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U Updated Thurs April 9th
By TOMBSTONE City ordinance, and order of the Mayor, Dusty Escapule, the FIRST AMENDMENT has been  suspended, and arrests made!
 Its too outrageous to contemplate, given the gunfight commemorated and re-enacted here everyday, where first amendment rights were defended by Wyatt Earp with second amendment rights IN HAND! So we urge all Old West fans, and citizens of principle, to watch the "Haunted Saloon" videos on Youtube, the vids also appear on MEANWHILE, we will try to post a  2006 HMS Pinafore performance video clip to remind all of the worthiness and urgency of defending and supporting the actors and citizens of Tombstone who steward the National Historic Landmark town on your behalf- for it, and those RIGHTS, belong to YOU TOO! Check it out!

The infamous MIAC report has now been superceded by a new document, The 2009 Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment, produced by the Virginia Fusion Center.

The report smears anyone who is “anti-government,”
“anti-abortion,” as potential terrorists, equates people who enjoy
rifle shooting practice and hunting with terrorists, and demonizes the
use of the Internet and websites like You Tube, Fark and Slashdot as
terrorist tools. The use of “e-protests” is also talked about in the
context of terrorism.

*The document also discusses “special interest groups”
who “incorporate a political message” in its section about domestic
terrorists, which could be defined as any mildly political organization
whatsoever. Despite the report listing political groups that it admits
do not espouse violence nor have ever engaged in violence, it defines
being “confrontational during demonstrations” within the context of
domestic terrorism.SEE our Top of the page VIDEO series by HAUNTED SALOON*

"Uw gezichtapunt is absoleuit heilig"

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