Essay on Real Wealth, “Hidden in Plain Sight”

Good Evening, Earthlings.

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 For the umpteenth time, we hear on M.S.N. of the ‘bazillions’ of ‘gazillions’ OWED?
No one ASKED me, how about you? The old WAR 360 Blog visited the deeply unknown world
of research coordinated with insightful KEYS. Its relatively easy to say, "I told you so!" as much as
four years ago, but what is on point today is the blatant public admissions and pronouncements of the imposition of a

New World Order

by the globalists and plotters at G 20 who are now all too familiar, and whose acts clearly define the ‘conspiracy’
 -vindicating those whose observations were dispensed with by critics, skeptics,
and NWO defenders as the postulations of theorists.

As a ‘Country Boy’ the most valuable currency of summer was free time, bait & a boat,
the day’s harvest from the family garden,
and hearing live music with just a little walking.
The upside-down world of consumption and possessions, of "luxury" and ‘fashion’,
of CLASS ENVY, of blue-collar & white collar, of middle and upper class,
is collapsing like a house of counterfeit cards
and derivatives.
The old farmer’s wisdom, the tricks of the trades, the rainy-day plans, all are enjoying a resurgence
of appreciation
from those finding themselves and their entire communities
 -now TOO FAR REMOVED from their sources of food,
… of security, of stability, of PEACE.

For those of you tempted to feel sorry for yourselves or for your neighbors, FIRST know what it is* that has made this
a personal as well as a societal crisis. {*see the TLCU Featured Videos at the top of the page.
 Individuals and nations can both forget that we can:
 Stop things we will never be able to re-start, [lost Freedom & Liberty ring a bell?]
Start things we cannot stop, [like false wars?] like revenge & retribution…debt?
bring things down that cannot be rebuilt, [like a democratic republic]
and make irreversible choices…
which makes wise free choices that succeed so remarkable, and so {to be} TREASURED.

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