A”Quink Thick!” Presentation


Quick! An inspired Wordless reminder from Life at the Center of the
Universe. In world-wide cultural Revolution, humanity both sparks &
sputters, advances and retreats in conflict with its own ignorance. As
it gets more intense, Music & Arts become medicinal, healing, and a
door to Peace in Times like these, when the worst fears of real threats
pale in the face of real fears of the worst threats spoken openly in
the most world-wide public ways. We also know False Evidence Appearing
Real (F.E.A.R.) is swaying, fooling, and victimizing many in abstract
ways, while physical violence & war remain the Prime Tools of
State. It only appears that the negative, the evil, is pervasive and
overwhelming to Backward Looking People *, so it is incumbent on
INTELLIGENT OPTIMISTS to remind all to Look Forward, to remember that
PEACE is the Dominant and eternally pervasive Natural Condition on
Earth. We have to AVOID Nature and Peace to indulge in politics,
religion, or war, failure, other human disappointments…its a shame
when so much Truth & Beauty is always Here Now. Spring meditations
seeking peace amidst increasing global chaos brought us to walk ancient
Clovis sites in Southern Arizona. We were Inspired by ‘Koyaanisquatsi’
moments – Timeless Truths at our feet as we looked across the
landscape. { in Tombstone in spite of the fact that the view included
the usual intrusions as well as a Hohokam Village site within the City
Limits.} We thought to try to compose this original music and slide
show to convey a small part of the experience we share with our guests
at AMETHYST RANCH in the Patagonia Mountains, for the festivals in the
old mining towns only whet the appetites of many visitors and tourists
for the EXPERIENCE & Adventure of exploring & prospecting the
old west in the timeless peace of the mountains. Original Soundtrack
composed on Synthmaster by Frank. All Rights Reserved 2009 Old
Tombstone Studio.

LIVE "Life at the Center of the Universe" -just make reservations!

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