
AMETHYST RANCH community, NOW is the time to consider one of the best uses for your time and money, getting PRIVATE
 PROPERTY and a part of one of the best mountains in all of Arizona. THE MINING CLAIM is now ours completely clear!

While we celebrate a windy but early and warm Spring, I noticed the mountains calling me more strongly than this weekend’s festival
in Tombstone. Before we go on expeditions, we always check on the Security situation in the "Gunbelt".

From the WAR 360 "Gunbelt Report":


As Mexico Battles Cartels, the Army Becomes the Law

Thursday 02 April 2009

by: Steve Fainaru and William Booth  |  Visit article original @ The Washington Post

A Mexican army honor guard caries the body of a soldier killed in a shootout
with drug suspects in Tijuana. (Photo: Don Bartletti / The Los Angeles Times)

    Petatlan, Mexico – President Felipe Calderón is rapidly escalating the
Mexican army’s role in the war against drug traffickers, deploying nearly 50
percent of its combat-ready troops along the U.S.-Mexico border and throughout
the country, while retired army officers take command of local police forces
and the military supplies civilian authorities with automatic weapons and grenades.

    U.S. and Mexican officials describe the drug cartels as a widening narco-insurgency.
The four major drug states average a total of 12 murders a day, characterized
by ambushes, gun battles, executions and decapitated bodies left by the side
of the road. In the villages and cities where the traffickers hold sway, daily
life now takes place against a martial backdrop of round-the-clock patrols,
pre-dawn raids and roadblocks manned by masked young soldiers.Back to the Ranch…
We see less traffic from Mexico across our Ranch as the weather warms. The conditions for camping and digging mineral specimen has been
exceptional, and will last for most of the season, and we expect to take advantage of the monsoon rains this summer to wash off some deposits.
We have GROUP RATES for ALL to start the season. Have your CLUB Field Trip Leader contact us soon!

We have a new SILVER Mining Claim in Tombstone FOR SALE

REPUBLICATION of previous WAR 360 Blogs:

WAR 360 Greetings, Earthlings! We come in Peace. June 8 2006
1. Early in our nearly 100 entry blog run, we touched upon the top ten reasons we are doomed, starting with #10, Plutonium. The list continued with #9, The "drug war"; #7, Asteroids; #6 Human reliability and accountability, or lack thereof; #5 Tolerance of liars and thieves; #4 Democracy, Socialism, Politics generally; #3 Ignorance, Organized Religion, Government; #2 The unjustifiable willingness to respect, trust, and believe others, to grant & delegate authority- the "politics of fear": inculturation by a corrupt society. #1 Willingness/Unwillingness to use The Stolen Fire of the Gods- the Ultimate Sword of Damocles, the NEUTRON BOMB…"deadly force": Not knowing the true nature of reality- the new quantum manifestation- Could it be that governments, religions, and societies are in a state of self-destruction? YES because, as we now know- GOD IS HERE, NOW.
May 27, 2006 Deceptively laid-back, the desert blooms
WAR 360 Many trails to follow, the warm, starry nights around the campfires are punctuated with laughs and tales illuminating the desert with embers of the days adventures, like fireworks last gleamings, drifting like smoky prayers, into the firmament above the dusty dreamers among the cricket choruses under a slivered moon

Feb 16th 2007
WAR 360 They never fail to disappoint us. Congressmen and Women, GO TO HELL on your own, stop insisting on taking us with you. You do NOT speak for me. You are NOT MY GOVERNMENT. I AM. Here is THE PROOF that DHS, BP, ICE, and National Guard actually are in a state of STAND_DOWN.- Conspicuously absent in the 25 mile stretch of flight along the AZ/Mex Border, "The Gunbelt", covered by the video.

It is plainly clear to even a jaded eye,
the WAR has COME HOME, it is all around us, 360 degrees. There is NO ESCAPE from what The Bush-Obama Gang has wrought-and very very soon, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE, probably at the mad hands of the Israelis. The evils, the crimes, the deceptions, the malice, the greed, all the lowest factors of madmen are NOW present. Just as John McCain is unable to function, too many of these damnable repuglicans cannot speak anything but despicable thoughts when they are not lying. Too many people have become influenced or disabled – away from the honest and obvious realities. They choose war, and division, and self-destruction- and that may well be a hidden justice for the rest of humanity which wretchedly agonizes intensely, daily under the IMPOSED BURDEN OF TERROR – FEAR and WAR- imposed by DICTATOR and TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF (BUSH et. al.) Obama upon an unwilling and unaccepting people, who know better than to war in the face of GOD. {He’s Heeeere!}… This behavior of late is totally intolerable, to the point one may reasonably ask:
Have they all totally lost their freaking minds? What kind of drug/chemical warfare is ongoing in Washington?
The conspirators in the US Government are taking totalitarian powers to new levels, using terrorism in every form, from the fear of it to the actual practice of it-without constraint- there is no doubt, the Bushites have armed (today, yet another news report of "lost munitions and weapons" ) and trained the terrorists, the Zetas, so many…to provide an "enemy" & justification for their power grab. They do have tremendous power, but can they FIND THE FOUR LOST Mark 28 Nuclear Weapons {1.2 megaton each} secreted away by Bebe Rebozo’s boys from Richard Nixon’s way-station to the Key Biscayne White House, Homestead AFB? Could be Jeb Bush may be holding one or more of those aces for a little terrorism, domestic style, but this time, they don’t have Timmy to blame, but rather, a large portion of the earth’s population which isn’t Baptist. Can the wolf cry wolf while within the flock? Damned right, we believe the Bushites would nuke America themselves, as the complete communism of their operations -the end justifies the means.
From June 27th 2007

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